– Hey everyone and welcome to this guide. In today’s guide I am going to teach you a few tricks that can help you with your kiting skills. Even if you already know how to kite, I might have some nice tricks for you to make it even better. It is the most important mechanic of the game, so let’s get started. – For those who don’t know what I mean by kiting, it means that you can move inbetween auto attacks as visualized here. This way you can keep distance from melee champions as a ranged champion, while still dealing damage at the same time. This is essential if you’re playing ranged champions.

– So, how do you kite? – The best way to kite is by using attack moves. This is done by pressing A on your keyboard, and then clicking. Attack moving attacks the closest enemy to your character, so you can also click on the ground and it will still attack. Additionally, it will show you your auto attack range. – After the attack has been fired, you can move your character. Then, after a short interval, you can attack again. How fast you can do this depends on your attack speed. The more attack speed you have, the faster you can move and attack. But basically that is how you kite. You attack something, then you move somewhere, then you attack something again. Simple, right? – Then to improve your kiting and your clicking accuracy, here is a tip for you.

In the settings window, down to the game section, you will find a checkerbox that says “Attack Move on Cursor”. – By default, this setting is not enabled. If it’s not enabled, your attack move will attack the closest enemy to your CHARACTER if you click on the ground. Even if you click next to a minion at max range, it will still attack the closest enemy to your character. – But If you enable this option, your character will attack the enemy CLOSEST TO YOUR CURSOR instead of your character. What this means is, if you misclick an enemy but you’re using attack move, you will still attack that champion because he’s most likely the closest target to your cursor.

– So definitely enable this setting if you want to improve your kiting. It will improve your clicking accuracy. – Then there is another button that can be extremely helpful when kiting. If you go down to your hotkeys menu, in the abilities and summoner spells section, you will find a binding that says “Target Champions Only”. – While this button is pressed, you can only click on champions. So if you’re fighting on lane and the enemy is in a minion wave, you won’t accidentily attack a minion. You can only attack champions. – I have bound this option to one of my mouse buttons on the side of my mouse. Try to find a button to your likings and change it to that button. It really helped me to improve my kiting and clicking accuracy. – And that’s really all there is to it. These tricks can help you to improve your kiting and become a better player. Now, the best way to practice this is to setup a bot game, and just play this way all game long.

This will help you to get used to it. – I hope I have helped you, and if I did be sure to click that thumbs up button below! That helps my channel by getting more exposure! Thank you for watching and have a nice day..

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