Hey guys how’s it going? So uh recently, I was asked by quite a few people to do a riven build guide, so that is what i will be doing today. So if you guys have any questions or anything like that feel free to ask in the comment section below. Also i’m interested in hearing your thoughts on that little intro I had there, I wasn’t too sure whether or not I should include that but im going to for this first video. If you guys don’t like it then tell me, and ill remove it from my next few videos. Anyways, before we get started I want to give you guys a quick little disclaimer. I am only Diamond IV, im not Challenger or nothing like that so, um my interpretation of the game may not be correct, my interpretation of how to build riven may not be correct but, I’m hoping to push some low elo players to think more objectively about how they build, how they plan their masteries and their runes. And uh, hopefully help out those lower elo players.

Regarding starting items, nearly every game I start longsword three pots. I do this because the three pots give us enough sustain in lane to buy components on our first back, to get an early power spike. However, there are exceptions. In auto attack heavy matchups, I started dorans shield, because it deflects a majority of the auto damage. This is good in matchups such as Jayce, Kennen, or Teemo. Also, something to note is that it doesnt necessarily matter if they are ap or ad. What matters, is whether you take alot of damage from their auto attack harass throughout the lane phase. Finally we have the dorans blade start. This start is good against snowbally matchups or matchups you are comfortable with winning early. Because we do not have the sustain, we want to force a fight early to effectively use the op early stats and the lack of sustain. After my first recall, if I get an early kill, I normally get a second– or if I started longsword, my first dorans blade, and buy maybe a longsword and some more if I have the gold for it. I personally do not like Cull because I feel as though it does not effectively allow riven to utilize her early power spikes and instead, delays her damage for her second item.

Which if she is behind, it wont help much, if at all. After my first recall, my next item is usually caufields warhammer because of how gold efficient it is. At a low cost it gives damage and cooldown reduction, which is a great component for Riven. The only other time i start a different component, is when i’m against Fiora. Next, if even or behind in lane, I go Black Cleaver for the great stats it gives. It is rather costly but gives; Health, Cooldown Reduction, Armor Pen, and Damage. So it is arguably one of Riven’s core items when even or behind in lane. if I’m ahead, instead of building Black Cleaver, I build either Lethality or Hydra. I go Lethality such as; Ghostblade if the enemy team is mostly squishy. If otherwise then I go Hydra for the burst damage and sustain. It is a very strong item when ahead. Everything from this point on is situational items, there are many different items but here I will list my preferences and which scenarios are best to buy them in. First of all is Death’s Dance, you want to build your Warhammer into either this, Maw of Malmortius, or Ghostblade after your first item.

Death’s Dance is a very nice item to have because it makes Riven a little bit tanky with its passive and all around gives nice stats. Maw of Malmortius is nice against teams that have two or more heavy ap champs, and the passive is a nice added bonus that gives you lifesteal when the shield procs, until you are out of combat. Last Whisper, is a very strong item to build against tanks but you should (for the most part) only build Last Whisper when you are ahead. Lord Dominik’s is good against tanks because of the passive that does more damage, the more health your opponent has. This would specifically be good against opponents such as Garen or Nautilus. Mortal reminder on the other hand, is good against tanks or bruisers that have alot of healing such as; Maokai or Fiora. QSS is another great item. For those of you who forget to use actives you probably don’t want QSS. QSS is specfically unique because of its active. It’s great against comps with lots of CC or against champs that have debuffs. Next is Guardians Angel, Guardians Angel is practically a core item on Riven because of how strong it is.

Not only does it give Riven lots of AD with its BF Sword, but it also gives armor and the passive which brings you back to life and restores half your base health. Another item that’s nice to have is Frozen Mallet, its a semi-tanky item that has nice utlity as well. It gives you lots of HP, a bit of damage, and the passive grants a slow when enemies are attacked, this is nice for sustain in teamfights and also setting up kills for enemy carries. On the same note, a nice tanky item is BloodThirster at first, many may think that sounds odd however, I consider BloodThirster a tank item because it gives health and sustain, it also gives a shield as well. This is a nice tank item coupled with tanky items to give super sustain in teamfights.

Steraks Gauge is another semi-tanky item, it gives HP and a passive which gives 30% increased health after taking 400-1800 damage within five seconds. This in turn is a really good item against champs that have a lot of burst. Well guys, I think that about covers the main build paths, if theres any other items or components you have questions about, then ask away in the comments section. If you’re interested in the component guide for items such as hexdrinker and executioners and stuff like that, then please make a comment in the comment section below. Also on a side note guys, my Mic is really really bad like, the reason my Mic sounds so bad is because the volume is actually increased by *40% the normally rate so it gets this like grainy sound to it, but also like even with the *40% increase in volume, my mic is still very low quality and my voice isnt as loud as im actually broadcasting.

So it may seem like im talking very low in my videos but im actually talking very loud if not like low-key screaming. So; I’m creating a patreon page for another mic so if you guys enjoy these types of videos, and if you would like me to make another video with a higher quality Mic then, im making a patreon page. I’m looking to get around a $70 headset with a pretty good quality mic and that will help out alot with my videos, so if you’re interested or if you want to help me out, that would be awesome.

So my patreon should be down in the description below and ill list it up here for you guys so you can click on that whenever. (Can’t use an annotation for the patreon link sorry~!) Thanks alot for watching guys, have a good one, and ill see you in my next video!.

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