Exertion – God of Winds Technique imprint set 1 rune) – normal attack changes to long range shurikens. 1 rune – Shuriken(lvl.1) changes to 360 AoE casting(can also cast on air). 2 runes) – Ascend.Sky.Shuriken(lvl.25) – change casting to shurikens pitching forward. 3 runes) – Storm.Shuriken(lvl.40) – change casting to area selection – rains down shurikens. Rampage – Awfully Explosions imprint set 1 rune) – can cast Exploding.Shuriken(lvl.30) two times consecutively regardless of the cooldown from the first cast. 2 runes) – Body.Substitute/Invisibility(lvl.20) drops 3 logs/bombs.

3 runes) – Escape.Explosion(lvl.35) resets the cooldown for Body.Substitute(lvl.20). Formation – Instantaneous Death imprint set 1 rune) – Shadow.Charge(lvl.60) instantly debuffs enemies to overbleed. 2 runes) – Instant.Kill(lvl.11), Sudden.Thrust(lvl.15) and Ghost.Claw(lvl.20) skills stacks 8% Critical Rate per skill used for the maximum of 5 stacks with the duration of 1minute. 3 runes) – Sudden.Thrust(lvl.15) automatically cancels Body.Substitute(lvl.20)’s invisibility state regardless it’s duration.

EX.skills Ex.Instant.Kill(lvl.50) automatically turns you invisible regardless of Body.Substitute’s cooldown. aside from automatically becoming invisible, you can also spam the Body.Substitute skill to drop logs regardless of it’s cooldown. Ex.Ghost.Claw(lvl.50) Ex.Whirlwind.Shuriken(lvl.50) Mysterious.Shadow.Doppleganger(lvl.65) Thank you for watching. :).

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