Hello my fellow summoners, hope you are doing well today. Today, I’m going to be teaching you how to improve your teamwork in League of Legends. This is a guide that will be more focused on players with an actual team or that play regularly with the same group of friends, but if you’re a loner and you only play Yolo Queue, then stick around too, because you might be able to apply some of the knowledge to your own games. Team work can easily be considered a very important skill to develop and it is often the case when the most organized team will win versus the Fed team. With the new flex Queue coming up this year, it gives you the very good opportunity to play as five with your friends, and because of that, here are some tips I can give you on how to improve your teamwork. The first thing you have to do if you don’t already do is to have a voice communication. Get Teamspeak, Curse, Discord heck even Skype will do the trick, as long as you’re not typing at all, you’re fine. Even though you’re speaking to your teammate don’t forget to ping in the game too.

It’s not enough to say someone flashes down in the bot Lane, pink so everyone knows it’s on cooldown. Now that you’re communicating verbally, it’s time to name a shot-caller. No, not a team captain, just a shot-caller. If you have someone call out the plays, make decisions, etc you’ll notice your teamwork will be a lot more fluent. It happens all the time when one of you want Baron and the other one wants an inhibitor. Let the shot-caller decide and respect that decision. Think as a team not as individuals. Everyone will need to listen to him and do what he says.

This might be hard for some people at first, but it pays off when you have that victory sign at the end. Something very important no one virtually no one does is rewatching some replays or even entire games. So recently I was playing as Darius with my friends in a flex 5v5 game. Everything seemed to be going perfectly, but we ended up losing that game to a fed Vayne. All of us were stunned at how a fed Vayne just appeared out of nowhere, when she started out as 0/4. Now we took our time to rewatch the game and realize that she picked up kills slowly and had a team completely rotating around her.

We didn’t realize that we should have won as soon as possible, because their late game potential was massive. Our lack of some heave CC, missplays and in general cockiness prevented us from winning that game, but we were able to realize that and learn from our mistakes so that we could win future games like those. And if you really want to improve teamwork together with watching the replays of your games, you should hear the replay of what you were speaking on teamspeak or discord or whatever. Find out what you did wrong like not calling missing in action or not making the right calls etc. Mistakes are ok to be made but they become very useful when you can learn from them.

A very obvious tip on improving your teamwork is to have a team with a lot of synergy. I’ve made a guide on team building and synergy which you can find a link to in the description below so check it out, but in general, if your team synergizes well and everyone is perfectly aware of their roles in said team, then the teamplay should come naturally.

I have a friend that loves to play Yasuo and it plays him very well, so whenever I can, I’ll pick Malphite to help him out, but recently another friend of mine picked Lee Sin and this happened. When you work as a team, victory is always attainable no matter how much you fed beforehand. As a final tip, this one will be more individual and that is to accept your death when it is imminent. If you’re badly positioned or got caught warding, then let your team know that you are dead and for them to go away.

Don’t bait them out in an attempt to save yourself. 95% of the time that will end up in an ace for the enemy team. Acknowledge your mistake and don’t drag your teammates down with you. Objectives 0 to 10 what’s a team? 20 I can carry alone. 30 Call out plays and dangers. 40 Constantly talk to your teammates. 50 have a shot-caller. 60 Respect the shot-caller. 70 Create team plays. 80 Create team synergy. 90 Play as a group, not as individuals. And 100 you’re SKT T1. This was shorter guide than usual but that’s because I have some things to tell you guys here at the end and I didn’t want the video to go very long. First of all, I hope you liked this video and if you did leave a like, subscribe if you’re not already, since now’s a great time to do so i’ll be uploading more frequently from next week on.

I’ll try to make these guides on Saturdays, LoL related videos during the week and another less editing requiring one where I answer one of your questions with a shout-out, so starting today, leave a question in the comment I will choose one of them and make a video answering that question this week. Still about this video, if you have a team then share this with your teammates and you can all improve together. Once again thank you for watching. Sakeios Out!.

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