(Dramatic music) Oh, mama Oh, mama God…. Why am I so fucking good? Jesus! It’s like I’ve been playing it for fucking 20 years or some shit. It’s like I spend my whole life playing Yasuo. I played it once right there, dude for you. Holy fuck, man. It’s just not fair. I’m so fucking good at League. With this sword, dude, just- (Swinging sword sound effects) I’m so fucking clean. Smallcat, I’m the best! Look at Smallcat, Smallcat knows I’m the best.

Look at this cat, dude. Smallcat, you know I’m the best. You know I’m the best, Smallcat. Tell me I’m the best. Say it, Smallcat. Ancient debris? I want that. I love ancient debris, dude. Oh shit, It’s actually something I can get. Hell yeah. Omae wa mou shindeiru Is this guy fuckin’ retarded? What the fuck? He combo’d at me like that. Okay…? Interesting play, interesting. (Laughing) What the fuck was that? That had, like, a zero percent chance of working. Even if he hit the combo on me, he’s fucking dead. Oh, I didn’t fuckin’ place my ward on it. I can’t get ’em. Feels fucking bad. Holy shit, man. I couldn’t get my fucking auto off on him there. Okay. Okay, this game’s like already over. J4 AFK I love those kinds of names like “focus improve” because they’re like the worst fuckin’ people.

(Laughs) Those like fucking… Words to encourage themselves just because they’re fucking tilters. I love it. Yikes (Singing) Does it better The QT anthem right here, dude. You already know no one does it better tha n your boy. Guy’s level nine, he’s dead as fuck. Just got his fuckin’ ass beat down. Canceled my fucking auto. Dude, that fuckin’ attack speed nerf on Ezreal feels fucking bad, man. Feels real bad. He didn’t move at all. I keep fucking canceling my auto attacks, holy shit, I’m good. I cancel my autos so much since that fucking Ezreal change. I love it. Jesus, what a game, dude. What a game of League of Legends. Dude, I’m getting some fucking good ass games today, man. I gotta say top quality I’m bringing you. That missed! How the- Dude, this game’s fuckin’… Yikes You wanna keep the wave in the middle because he’s pretty behind right now and if I can force him into a fight, I can just like, destroy the AD.

He’s pretty cucked at the moment, though. So what happens against like Brand lanes, if they fall behind is, you just can’t do anything. Like that Jhin dying early just… the lane’s fucking over already. I’m just gonna go shop and then just fucking farm him. Why not get a BF sword? Because I wanna AFK and do nothing. Yeah, it’s not a bad buy here, but… I really doubt they’re gonna be fighting us anymore. It’s just gonna be farming They’re probably just gonna try and roam or swap lanes or some shit. Yeah, they’re pretty fucked. (Laughing) Yikes. Okay, this should push back to me again, so I’ll just run bottom and kill him again. HELP! Oh my god, I’m trapped in here. Yeah, this is just an unfortunate game It’s a real fucking unfortunate one. Even if we do manage to throw like disgustingly hard, I’m still Twitch, so… I’m just gonna end up two-shotting everything anyways. And we have Maokai actually, so there’s no way we could fuckin’… It has to be a colossal-level throw. Oh my god, he got that Q off on me? What the fuck? That was such bullshit that Q got on me.

Not gonna lie, slightly tilted. Dude, how did that fucking Q… (Sighs) What a way to go, dude. Jesus Yeah, we gotta end the suffering for them. (Dramatic music) Someone end their suffering, please. My Lulu’s 8 and 0 right now. She’s a fucking AP carry. Whew. Yummy. (Twitch impression) Sewer skewers for everybody! All right, let’s go shop. Gotta get a fucking- get more items. I gotta go for the juicy pentakill. Sell this… Buy another BF sword… All right, let’s get the pentakill now. It’s pentakillin’ time, boys. Oh, they’re fucking forfeiting. What a bunch of quitters, dude. Come on. Come on. Let’s keep it going, baby.

Let’s make some magic happen. Stop. No. They never showed me mercy. Dude, every time I get five man bottom, and I think to myself, “stop”, That’s what keeps me going and those kinds of games, dude. That’s what keeps me going and these kinds of games that I just keep killing them over and over again. I just think back to when I’m sitting under my tower bot lane, and I get five-manned. Please stop, no more. Dude, I’m telling you, I live for those kinds of games. Those kinds of games, mm-mm yummy. (Upbeat electronic music).

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