Okay, so I really can’t even start predicting what champions will counter this beast because I’m not even sure what lane he’ll be getting played in most! Haven’t seen a full squishy assassin AD support yet! Pyke’s passive prevents Pyke’s health from growing through items instead granting him attack damage. It also turns a bunch of the damage he has taken into grey health which he can regenerate when he’s unseen by the enemy. His Q allows him to stab an enemy standing in front of him if the ability is just pressed but it will get increased range and pull the enemy towards you if you hold down the button. As you can see, the range is quite long but it’s a skillshot and can be blocked by minions. Both casts also slow! His W is an instant Twitch Q but it only lasts for 5 seconds.

You will be seen if you walk near enemy minions or pink wards. His E is a dash that will also leave a shadow behind him that will dash towards Pyke after 1 second stunning every enemy champion it passes through. My guess is that this ability will get nerfed the second patch after the champion gets released. And I believe they’ll up the 1s dely to or even 1.5.

It’s very powerful as it stands. You can also flash to gain further distance and stun more targets! Finally, his ultimate will make him deal damage in an X zone that executes enemies below a certain threshold and also makes him dash to enemy champions hit. It also grants assisting allies full gold for the kill and can be recast within 20s if it executes. This is actually an awesome ability! The way he fights is actually simple. As you can see, he cannot build health and is meant to be an assassin. So just delete people. Go invis, hit them with a full Q even though it will reaveal you, dash to stun them after they’ve been slowed, keep on hitting and finish them off with a Killsteal Ultimate that isn’t really killstealing anymore! He’ll probably be played either on the botlane as a support or in the mid lane and in both instances I can see him run ignite to help him delete enemies quicker. You on the other hand can take Ignite or exhaust whichever you feel most comfortable with. As for power spikes, his level 2 with just his slow and Stun can be enough to cause you some panic if he manages to hit both.

Level 6 is when he’ll be going for engages though so beware of that. The build he might go for is still quite confusing to me, but relic’s shield is the support item viable for him. Other than that, Death’s dance seems to work great with his passive. Pretty good in the mid game but does well in the early as well falling off into the late game. Thanks for tuning in, good luck in your match and remember: He’ll regain health if you don’t have vision of him so finish the job, His Ultimate executes and allows him to keep on executing and his Shadow will dash to him directly, not the location he dashed to! Ultimately, have fun doing it!

As found on Youtube