Hello guys, and welcome to Pink Ward’s Only Champion Spotlight, featuring, Shaco, the demon jester What’s up guys, pink ward here, and you did hear that right. Today’s the day that I bring out an updated version of my Shaco Top Lane guide. This guide is gonna be more of a hybrid build since shaco’s ap ratios have taken a hit in the past year, but I will be keeping around a few ap items that are very good for utility. So let’s get started. Shaco’s passive is Backstab. Shaco’s basic attacks critically strike for 130% of his AD and 40% of his ap when hitting enemies from behind. This damage is increased to 200% of ad against monsters. After you backstab a target, that target cannot be backstabbed again for a few seconds this is indicated by the white circle around the targets feet. This passive is also used by shaco’s ultimate, having the same cooldown and crit but has no circle indications. This ability is used for early game trading I’ll talk about it more when I explain shaco’s W.

Shaco’s Q is Decieve After a short delay, Shaco blinks to a target location, temporarily becoming invisible and causing his next attack within seconds to reduce deceive’s cooldown by esconds. While in decieve, casting Hallucinate and Jack in the box, will not reveal him, but using Two shiv posion or attacking will. This ability isn’t usually utilized in lanning phase, so I don’t usually get early points into it. I will come back to it later when talking about teamfights. Shaco’s W is Jack in the Box.

Shaco summons a Jack in the box at the target location lasting for up to 60 seconds increased by 5% of shaco’s ap ratio. When activated, Jack in the box causes nearby enemies to flee for a short duration, attacking targets until it dies to damage or expiring after 5 seconds. The jack in the box prioritizes the most previous champion to damage it, if no enemies have recently damaged it, it attacks the closest target. I tend to get about 3 points early in Jack in the box for early lanning phase. Jack in the box is the bread and butter of top lane shaco’s early game. It allows for shaco to get a few free trades off while your opponent is under the effects of it’s fear. I start lanning phase off by placing boxes on the enemy’s side of the lane. This will allow for a bit of early poke against your enemy lanner or might even net you a kill. You see here as pantheon walks up into lane, I place a box behind him, corralling him into boxes previously setup.

I try to maximize my damage by hitting him with backstabs as it’s on cooldown, and nearly net the kill. I take a good bit of damage from creeps, but successfully netted lane dominance for the early part of the lane. Another good use of Jack in the box is allowing for safety while your lane is pushed up. Here, I’ve placed a few boxes behind me after shoving the wave in. With my wave being on the enemies side of the river, their jungler thinks it will be an easy gank.

Panthoen and nidalee should easily have a Stun spear combo to kill me, but with my box stack ready for the counter gank, they die horribly. Shaco’s E is Two-Shiv-Poison There are two parts of this ability First, the passive. Shaco and his clone’s basic attacks will slow enemies for 2 seconds while two shiv posion is off cooldown. The active allows Shaco to throw a dagger at the target enemy, slowing them for 3 seconds and dealing physical damage increased by .5% for everyone 1% of the target’s health missing. This ability scales with bonus attack damage by 60% scaling to 120% by rank 5 of the ability. It also scales with 75% of shaco’s ability power. I tend to max this ability by level 10, due to the ad ratio scaling with rank. This ability is decent in the early game, as it provides a small amount of poke. It’s used more so as an execution while fighting your opponent. You see Sejuani coming to my lane to gank the recalling pantheon. I get a Shiv off to try and allow for sejuani to get a few autos off to activate her stun.

As I’m able to gain ground, I deceive in to start auto attacking him. I drop a box a little to close, not allowing for the fear to catch him, but use my shiv as he gets back under his turret, netting us the kill. Shaco’s R is Hallucinate. Shaco vanishes for .5 seconds and creates a hallucination of himself at his side, remaining within the tether range of him as a controllable pet for up to 18 seconds.

