Hello everyone how are you I will talk today about Riven runes specifically conqueror the new OP Runes In precision keystone also good items with it, when you should use it ? and everything I hope this video help you and be useful so let’s start.. conqueror is like the old fervor runes expect it converts 20% of your damage to enemy champ as true damage this is amazing so with that you.. you will explode tanky champions !! now let’s go to runes page this is my awesome page.. I know you will all ask about .. why i picked (Coup De Grace) why (Domination) Keystone why no (sorcery) ok let me tell you I picked (Coup De Grace) because I will build trinity.. (Trinity Force)+ (Black Cleaver) and (Age Of Night*) so my HP will be kinda big so Cutdown will be useless and why(Domination) ok let me tell you sudden impact gives you a more lethality and.. this is amazing in early game 10 lethality this is amazing so let me calculate it for you 10 lethality started from sudden impact + 18 from (age of night*) this equal like 28 lethality with one lethality item I have this item diseases this is good and I will start I will start (Trinity Force) so I will I will not buy Dirk at early so I prefer sudden impact this page works good vs tanky champion you also can pick it vs normal champions also counters but you will need to pick resolve as secondary keystone if you if you played VS aggressive hard counter like this (Lissandra – Pantheon Jayce maybe Renekton or teemo anyway you will need to change domination Keystone to resolve and for me I will take bone plating this is really awesome and amazing and maybe second wind it will be very good and like that yeah this is this will be awesome and now let’s go for Items from here let’s see first start items you can start to Doran’s Blade Or Doran’s Shild when you play Vs Ranged counter you will start Doran’s Shild then for early items: Start phage with boots just little boots this one then try to complete Trinity Force as fast you can now for second item you can choose between cleaver or (Age of Night*) if you need more HP you play VS hard tank buy cleaver cleaver is really good VS tankys for me I will go cleaver second item because I need more cooldown reduction don’t forget cleaver gives you 20% cooldown reduction + 20% from Trinity so this..

So you will get 40% cooldown reduction ..aa .this is awesome you should complete a ninja tabi after Trinity then you will choose between Hydra or Age Of Night* as third item I prefer Hydra you know hydra hydra passive is really strong especially while you have 40% attack speed from Trinity also it helps you to clear wave faster then you gonna get (Age Of Night*) as 4th item. so we will buy both but we choose order ok after that our build will be like that (Trinity Force – Cleaver.. Trinity Force – Ninja Tabi As Second Item so we have Trinity Force – Ninja Tabi – Cleaver – Hydra – Age Of Night – And Last Item It will be ..

I don’t know you can buy Bloodthirster or guardian angel or last whisper you will buy it as a game required so let me give you example if you played Vs Cho’Gath and cancer hard tanky champions you gonna buy last whisper and you can and you will change (Coup De Grace) to Cut Down because Cho’gath has like 6K HP at late game so you will need Last whisper with cut down. if your Enemy team like Garen top and Draven AD carry you will need more lifesteal I prefer (Bloodthirster) if you will start engage and you have flash your team you don’t have frontline you will engage and go for 1 for 5 and your team is behind you so we will need (Guardian Angel) just to survive from this. but what if you play VS hard AP you will change Hydra Or (Ages Of Night*) as you want to (Maw). ok so we will remove one of this for (Maw) then In the Last Item if u wanna keep this Ninja Tabi you can keep it If Enemy Ad Carry is fed keep it and mabye u will need this if they have alot of cc you will need Magic resist boots with this QSS Sword I Don’t Know ..

I hate His Name really.. Scimitar.. let’s call it like that xD so vs hard ap let me make build for you.. we will get (Trinity – Cleaver – Hydra and Maw – if enemy team have a lot of CC you will buy like that so this is our build … let me add this boots so it will be like that Trinity Force – Magic resist Boots – Cleaver – QSS Part – then you will buy Hydra Or Maw as you want then complete this as last item and guys the last thing why I picked Trinty force ok let me tell you T-force passive is really strong okay it’s like you if you have thunderlord with favor in one Rune it’s like.. Trinity passive Like thunderlord thunderlord every seconds ok let let me call it 3 seconds you have thunderlord every 3 seconds this is awesome with with you know is conqueror it’s like fervor and thunderlord in once this is amazing I just like it you can try it and tell me your opinions and comments so I hope this video guys this was useful for you I know my English is SUCKS and it’s really bad and my rank is not very high to give you lessons but my experience on Riven I have like million points with her I just try to use my experience to help you guys so I hope this video was useful and thanks for watching have a good day or good night your is with you Jamie

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