– Welcome guys to a brand new season 5 guide, featuring Jinx. In this guide I will teach you all the core gameplay aspects to get you rolling with Jinx. I hope you enjoy the video. — i n t r o — – Alright so first of all let me list exactly what you can expect in this guide. First off I will show you all of my champion select settings, like runes, masteries, skill order and so on. Then I will show you the item build that I prefer to use on Jinx. – Next up I will show you what Jinx her abilities exactly do, and what they should be used for. This will give you a clear understanding of the champion itself. – And with that information settled, it is time to get in-game with tips about how to play the laning phase, and how to act in teamfights. Please enjoy. – These are the general settings all put together that I use for Jinx. You can simply pause the video right here, copy all these settings and use them for your games as well. – Next up, the item build that I prefer.

Keep in mind that the defensive item is situational, depending on the game you are in. You can also skip the defensive item to enhance your late-game power even more, but you must be excellent at positioning if you choose to go this way. – Alright so with that information it is of course important to know what Jinx can do with her abilities, and how you should be using them. Let me give you a basic understanding. – Jinx her passive, Get Excited, gives Jinx a huge movement speed buff whenever you get an assist, a kill or when you destroy a turret near you. This movement speed is what Jinx is based on in teamfights, because of the huge mobility boost. – Her Q, switcheroo, cycles between Jinx her two guns. You can select a powerful, long range rocketlauncher that deals area of effect damage, or you can choose to shoot with her minigun, which shoots faster and therefor has more single-target damage. Do mind, her rockets cost mana on each shot while her minigun does not.

– Her W, Zapp, shoots a projectile towards a direction with reasonably large range. On hit, it deals single-target damage and slows the opponent for 2 seconds. Additionally, you gain vision over your hit enemy. – Her E, Flame Chompers, tosses out 3 mines that explode on contact AFTER seconds. They do not immediately explode. The enemies struck are rooted for seconds, which makes this skill her protection tool to keep unwanted enemies away. Position them carefully. – Her ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket, shoots out a rocket that explodes upon contact with an enemy champion. This rocket can be sent around the entire map, and the more distance it travels, the more damage it will deal.

The maximum damage is dealt at 1500 units away, which is 200%. This explosion deals area of effect damage. – Now off to the part you’ve been waiting for, how to play Jinx during the laning phase and the teamfighting phase. – Jinx is a late-game hyper carry. This means that she needs time to build up her strength, and her first powerspike comes quite late into the game, only at 2 items. Before this point, Jinx is quite weak and should not get into too many straight-up fights, unless you can catch somebody out of position. – This means that the laning phase is important, because if you lose the lane your powerspike will be delayed even more, making it almost impossible to carry the game unless you can stall out the game long enough. – This is what you should be doing on lane: You have to farm as much as you can. Do NOT try to get into straight-up fights with the enemy champions, because Jinx is not an early game champion. As Jinx, your focus is on farming and building up that 2 item power spike. – As you are farming, it is important to keep pressure on lane. This is commonly done by pushing the minion wave in right from the start.

If you have more minions, you have more pressure because the enemy cannot win fights in a huge minion wave. Focus on pushing the wave in and cashing in that gold from the minions. – At the same time, Jinx is excellent at punishing your enemies when they are farming. Use your rockets to have additional range, and attack the enemy champions when they try to last-hit their minions.

Like I said before, don’t get too close because you don’t want to fight. All you want to do is poke your enemy to low health, and get an advantage by having pressure on lane. – If your support has any form of CC and chooses to engage onto your enemies, a nice trick is to DIRECTLY throw down your flame chompers below the enemy champion, while he is stunned. This will chain your CC with your support, which makes it very hard to counterplay for the enemy champion. Hit your W after that to slow your enemies and keep poking away at him with your rockets. There is almost no counterplay possible this way. But keep in mind, stay on long range. You never want to be caught by their CC, since there is no real way of escaping with Jinx when that happens. – Alright so you push down the enemy turret, farm away and once you get to your 2 item spike, which is infinity edge phantom dancer, you are ready to group up and force objectives with your team.

Jinx is incredibly strong at this point, because of the area of effect damage the rockets can deal. Let’s get into teamfighting now. – Jinx is an absolute beast in teamfights because of her hyper-carry potential. These rockets burn away entire teams simultaniously, which can carry fights into your favour in no time. – The most important part here is your positioning. I will release a guide next week about positioning with AD carries, so I won’t go into to great detail in this guide. However, I will teach you how to make it easier for you as Jinx. – Once the teamfight is started, you do not want to be in a risky position.

Stay very far back and try to kill your enemies with your Zapp or your Super Mega Death Rocket, and try getting some rockets in there, as long as you stay safe. You NEED an assist or a kill to get rolling in teamfights, because your passive makes Jinx one of the best teamfighters. – Once you have an assist or a kill, you can turn on Rampage mode. With this I don’t want you to run into the enemy backline and die horribly, but I do want you to come closer and consistently hit your rockets onto your enemies. Use your Flame Chompers close to you so you have something to kite around, and keep hitting them auto attacks. If they choose to go for you, you can use the insane speed boost from your passive to run all the way to the backlines, and this will let your team deal free damage onto them. – Keep using your rockets in teamfights. The minigun can be used if a single tank is chasing you and you want him dead, but ideally you can stay out of danger with the range of your rockets, while dealing damage to multiple enemies.

– If you haven’t used your ultimate yet, it is also great to chain your ultimate with any sort of engage your team has. For instance, an Orianna ultimate or a Malphite ultimate can knock up multiple targets at the same time, which gives you a free shot to hit multiple enemies with your ultimate. Don’t only use it to secure kills, it’s great to use as an opener for fights too, if you can hit multiple targets at once. – Alright so let me sum it up for you to make it all clear. – On lane, play an aggressive poke style, where you push the wave constantly, apply pressure by poking and try to out-poke your enemy. At all cost, try to stay out of fights. – After your infinity edge phantom dancer power spike, get into teamfights. Stay on long range and use your abilities to try and get the first kill/assist that will trigger your passive, and then try to deal as much damage as you can with that insane movement speed buff. Stay on range, but keep auto attacking. – Use rockets only in teamfights, unless you need to focus a tank who is alone with you.

– You can also use your ultimate together with the engage of your team. If you can hit multiple targets with it, do it, even if you don’t directly kill anyone with it. – And as last I will give you this tip, please do not try and hit people across the map with your ultimate. Yes, it can work, but the chances are low and it takes off pressure from the enemy if they know your ultimate is on cooldown. Keep it for the important fights. – Now it is your time to practice your Jinx skills. Use these tips and I know it will be much easier to learn her, and stay tuned for my guide on AD carry positioning coming out next week. That guide will be important if you are planning on playing more AD carry. Alright guys, goodluck in your games and if you have any questions, ask me in the comment section below. Oh and yeah, don’t forget to like and subscribe for more season 5 guides. See you guys soon! — O U T R O —

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