While it’s alive I use the alt key and right click to control it. When it dies, it explodes dealing some magic damage to all nearby enemies and dropping three mini boxes around itself in a triangle. These miniboxes cause enemies nearby to flee for a few moments, also having the same targetting prioritization as shaco’s jack in the box. They share health, and die after taking too much damage or expire after 5 seconds. Hallucinate allows shaco to dodge almost every ability in the game if used correctly. You’re able to dodge Fizz’s ultimate when it’s attached to you, lee sin’s Q when he’s flying towards you, or even karthus ult as it’s about to kill you. Here you see pantheon ulting in on me. I’m not scared of him, knowing I had recently placed a box down behind me. I bait him towards the box, and as he uses his stun on me, I ulti, being untargetable while the stun duration is ticking off. Then, I place a box ontop of myself, as I know he’ll walk into the box previoiusly placed, causing the fear done by the first box setup, to hold him in place as the second box activates and fears him.

My clone and I auto attack him getting him down then I e him, killing him through hexdrinker, as shaco’s E now does physical damage and isn’t blocked by the magic damage shield. Runes and Masteries For Runes and I take 9 hybrid pen marks, 9 armor seals, and 3 attack speed quints. If I’m vs an ap top lane or ap jungler, I will take MR glyphs If I’m vs an ad top lane and jungler, I take ap glyphs. If you don’t have the IP for hybrid pen marks, then attack damage work fine too. For Masteries I take 12/18/0. In the Ferocity tree, I take Sorcery for extra ability damage, Feast for a bit extra sustain in lane, but Fresh blood is good too, as you trade with autos a lot inlane, Natural Talent for the extra ad and ap and Double Edged Sword for the extra damage, allowing for my poke and boxes to be stronger.

In the Cunning tree, Both of the first tier masteries are fine, I take Savagery for help with farming, Assassin for Extra damage, as I’m usually alone in the top lane, Mericless for extra damage through exeuction, Greenfather’s gift, Bandit and Dangerous game being all prefered choice, mine being Bandit for early game trading, Precision for the hybrid penetration, and Thunderlords for adding to burst. Item Build Now here’s what you’ve all have been waiting for. I’m currently going more of a hybrid build than ap build. I start off with dorans ring and 2 pots for early game regen. On my first back I try to shove in the wave so the enemy lanner can’t make his wave crash against my tower. I go back and buy corruption potion and boots, corruption potion being the more important of the two, as being a squishy top lane champion, you need the extra sustain. Next, I look to get enough gold for hextech revolver. In the early game, revolver is a really big buy. First it allows for shaco to activate thunderlords through one auto and a two shiv combo.

Second, your clone gets a bit of extra damage, as it can activate the revolver’s passive. Following revolver, I look to rush into protobelt as fast as possible, as it allows for wave clearing against a lot of hard pushing top lanners you play against, getting boots following that, dependent on what I need. Merc treads vs High cc or magic damage users and ninja tabi vs high auto attacks or hyper carries such as jax yasuo or fiora. The next two items I started running with the lethality buff. I’m guessing you could easily guess them, Duskblade and Youmuus ghostblade. I buy duskblade first due to the extra burst damage it provides, . and the synergy that shaco’s two shiv posion has with lehtality since it’s physical damage now. Youmuus is an item that you may purchase if you like it.

I purchase it as it allows for the burst of speed while running after someone while in Deceive. You may also choose to go infinity edge over youmuus if you’d rather more burst. My fourth item gives a little damage, but a lot of utility. I get Zhonyas. I like zhonyas over guardian angel, as it is on a shorter cooldown, and you have power over it’s activation. I use it to get out of sticky situations when I go in for assassination attempts. The last item in the build is up to you. If you want more damage, then I usually go infinity edge for the backstab crits.

