Hello guys, welcome to my channel. Today we are going to discuss item builds. Let’s begin by going over to pro builds and checking out how the pros built Lux recently. Wow, amazing isn’t it? So diverse. Yeah sure, they pretty much all build Sorcerer’s shoes and Morellonomicon, but when they go for it differs a lot. Obviously none of them just blindly builds whatever they saw on Mobafire and this is the big reason for me to be making this video. I’ve had way too many feeding Lee Sin’s that still emphasize on building pure damage after they fed the enemy hecarim three kills. Now I’m not saying you’re like that (but if you are stop it), but if you’re like me and you’re tired of finding these random feeders that don’t adapt builds and lose you your games then share this video. Maybe one of them will see it and this will help them out. Also before we even go into the technical details, if you could go ahead and hit that like button it will help me out a lot.

Ok, moving on, first thing you should already be thinking is that each game is different. You always have different teammates and different enemies even if you play two games with the exact same champions picked, chances are the ADC will get fed instead of the mid this time and you should always know how to adapt your build to any given situation. Starting items are pretty much correct on mobafire, although you might have to choose between the blade a shield or corrupting potion if you go top as a bruiser.

What comes next now seems to be the big issue. People don’t adapt their builds. I’ve had Lux’s on my team build a void staff when the enemy team had no magic resistance whatsoever. That same Lux built a Rabaddon’s second item and at that point I pretty much knew that she was just following a build or was building whatever, because she believed the item to be overpowered. I’m going to explain to you how it is that items counter each other and when you should consider what. I’m not going to tell you specific item builds for specific champions and what’s good on them.

That wwould completely destroy the purpose of this video, so in general, if you manage to get a kill in lane, you should start building damage. Pros do this because they want and know how to snowball. But if you get killed in lane you should do the opposite if you ever hope to get back to the game. So you’re playing as Darius versus a Kennen top. You’ve got a Black Cleaver built and you were planning to go for a dead man’s plate for those awesome defensive stats as well as the stacking damage, but Kennen just solo killed you. What do you do now? Most people in bronze silver and even gold wouldn’t think twice about it and would just keep building that dead man’s.

A pro however and maybe just someone with a brain would now consider a Hexdrinker to possibly allow him to get back to the lane with a fighting or just surviving chance. This is because defense trumps over offence. If that Kennen built full AP damage and Darius built full mr, Darius would win a fight if both gave it their all. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. But you know what counters defense? Penetration. So it goes a circle. Defense over offence. Offence over penetration, because offensive items give more damage like a rabbadons over void staff and penetration over defense. This is just very basics of itemization in League. You then have a completely different aspect of item builds which are called situational items. Zhonya’s and Morellonomicon are great examples of this. You’re now playing as lissandra vs Zed. A hard matchup for Zed as it is, but build Zhonya’s and I would love to see that Zed try to kill you now. He might just swap lanes already, because if you play your cards right, there is absolutely no way that he can kill you now. Then there’s Morellonomicon.

Say you’re in the botlane as brand support versus Soraka. Build Morellos and it would be funny to try and see her heal people after you ult the enemy team. Situational items are so strong that they win games alone by making enemies completely useless. And so many players they neglect this to go for standard builds its just sad. Ok, let’s end the video with some objectives. 0 to 10 What’s an item? 20 Use Mobafire builds. 30 Use Pro builds builds. 40 Change the last item. 50 Use the same core and adapt last two. 60 Different builds every game.

70 Build defense when losing the lane. 80 Win the lane and still think. 90 Adapt your build to the enemy team. 100 Always counter with situational items. Thank you so much for watching my friends, don’t know if you’ve heard the news, I’ve started working with an awesome organization called the Raging turtles and we’ve got a lot of neat projects prepared for you. Lastly, don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you haven’t. I upload twice a week and you definitely don’t want to lose my videos. Sakeios out!.

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