– Good day you and welcome to a new season 6 guide! In this guide you will learn everything you need to know to get rolling as an AD carry in league of legends. I hope you enjoy the video! – Before I get started, If you haven’t watched them yet, I strongly suggest you to also watch my Positioning guide, my kiting guide and my dodging skillshots guide alongside this video. Those mechanics are all important to be a good ADC player. The links to these videos will be available at the end of this video.

– So what is the ADC, or the so called marksman role? The AD carry player is the player who can deal the most amount of damage of the team. It is YOUR role to try and maximize your damage output while the rest of your team is either protecting you or tanking damage. In short, you are key to killing enemy players in teamfights. The longer the game lasts, the more important the AD carry player is going to be. – It is incredibly important to know what your CHAMPION is all about. The AD carry champion pool is big, and only becomes bigger in time. Be sure to master two or three ADC champions if you’re planning to dominate the ranked queues. – This is becuase IF you know your strengths and weaknesses of a champion, you will perform better overall. I have plenty of champion guides on YouTube, so you can take a look at those when you are learning new champions. They will provide you with all the specifics for that champion, which is great. Fade – Let’s take a look at the laning phase. This one is quite different from other roles because you are playing together with a support.

Here are some tips and tricks. – Focus on farming while your support is focussing on making plays. AD carry champions are usually quite weak without one or two items, so farming up until that point is absolutely key if you want to succeed in teamfights. Best is to have around 90 minions at 10 minutes into the game. – Be on one level with your support. With this I mean, think of a line in between you and your support, and keep this one horizontal to the lane. Stand next to each other at all times, because this means the enemy can not 1 v 2 you. If they attack you, your support is in range to attack them and vice versa. This is important, so take notes! – When your support goes away from lane to ward, don’t overstay on lane. I see this very often where AD carries try to 1 v 2 on lane while the support is away, and then he gets engaged upon and killed. Just play safe, drop some minions until your support is back on lane. – Use your power spikes. Usually this is when you are a higher level than your opponent.

If you see you and your support are higher level than the enemy, you should be able to win fights relatively easily. Especially on level 1 to 3 and level 6. – Have good vision up at all times. If a jungler ganks your lane and succeeds, that most likely means the enemy team gets 2 kills. You have to play based on vision. I recommend you having a ward up in the river, in the tribush and in the lane to prevent ganks from coming in.

– When your support engages a fight, follow up on it. I hate this the most from ad carries that are not good, when I hook someone as blitzcrank or thresh I expect my AD carry to follow up on it. It’s OK if you miss some CS, just help your support when he goes and makes plays. – Avoid fighting in big minion waves. This can hurt more than you think, and can cause you to lose the fights easily. If you have a bigger minion wave than the enemy, you can try to get a fight going.

If they have a huge minion wave coming towards you, don’t even think about fighting the enemy. You will lose it. – Be careful with your recall timings. Let me make this clear for you. 1. If you notice the enemy is away from lane, push the minion wave all the way into their turret, and then directly recall yourself. This way they will miss the minions that are killed by the turret, and you will be back in time before they can do that to you. 2. If you have won a fight on botlane, do the same. Push the wave all the way into their turret. 3. IF you see them pushing a minion wave towards YOUR turret, DO NOT recall, UNLESS you are dangerously low hp. Even if you can’t farm the minions properly, they will get you exerience and levels which is just as important. 4. Try to recall only when you can hit a major item spike. For instance, BF sword for essence reaver and infinity edge, or a zeal for a phantom dancer.

Try to avoid going back for a longsword or a pickaxe and such. The more money you can spend when you go back, the better the power spike will be. – Alright And lastly for the laning phase part of the video, study your support and play along with his playstyle. With this I mean: Don’t play over-aggressive when your support is playing passive. This will not work, even IF you know it would be possible if your support did it. Play his style. Fade – Now this questions remains: What do I do as an ADC player in teamfights? What am I supposed to do? – It’s quite simple. You play in the backlines, preferably alongside another player who can protect you. Then, you try to deal as much damage as you can while staying safe. – You are incredibly vurnerable, so tanking damage is not an option. It is your job to position yourself safely throughout fights, WHILE dealing as much damage as you can. You should be the last person to die if all things go wrong.

– To improve your teamfighting I strongly recommend you to watch my positioning guide and my kiting guide. They will give you all the information you need to perform well in teamfights. – Thank you for watching this ADC guide! If you have any questions that were not answered in this video, feel free to comment below and I’ll answer all your questions. Also, let me know what you thought about the guide in the comment section below! I am always interested in your opinions. – Please click the thumbs up button below if you’ve enjoyed the video. This helps me a lot to get more attention to the video. And if you want to see more helpful videos, you can subscribe to get regular league of legends educational content! – If you want to learn more, here are all my videos that can help you further with ADC.

Click on any of them to learn more about the adc role. This was HDCOmmentary, and I’m signing out..

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