If you already purchased infinity edge, then you may want to get a bit tankier with a randuins omen or deadmans plate or for more damage with infity edge, on eof the last whisper items, deaths dance, or ravenous hydra. If you’re full build, then selling boots for lucidity for the extra cdr and buying gunblade in place of your protobelt is defintely the way to go. Mid late game Teamfighting Here, you see xerath and I taking blue team’s outer tower. As we’re taking it, the enemy nidalee looks to go in on our xerath, I place a box in the bush, out of their vision so they don’t know it’s there. As xerath get’s hit by a spear, I walk infront of xerath so he doesn’t get hit by the cc of thresh, knowing I won’t die to any instant burst from him or vayne since I have my decieve and ultimate. nidalee flashes in and jumps on xerath getting feared by the box as I get a protobelt, shiv combo off on her to get us the kill. Vayne flashes in to get the last hit on xerath, and then the fight turns into a 1v2. I use my hallucination to fake out my enemy, making vayne turn focus onto it.

The thresh doesn’t get faked out, continuing to attack and ignite me while vayne focuses the clone. As vayne tumbles, going invs, I lose track of her and try to get out of their vision. Thresh pops his red trinket, activating my nearby box. I don’t have any escapes routes left as ahri closes in behind me and kills me, but I had stalled long enough, allowing for the rest of my team to show up. Blitzcrank rushes the vayne as she’s taking a route where I previously had placed a box. Blitzcrank misses his hook, but vayne walks into the box, getting feared and allowing for quinn to get the kill. This showing that good box placement at key chokes will sometimes get your team kills.

This next fight, you see nidalee over extending into our jungle to try to get a pick. With our team around, we’re able to make quick work of her. As we have vision of the river, we see the enemy team backing. Knowing we’re up a person, quinn looks to stop the enemy’s recalls but gets hit by too much cc, dying to the enemy team. As the enemy team jumps on me, I place a box down in front of me.

Knowing they’ll be focusing me over the box, this should give time for it to activate and fear them. The irelia jumps on me, stunning me and vayne starts to auto attack me. Without the box I placed, I definitely would have died, but with quick thinking on the placement, the box fears ahri and vayne, saving me. This allows us to reengage on the last few people alive on the enemy team. Lucian gets hit by a charm, getting instantly bursted, but knowing they don’t have any cc left, I deceive in. I get a backstab off on vayne, critting and activating duskblade, getting me the kill. The ahri’s charm is coming back up soon, so I drop a box for it to get hit by the skill shot if she does cast charm.

After getting away we run safely to mid to take the tower. This fight shows that with quick thinking, you can change the outcome of fights very quickly. With the box I placed when vayne tumbled into us, it allowed for me to survive and pick her off after she tried to retreat. Knowing that both teams have been fighting over baron for the past few minutes, I am confident that the enemy team doesn’t have any wards in their jungle. As the enemy team chases down blitzcrank, I place a box in the bush, waiting for vayne to come try to cutoff blitzcrank. She, instead, finds me sitting the the bush, waiting for her, giving me a free kill on her. A few seconds later, I place a box to try and get another pick on ahri. This is a bit greedy, knowing that a full health irelia is right next to us, but I go in anyway.

Quinn comes around to help and as I jump in, I get an auto shiv combo off on ahri, then ult to dodge her charm. I die but we trade one for one. I don’t always find myself getting into good situations though. I can some overestimate my ability in killing people as seen here. With our lucian and quinn just recently getting picked off by the enemy team, I look to find a kill on vayne. so that the enemy can’t push our inhibs 5v3. butInstead, I find nidalee as she’s coming from dragon. She walks into the box, allowing for me to get a backstab shiv combo off on her. But as their team is around the area, I don’t have many places to run after being unable to one shot her, so I look to run I see the blast cone near me, I find an irelia dashing onto me after being hit by a nidalee spear, giving vision of me. I ulti, trying to make room to hit the blastcone. With irelia hitting it, I go flying away from the enemy team, but with low hp and 4 people chasing me one way I try to decieve backwards to get as much distance I can.

I almost make it out, but thresh flashes over the wall, autoing me for the kill. Shaco’s very mobile, and has good damage when he gets items, but you can’t overestimate your ability on the champion. He is still very squishy and killable, so try your best to get to the mid late game to help be a nuisance in teamfights. Shaco top lane isn’t incredibly strong right now, so I do suggest having fun with this build in normals. With that, I do wish you all the best of luck on the rift. Much love guys. Have A good one..

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