Enjoy our Challenger guides? Find more at skill-capped.com Hey everyone and welcome. Today we’re going to be running you through a smurf game recorded by one of our expert’s, Mcbaze, where he and his team actually fell super far behind. To get back into it, Mcbaze made a number of decisions for playing the map to bring his team back into the game, ending in a hard carry. The champion that he plays in this game is Twisted Fate. While the long range ultimate did play a part in the success of his macro, you’ll find that the majority of decisions he made, can be applied to any champion. Let’s get started. In the early game, Mcbaze’s team immediately went 0-4 and the jungler showed up during an all-in, getting mcbaze killed in lane too. In the early game, Mcbaze’s team immediately went 0-4 and the jungler showed up during an all-in, getting mcbaze killed in lane too.

A couple minutes later McBaze couldn’t get rolling against the tanky Galio, and even died to another gank. Things were looking grim at this point, and I’m sure we can all relate to his team wanting to give up. As the game went on, he scored some kills here and there, often dying for them and as we begin the core part of this video, Mcbaze has a 5-4-1 score, with his team being 12-21.

His team hasn’t killed any towers, but have lost 4 towers themselves. It’s fair to say, they’re massively behind. He catches a big wave top lane. This is textbook safe play, as he’s by his turret with vision in the nearby jungle. But pay attention to what he does after this wave. He starts marching up the top lane, completely focusing on the minimap. It’s easy to fall into the habit loop of staying safe and on your side of the map when you fall behind. Maybe you tunnel vision on what’s happening in the lane you’re in, holding your breath, hoping no-one ganks you from your blind spots. However, McBaze and other high level players are a bit different. He wards the near Jungle entrance, but more importantly he’s fixated on what’s happening on the map. With that in our minds, let’s play out the next few moments while watching the minimap. Try to identify who could be top side trying to punish him.

He’s playing against Galio top, Vladimir Mid, Ezreal Jungle, and a Nami/Jhin bot. Alright, so, that was pretty easy right? It’s just Galio that can be top. This is how easy it is in your own games, if high threat targets were missing on the map, it’d be too risky to push beyond this point. However, it’s just Galio that is going to be up here and he alone, doesn’t have kill threat. Time to push another wave. So Mcbaze gets to push another wave. This is something that the vast majority of players miss out on, because they wouldn’t have pushed this much further in lane. So the gold is good, but can you think of any other reasons as to why this is so great? The reason why pushing a lane this far up is so great, is because Mcbaze didn’t leave it slow pushing towards the enemy turret back here. If he had left the lane early because he was too scared to push up, his minions would’ve been slow pushing all the way to the tower, or until someone picks it up, killing all of the other minions to get there.

Missing out on crucial gold and experience he needs to get back into this one with. So of course there are factors you’ll need to keep in mind when pushing this extra wave than most other players wouldn’t dare to. Minimap awareness is the key to doing it safely, but you also want to assess the guy who’ll you’ll actually meet in the lane. To put it simply, if it’s someone that can kill you, just back off and don’t push so far. Also, if your opponents are further up on other parts of the map and pressuring an objective, you’ll want to consider helping your team if they intend to contest it. Things can get super situational, but today you learnt a little bit more about something complex. Anyway, TF backs off after clearing and is now met with a bunch of options.

Let’s refocus the minimap and figure them out. He can see Ezreal and Nami on the rift herald, which is close to him. This opens up option 1: He could go ahead and harass them to disrupt it. Option 2: He could recall, buy and then walk towards the bot lane where his opponents are pressuring the turret Option 3: Use his ultimate to go bot lane immediately If you were the TF, what would you do and why? He should go with option 3 and just get to the bot lane.

The reason why this is the best option is because Galio is top lane, nearby the Ezreal and Nami, he doesn’t want to get into a potential 1v3 situation. He wants to go towards his teammates where he can work with them and win with numbers. They’re behind in items, but numbers can win them fights. If he wasn’t Twisted Fate with the ultimate to get there faster, then option 2 would’ve been the right call. Once clearing them up and claiming a double kill, Teemo was kind enough to flame Mcbaze in chat for not going immediately. With this motivational boost, Mcbaze is now on another macro mission. He decides to push out bot lane and move towards the turret. This decision is founded by Mcbaze paying attention to the minimap and having a great grasp on where everyone is. He knows everyone was just top side near the rift herald. He’ll still want to pay attention to the minimap and spots ezreal and nami along the way, once again only leaving the possibility that Galio could come down. He kills bot lane turret. Great. This is the first turret for his team. It’s good for gold, but even more importantly, killing these outer turrets are incredibly important for another reason, and it’s to do with macro.

