Hey, what’s up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu’s back today to play… Here are the runes, masteries, skill distribution and items that you’ll need to become the greatest man in China of your generation. The strongest man in the country you see right here is the best when he can deploy his quick ButtFucking Charge-Mega Poke combo on his opponents to hurt them like a truck. But, you should never ever jump on an enemy if you don’t have your Mega Poke or she will think the macho boy behind the spear has no power. See my AP boy right here? See that awesome magical heal right here? That’s the greatest asset you have with that champion and guess what? If you combine that skill with your starting items, you can be sure that the blind fuckabish will cry under his pillow like any salty player. So piss him off even more by harassing him to hell, by playing like a motherfucking Singed and by bringing his towers down even if your minion army isn’t there because your heal is not life steal! That’s right, my dear little comrade, you will regenerate your health every third attack for the same monstrous amount even if you only deal peanut damage! Since you’ll be dominating your lane like never before, do not be surprised if you get hikued on the balls every time you point your spear on that crybaby.

Thanks to your AP build, your ButtFucking Charge skill will pack a lot of power, so use it to secure every kill for yourself to gain more pocket money and, of course, to accomplish the most beautiful double ninja gank on a sexy man. Combine that delicious skill with your Spin Attack and you’ll get more rupees than Link will ever find in his garden. Do you want to eat instant noodles instead of rice? Then get more kills by using your trademark combo until your opponent’s health drop to 0. If you want to get a kill right here right now, use a ButtFucking Charge-Mega Poke-Spin Attack combo, slash his ass a few times until your skills come back from cooldown and use them once again to finish off that bad boy. Since you took the amazing summoner’s spells Heal and Barrier, you can bait a sexy man by making him chase you when you’re almost dead and bring him near your minions to have a wonderful fivesome that you’ll never forget.

If you know you can’t spear down anyone, you can still use these shields to protect your life long enough until you reach your teammates which will act as human shields that will protect their leader at all cost. Did you know that when you activate your Mega Poke, every hit you make reduces the cooldown of your other abilities by one second? Then take advantage of that by attacking a minion if your victim pushed you away to be able to send him to oblivion with your ButtFucking Charge a little earlier. Another easy thing you can do to get a kill against a scared cat is pretend to have disconnected while hitting the minions to heal yourself a bit and when that cougar in lust jumps on you like a beast, spam your skills like usual and you’ll see your pretty icon here a million times. In teamfights, you can secure important objectives by using your Spin Attack on the enemies to kick out the uninvited guests from your birthday party. You can also use that skill to push them further away from your teammates if you want to become the biggest greedy bastard by purifying these devils by yourself with a holy slash.

Thanks to the AP setup shown at the beginning of the video, you’ll become a tanky healer World of Warcraft dungeon boss that can only be defeated if the enemy party work together to bring you down. Which is a thing that will never happen in a solo Q game, so tank these motherfuckers all day like a boss. By the way, being a super tank doesn’t mean you’re super weak as hell because you have this one item that will help you bring down your opponent to his knee every time a duel breaks out.

That’s it for today, people! Don’t forget to check out my channel for more boring League of Legends videos. Feel free to leave a comment in any language you want, but I’ll only answer those in English and in French because I’m a racist fuckabish. Ciaossu!.

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