In this video, I will be going over the tips and tricks I used to go eleven and one while playing Bruam to climb to gold. My first tip is to almost always try and invade. Braum level one is ridiculously strong, and most people in lower elos do not even expect an invade much less from a Braum. So if you are able to corral your teammates into helping, you should be able to get a kill or at least burn some summoner spells. Getting a kill this early can tilt the enemy for the rest of the game. Next if you are not invading you should be watching for an enemy invade. This takes minimal effort but can save your teammates from dying from their bad habits.

After leashing your jungle blue you can throw and additional q at gromp if the jungler paths that way. Make sure not q it too early or gromp will aggro to you and kite your jungler costing him or her time. Personally, I love going for the level one trades as Braum. Being able to auto an enemy or q them to get the passive stun due to their poor positioning or disrespect of your early game damage can get you a kill. Even if you don’t get a kill you can pick up a few summoner spells and most likely come out on top of the trade. Here you can see Caitlyn and I abuse Vaynes weak early game and thresh already using his hook on me by starting a fight. Because of Caitlyn’s responsiveness we can continue to fight them since they have low kill potential. Thresh burns his exhaust early and when Vayne tumbles in to auto Caitlyn I immediately exhaust her to mitigate the damage. This allows me to start autoing Vayne and with my q coming up and I am able to run her down and kill her thanks the the damage from my passive.

If done properly this sets you up nicely for an all in. To do an all in take a point in your w so you can jump to a minion close to the enemy you want to kill. This should net you a kill allowing you to snow ball the lane. However, be careful not to fall into a rut while playing Braum. Getting overconfident can get you and your adc killed by and early gank or miscommunication. So, make sure you pay attention to your mini map as well as how your adc responds to your playstyle. Since you are tanky, getting hit by cc or spells is not the end of the world for you, so if your adc is going to get hit, think about biting the bullet for them.

You are less likely to die than them. You also have more potions so you will be able to heal back up anyways. This is important to remember when getting ganked as you can take much more damage than your adc. Keeping them healthy allows them to keep farming and keep up in experience. Here I tank Graves’s autos and keep ashe healthy. Having to back and falling behind in experience is not the end of the world for you depending on how the enemy power spikes at level six.

If you do end up chunking the enemy you can zone them off from the minions to deny them experience and farm. This will give a and your adc a level and gold lead. You can also try and set up a freeze by keeping the minions out of tower range. This makes it so junglers have an opportunity to gank. If you do pick up some of the enemies summoners spells make sure you let your jungler know because that should a green light for them to gank. So after letting your jungler know make sure to have you plan accordingly. If the jungler does take time to help your lane, as a support it is your job to make sure it isn’t a waste of time.

Use your e to engage and don’t hesitate to flash if you think it will net you a kill. Your flash is not as important as your adc’s or junglers since you are tanky and your e is a great escape tool. Remember to spread your passive on as many people as possible. this can make the difference between getting one kill or two. It is important that you remember when fighting, the enemy will be targeting whoever they think they can kill. Most of the time this will be your adc. Being able to protect them from damage and making the enemy switch to targeting you is key. Because of your passive they will have to deal with you. Once they do switch to try to kill you, do not make it easy for them. Kite them around so they have to decide to ignore the damage dealers to try and kill you or keep getting stunned and slowed resulting in their eventual death. Since you are tanky you more than likely won’t be getting bursted so play around with your health to bait the enemy into your team. People love to tunnel vision all the time when they see someone at low health.

This can result in your team picking up two to three kills and an objective. Here you can see my team turning on the enemy after the chase me into our jungle. Because of this bait we end up kill two of them and after a short chase pick up 2 more We then continue to take the tower Next it is important to learn when to back correctly. Improper backing will cost you and your adc farm and experience and potentially a tower. As you can see here the enemy backed with a wave pushing towards them and we took a free tower because of it. If the enemy is trying to back walk towards them to try and get them to cancel their recall. This will force them to stop and walk back to their tower and try again.

And once you do kill them push the wave under tower. This does a few things. It resets the wave to the middle so you can try and kill them next time they are in lane and it make them lose gold and experience. These small things can add up and can easily get you level and item advantages on their own. Leaving lane to clear wards is not that big of a deal but try not to lose to must experience while doing it. Since you are a support, your damage to turrets is negligible, so if the tower will fall without your help take this time to clear wards in tri bush and river. Your adc will get solo experience and tower gold, and by clearing these wards you allow your jungler to gank and invade easier.

When you are able try to make it a habit to not back with wards at your disposal. Warding deep in the enemy jungle allows you to track the jungler as well pulling stupid stuff like this. Being able to roam efficiently is core to any Braum supports success. In almost any match of league of legends mid laners are one mistake away from getting killed at any time. Braum’s q slow, passive stun, and ultimate provide ample time for your mid laner to follow up and net a kill. I like roaming right after I back or after taking a tower. Remember not to leave your adc by their selves for too long, and gauge weather leaving them by themselves is dangerous.

Eventually you will learn how much damage Braum can take at different point in the game. This is crucial to having successful roams and jungler ganks. This is because it is your job to tank tower for as long as possible. In this clip you can see me taking tower aggro for as long as I can while Jax jumps in to finish the kill.. Doing this improperly can cause a great play to crash and burn tilting your teammates Thanks for watching everyone. That all I have for tips and tricks for Braum’s early game. Hit like and subscribe and check out my next Braum video..

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