Welcome to chanel didhocotes gaming here I will give tips and tutorials for beginners how to find gold and raise your cp easily how to find gold easily by way of wave monster before activating the ticket skip you first do stacking saphire as much as possible skip ticket price million gold 1x skip with 27 saphire can produce 17200512 gold after that you are looking for saphire back in stage this way! after you produce enough saphire do the skip back do it that way repeatedly until your stamina runs out skip this tear duration for 1 hour! try and use the time given skip ticket is as good as possible how to raise CP for new players 🙂 First, you must upgrade or upgrade your equipment with affix attack & critical affix who wants to have, at least there is affix attack second, you must enter one of the guilds guild is very influential on your CP and provide the skill effect according to the tower that has been achieved according to the guild such as this example, the guild I entered has reached tower 50-63-57-58-48-48 the estimate could add CP about 300k more third, by upgrading on your gem the latter is to upgrade and complement to your meteorites if you have flare physical attack or flare magical attack affix from your meteorite must match the flare you have If your meteorite with an affix corresponds to your flare affix will increase the percentage of skills you have it is tips & trick looking for gold and raising CP for new players thank you

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