Hello all It’s me Kaluchi with a new video. Today’s video will be about “how to kite” I am doing this video because I see a lot of lower elo players not kiting, or not kiting enough, or they don’t understand the basic fundamentals of kiting. So I hope this video will clear out a lot of that and will improve your adc skills! This video will include 5 parts, 5 subjects and you will see them listed right now on the screen. If you want to skip to a certain part of the video like always there are timestamps in the description below. Let’s go ahead and start with the first subject explaining what kiting and orb walking is.

Kiting or also known as ORB walking is just another way of saying moving in between your auto attacks. Because every Auto Attack has an animation, your character will first complete the attacking animation before attacking his second shot. The problem with this is that we don’t want to waste time, every second you waste is 1,2 auto attacks less. So to maximize your Damage you want to kite and cancel your animation. It may sound very complicated but it’s not trust me. I’ve gathered some awesome footage for you guys to try and explain it as best as possible. Oh and btw kiting can be done in 2 ways, offensively and defensively. For example when somebody is chasing you down you will be using kiting in a defensive way and when you’re chasing somebody s you’ll be using kiting in an offensive way.

So in the second chapter I will be showing some gameplay footage from my ranked games. I’m by far not the best kiter there is, I’m only Diamond4 so keep that in mind. So in this clip you’ll be seeing me fighting against alistar and hecarim what’s important to note out is that I’m never just running away, instead I keep attacking them while I take my distance. If I were to run away I’m pretty sure we would’ve lost that fight. The second clip is a pretty messy team fight, the opponents were stronger than us so kiting was key to win here. As you can see I almost get blown up immediately because zac is being a little [email protected]#$ and tries to focus me down. I have no other choice then to run away to safety. If I were to Kite right here I would die, so it’s also important to know when to kite. Sometimes it’s just better to run away regroup and fight later on.

This is the opening I’ve been waiting for. Riven goes all in and takes all the focus making me move and attack freely without getting focused down. What I focus on here is kiting defensively and aggressively, I always stay at max range and attack the closest target as you can see, and as soon as renekton or zac tries to jump on me I kite back to safety making me unreachable for them. Not only do I deal a lot of damage here, I prevent the enemies from dealing damage as well. After the enemies are scattered I see ahri moving down so I move up to take out lulu and take my well-earned red buff. In this third clip you will see why kiting is so important.

Just look at my HP bar. If it wasn’t for me kiting all the way I wouldn’t have gotten the kills. In the end I am against Caitlyn and stop kitting since were both long range and stand right next to each other. In this scenario kiting can only harm you. I stand still and use all the damage I have left so that my team can pick the kill up later. If you rewind the clip you can see I should’ve died at least 2 times maybe even 3 times If I weren’t kiting. On to chapter 3 I’ll show you the settings for your keyboard to be able to kite much easier. So the first thing I want you to do it press escape and then go to hotkeys and then press on the button quick cast all and then Okay. What this does is it will automatically fire any of your skills when you activate them.

You don’t have to click on your skill and confirm it with your mouse again, it will go immediately. This is how normal casting looks like and as you can see you first need to press your skill then you get an indication and you have to aim with your mouse again, click on your mouse and it will activate the skill. This is a very long process and costs a lot of time, that’s why it’s not that efficient. So the next thing I want you to do is go to hotkeys once more to player movement, scroll down a little bit, and as you can see, I just want you to copy paste whatever I have here. The most important part is the “A” part, where I have the “a” bindings, so be sure to copy that. I’ll show you in a minute why it is useful for kiting. Then go to game and check the box “attack move on cursor”. So what this does is it attacks the closest target to your mouse.

When you’re kiting this is very useful, I’ll show that in the next part of the video. So let’s move on to chapter 4, How to kite. In these next clips I’ll show you how to kite in a defensive and aggressive way. When you’re retreating and chasing somebody. So the first 2 clips will be about defensive way and the third and fourth clip will be about aggressive way. The important part here is to cancel your animation. As soon as see your project (in this case the bullet) being fired you can move back to get ready for your next basic attack.

This gives you more time to make distance between you and your enemy in this case Garen. And if you have more time you can deal more damage. So next I’m going to show you a part how to never chase somebody down. So this is a very bad way and I still see a lot of people doing it, they just press the right mouse button and they let the character follow the enemy.’ So now I’ll show you the right way, just like in defensive kiting you want to move as soon as you see the project being fired, so keep moving forward, fire, move forward, fire, move forward We arrived at the last chapter.

Here I’ll explain some tips that you can use to practice with. I just noticed that I didn’t really explained what the A key does. So I will do that now. Whenever you press the A key your character will automatically attack the enemy that is closest to your cursor. The reason why you should use this is because you don’t have to pinpoint the enemy exactly even if you miss the enemy, your character will still attack him since he is closest to your mouse. Also if no one is nearby you can press the A key anywhere you want since there is only 1 enemy it will attack that enemy, this is very useful in a 1vs1 situation.

As for practice I would say the new practice tool is very handy or whenever you’re in game try to kite the jungle creeps like I do here. Even if you don’t have to, try to use it as often as possible so It will happen automatically when you need it..

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