Whenever you push out a lane and you’re down in turrets like this, the wave will bounce back WAY faster to you, because it can never push further than the turrets that are still standing. This forces you and your team to constantly split up and constantly get on wave control duty, increasing the chance of getting picked off and out-numbered in fights. Which as we know in solo queue, those chances are already high.

So killing this turret is important. Defending top is unimportant, his teammates are going up there but it’s a rift herald as well, so top is likely going down. So, tower dead, what’s next? p2: Looking at the waves, mid is about even in the middle, but it’s small on both sides. Bot is pushing however, so it’s likely someone on the other side will go pick that up. p3: Expecting this to happen, the best play right now is to go and group with his team. By doing so, he’ll have a good chance of being in a fight with a numbers advantage while someone collects the bot lane wave. This is what people mean when they talk about “using wave pressure” Once recalling, he begins pathing top side to find that fight.

However, a fight already breaks out and ends before he gets there, time to go mid. This was a great idea though and you can see the sound logic behind this decision. Push bot, vlad is now bot, path towards his team where he can look for a favoured fight. Didn’t work out this time, but it had all the potential. Once clearing the wave, TF places a ward in the lane.

If you ever wondered if there’s anything to this, there is. When placing these lane wards, it’s not just for vision in lane when your waves aren’t around, it’s great to place them near jungle entrances. This will allow you and your team to see which side of the jungle your opponents enter. A fight begins to break out in the bot side jungle. There’s a whole lot of things we could teach here, but let’s focus on why Mcbaze took this fight and the logic behind it.

Again, numbers. More men in your group fights are always favourable, but when you’re behind, they’re necessary. Ezreal died to the top fight, Vladimir is bot and Galio is right here. Jhin is nearby. This is a potential 3v3, but his opponents are scattered, while Mcbaze’s team is not. In general, when you’re taking random fights like this in YOUR jungle, YOUR team is likely to naturally reinforce faster. Let’s take a look. Yeah. They basically funneled in one by one and the throwing truly begins. Mcbaze is orchestrating which fights to take, where to go and when, coming back purely with macro from a seemingly lost game.

This is a macro comeback, not flashy mechanical outplays, just being where he should at the right moments. At this point, the natural objective is of course the mid turret, with two players on the enemy team down. Cracking down these outer turrets is incredibly important as we said earlier. Let’s run through some quick siege tips. So imagine you’re one of the players on team blue here. You’re sieging the turret, trying to make something happen to snowball this comeback. What are the glaring time constraints for your siege at this very moment? There are two things to be worried about here.

The obvious one is the death timer on your opponent because you want to get work done while they’re dead. The more subtle and equally important thing is that the side lane waves are huge. It’s critical to not die on this siege and also to make sure you get the side waves in time. If TF dies here, he misses out on a ton of exp and CS. While his team should extend, and possibly even dive or force a play, TF’s #1 priority should be to stay alive and catch those waves. Anyway, after a lot of shuffling around and harassing, alongside a flash to try and force something, they don’t manage to get work done on the tower. Mcbaze was waiting for a dive from the Braum and for Shen to, well, not be jungling… to make something happen. Oh well, after a quick fight where Xayah goes down, time to back off, recall and catch these side waves. After catching the top wave, Mcbaze has now gotten 2 levels ahead of Galio, which is crazy. Crazy proof that macro gets results, mcbaze has been catching so many waves and pressuring the right places at the right time and has evened out this game.

Mcbaze continued to follow the concepts we’ve been teaching throughout the game and in the end had an 18-4 score, after that super rough start for him and his team. In the end, you could argue that things were a bit faster in some areas because he was Twisted Fate, but overall his decisions were ones you could make on ANY mid champion and turn the tides. So that concludes our first mid lane macro video. How did we do? Do you have any questions? Let us know below, as always thanks for watching and we’ll catch you next time..

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