I would have a guys thank you for watching my video on the last day that i am showing you that my dark valkyrie is failed to clear the floor 50 floor of tower of tribulation as for now and trying to show you actually have already cleared the floor just a few hours ago and i’m trying to record it again *sigh* attempt that i taked record this again draco doesn’t give me a chance to record it again, fuck it Draco! oh yeah by the way thanks to the God, that i am already successfully enchanted my awaken scythe to 28 using gold, only five, that I mean only four chance percentage four percent chance, sorry~ thank you God by the way, and thank you for giving me a chance to clear the Draco stage, as well now .

.what is it again oh yeah, my gems! this my gem that i’ve already cleared, cleared the 50 floor World 299 with influence critical damage and a possible 51 critical to me critical rate sorry alright there’s no more talking and stop babbling about let’s get over with you know Drake is the one of the easiest not easy unless you get the proper state to get him fuck you Drake fuck you cut to me that i’m in outer mode got giving me bland saying just want just want this video yeah yeah come gentlemen false aiming ok that draco just giving me nightmares this eyeball it just yeah oh god dammit really really drinking really are just no more playing and Draco yeah their test of Haven that you give me a chance to beat trigger please yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah well yeah it’s clear it was there around one thank you it yeah you see 99 person of black and one percent of skill well thank you everyone thank you will actually already cleared of 450 floor oh god my pants are sweaty Thank You way and here’s your prize how much stone that we get I once turn ok right away thank you guys for watching this tennis was almost way or when you see you next time

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