Hello everyone and welcome! In this daily im going to be walking you through one of my own high elo games where im playing Fizz vs Annie. Assassins and assasin mages like syndra/leblanc have always been great for solo Q because they snowball the hardest and roam the best, but Fizz has been notorious for having a really weak laning phase. Not to worry, the concepts in this video will apply to all assassins, so you’ll learn something even if you don’t play Fizz. Lets do a standard archetype check before jumping into the gameplay. Fizz is a melee assassin up against annie a medium ranged burst mage.

They both do about equal damage with full combos, and have even waveclear,(except level 1), but being melee it is naturally more dangerous to waveclear with Fizz especially since your main trading tool is also your waveclear. My gameplan in this game will be a lot like my previous Ryze vs Jayce video where I use small minion waveclear advantages to set-up the lane to score me big leads. Lets take a look: Mission 1: Use my level 1 waveclear advantage to push the wave Fizz has a slight waveclear advantage at level 1 since he starts E and annie always starts Q. I can use this to get an early push lead. Mission 2: Push the wave into the tower so it will bounce back to me. After pushing at level 1, I need to make sure I get the wave pushing back to me to set it up for a gank, and to keep myself safe.

Mission 3: Let the wave push to me by not using any abilities If I use E to trade and hit the wave, it will start pushing back to her. Mission 4: Keep letting wave push to me, farm and wait for jungler/lvl 6 spike. Fizz`s powerspike is at level 6, so before then its best to focus on farming while staying healthy so you dont lose exp and can hit level 6 safely. Mission 5: Setup an all-in with ultimate. I want to look for a kill with my first ultimate, so I’ll want to chunk Annie’s health before going for an all-in. Alright, onto the gameplay. As soon as the minions touch, I start autoing, since I want to get pushing ASAP.

And as soon as Annie uses Q on me, I dodge it with E and hit her + all 6 minions with it. I also auto her twice just to proc electrocute but the most important part here is how my E hit everything,getting a really nice lead on mission 1, while shes hitting nothing. This might seem like its fizz specific, but if you were playing ekko,Zed or Syndra, you would just Q the wave and get a push lead.

Fizz is the most dangerous of them all for this kind of gameplan, so it would work just as well if not better on the others. I have a slight push lead now, but I still need to stay healthy and safe especially against shaco, so its ok to give up some CS here. I auto what I can and wait for my E to come off CD before going in again. Same as before, dodge her Q with E and hit some minions as well. I now have 8 minions to her 6, which will allow me to push even faster.

Notice this whole time shes so tunneled on harass, because she wants to abuse her ranged advantage so badly, but doesn’t realize that giving me the push lead is setting the wave up to bounce back to me by level 3. So now that mission 1 is done, and I have the minion advantage, I need to start thinking about mission 2: resetting the wave so it will bounce back to me. For me to do this I need to fully push this into the tower, which will be easy since I have more minions than her. Before I do that though, I drop a quick ward on my top side, since they have shaco who can have weird jungle pathing and can clear faster than other junglers with the boxes. While dropping that ward, my minions actually did most of the work for me and almost pushed in the wave themselves, so I just come in and finish the last one off. Easy enough right? Done with mission 2.

You might be wondering through, whats the point in doing mission 1 and 2? Why not just let it push from the start? Well my jungler cant gank for me at level 1 or 2 and I cant freeze easily as Fizz since im melee vs ranged. So if she pushed me under tower I would take harass for every CS I got, and she wouldn’t get punished at all.

By pushing, my minions will trade damage for me everytime since her Q and autos will trigger minion aggro. Then once my jungler is level 3, I start to let the wave push to me since he can gank now, Now the wave is in a spot that looks pretty bad, but ill explain to you why its actually good. We both have even minions, but the wave is closer to her tower. This is called the even minions rule: If both waves are even, and the wave is closer to their tower but not actually in tower range, just like this, the wave will always push the other way because her next wave will get here before mine and start killing my wave, so all I have to do is not use anything on the wave and wait for the wave to come to me.

Lets just speed through these next 30 seconds since im just letting the wave push back to me. Alright, Before we move on, did you notice anything while that was happening? Lets rewind. From – 2.58, we can see annie on the ward I placed , and she didnt get a chance to place her ward earlier since I was pushing, meaning shes 100% placing her ward top side right now, especially since Olaf was just near the enemy raptors. Since I saw her do this I ping to my jungler so he knows that side is warded which lets him come around from the other side in a little bit undetected. This is a really easy trick that will increase your odds of successful ganks in your own games. Mission 3 is done now that the wave is on my side of the lane so im safe from ganks and can farm relatively safely. As the lane continues, im just working on mission 4 which is to just farm safe and wait for my jungler to come since annie will continue to push to me.

While this is happening I see Annie place another ward at 3.30, which is a mistake. Do you know what she should have done here? Take a moment to think about it. When warding, you really never want to let the enemy see where, so you should always leave vision and walk here, then put it over the wall. So just like before, I ping my jungler that the brush is warded, so he walks around behind undetected. My jungler shows up and we get an easy flash out of her. Having no flash against assassins is super scary and puts me at a huge advantage. I want to push this wave in and base now, but our morgana roams up and catches shaco giving me a free kill, which gives me a nice early hextech revolver. So now lets move on to mission 5: setting up for a level 6 kill.

I TP back to lane to catch the wave on tower, since I want to make sure I dont fall behind on Exp for my level 6 spike. I clear the wave and the wave resets back to the middle. A lot of players would push here, since they want to deny CS, but its actually better to just last hit and deny CS by letting her minions kill mine, also,I dont want to push and have her farm safe under tower when I will be looking for a trade soon to prepare for my level 6 all in. Now that im halfway to level 6, I start looking for a trade. Most players would just try to 100-0 them with the shark or chunk them out of lane, but the best play is to chunk them first to get them into kill range, then look for an all-in.

I walk near her to bait out her W stun, then Q to a minion to close the distance and chunk her to 50% HP. Perfect. Shes at 50% HP, with no flash, so shes perfectly set up for a free kill at level 6. Now all I need to focus on is hitting 6 and landing my shark. As soon as this cannon minion dies, im going to hit level 6 and use Q + ult on the ranged minion to hide my ult animation, this is a Fizz specific trick that will make it a lot harder for your opponent to dodge your ult and give you more kills. Anyways, the shark lands and I get a free kill + shes going to miss this big wave on her tower, so its safe to say this lane is over.I can go for a dive like this since she had no flash from before, and I chunked her to 50% before doing it so I knew she would die before getting the chance to burst me under tower. Alright, lets do a quick recap since there was a ton of information in this video. First I used my level 1 waveclear advantage to get a push lead and minions lead.

Then I pushed the wave all the way into tower so it would bounce back. The wave was in a spot where the even minion rule was applied, so I knew the wave would push to me. I let the wave push to me and let my jungler know everytime annie warded and exactly where, so he could path accordingly, which lead to blowing annies flash in a gank. I tped back to lane and last hit, to deny annie CS and exp, while keeping the wave in a good spot. Finally I hit level 6 and used the Fizz Q + Ult trick to get a free kill on Annie which was 100% safe since she had no flash from before..

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