AATROX, DIANA, EKKO, JAX, SEJUANI, SHYVANA, VI, XIN : Stuck in diamond elo hell


Rank Challenger: Runic Echo/Sunfire/Abyssal/Zhonya/Rilays Keystone: SoTA Runes: 7,8 MP, 9 AR, 10%CDRlvl18, 4MR, 15 AP.


Rank challenger : Cinderhulk >DMP > Spirit Visage> Whatever tanky items Keystone: SoTA Runes: 8,5 AD, 5 CDR, 5 CDRlvl18, 9 AR, 13,5 ATS

2 masters same build but diferrent Runes: 15,3 AD, 8 MR, 5 CDRlvl18, 9 AR


Rank Challenger: Runic Echo> Rilays> Zhonya> AByssal>void staff Keystone: TLD Runes: 9 double pen, 15 %CDRlvl18, 10 AP, 4,5 ATS, 216 HPlvl18

There are 5 challenger and 8 masters with high winrates on her. She is the GO-TO jungler. You can add some other items like DMP, liandrys


Rank Challenger: Runic Echo> Rilays> DMP> Iron Solari> Randuin Keystone: DFT Runes: 8,5 AD, 25,6 AP, 9 AR

Rank Challenger: Runic Echo> Lichbane(sometimes iceborn)> DMP> Zhonya> Banshee Keystone: TDL Runes: 8,5 AD, 7,5 CDR, 14,9 AP, 9 AR

Rank Master: Runic Echo> Lichbane> Rilays> DMP> Banshee Keystone: TDL Runes: 8,5 AD, 25,6 AP, 9 AR


Rank Master: Runic Echo> Zhonya> Morello> Banshee> Void staff Keystone: TLD Runes: 7,8 MP, 25,6 AP, 9 AR

Rank Master: Runic Echo> Zhonya> Abyssal> Deathcap> Banshee> Keystone: TLD Runes: 7,8 MP, 25,6 AP, 9 AR


Rank Challenger: Runic Echo> ROA> Rilays> Zhonya> Keystone: TLD Runes: 7,8 MP, 25,6 AP, 9 AR

Rank Master : Runic Echo> Rilays> Iceborn> DMP> Abyssal Keystone: SoTA Runes: 7,8 MP, 7,5 CDR, 14,9 AP, 9 AR

Rank Master : Runic Echo> Abyssal> DMP> Iron Solari Keystone: TLD Runes: 15.3% AS, 4 MR, 5% CDR, 9 AR, 14.9 AP

Few other masters


Rank Master: Warrior> Youmuu> Maw> RFC> BT Keystone: TLD Runes: 8,5 AD, 12,1 MR, 9 AR, 13,5% ATS

Rank Master: Warrior> Youmuu> Mercurial> RFC> IE Keystone: Stormsurge Runes: 11,5 ARpen, 12,1 MR, 9 AR, 13,5% ATS

Rank Master: Warrior> Youmuu> Sterrak> Last WHisper> RFC Keystone: TLD Runes: 10,8 AD, 5% CDR, 5% CDRlvl18, 9 AR, 9% ATS

Few others masters


Rank Master: Cinderhulk> Triforce> Sterrak> Frozenheart Keystone: SoTA Runes: 8,5 AD, 12,1 MR, 9 AR, 13,5% ATS


Rank Master: Cinderhulk> Titanic Hydra> Sterrak> MAW> DMP Sometimes Iron SOlari Keystone: TLD Runes: 15,3 AD, 27 MRlvl18, 9 AR,


Rank Master: Warrior> Youmuu> Tiamat> Maw> Sterrak> Keystone: TLD Runes: 15,3 AD, 5% CDR, 5% CDRlvl18, 9 AR


Rank Challenger: Warrior> RFC> Sterrak> Maw> Cleaver> Keystone: TLD Runes: 15,3 AD, 5.7% ATS, 9 AR

Rank Challenger: Warrior> RFC> Sterrak> Hurricane> Youmuu or Maw Keystone: TLD Runes: 8,5 AD, 9% ATS, 9 AR, 10% CDR

Rank Challenger: Warrior> Yomuu> Maw> Sterrak> Mercurial Keystone: TLD Runes: 11,5 ARpen, 13,5% ATS, 9 AR 27 MRlvl18

Rank Challenger: Warrior> Sterrak> Maw> Cleaver>Mercurial Keystone: TLD Runes: 8,5 AD, 16% ATS, 9 AR, 6,7MR

6 other masters, Kindred is a top Pick


Rank Master: Warrior> DMP> Hexdrinker> Sterrak>Situational item Keystone: TLD Runes: 15,3 AD, 7,5 CDR, 9 AR

Rank Master: Warrior> Sightstone> DMP>Situational items(Hexdrinker, banshee, youmuu, BC, Solari,..) Keystone:TLD Runes: 15,3 AD, 12,1 MR, 9 AR

Rank Master: Warrior> STerrak> DMP> Situational items Keystone: TLD Runes: 15,3 AD, 5 CDR, 9 AR, 4 MR


Rank Challenger: Runic Echoes> ROA> Rilays> Abyssal> Zhonya> Deathcap or Void Keystone: TLD Runes: 15,3 AD, 10 CDRlvl18, 9 AR, 3,6 AP

Rank Master: Runic Echoes> ROA> Rilays> Zhonya> Void Keystone: TLD Runes: 15,3 AD, 10 CDRlvl18, 9 AR, 3,6 AP

Rank Masterr: Runic Echoes> Liandrys> Rilays> Void>Zhonya> Deathcap or Void Keystone: TLD Runes: 7,8 MPen, 9 AR, 10,7 AP, 4,5 MS


Rank Master: Cinderhulk> adapt to enemy team (FH, SV, Soolari, Randuin…) Keystone: SoTA Runes: 15,3% ATS, 27 MRlvl18, 9 AR, 15 AP

Master YI:

Rank Challenger: Devourer> BoTRK> QSS> Sterrak + situationnal (Youmuu, Banshee, randuin, Maw..) Keystone:Fervor Runes: 8,5 AD, 13,5% ATS, 9 ARlvl18, 144 HPlvl18, 9 MRlvl18, 10 CDRlvl18

Rank Master: Devourer> Titanic Hydra> QSS> DMP> Sterrak> Mercurial Keystone: Fervor Runes: 28,8% ATS, 9 AR, 27 MRlvl18

Rank Master: Devourer> BoTRK> Sterrak> QSS> Situationnal Keystone: Fervor Runes: 8,5 AD, 21,5% ATS, 6 AR

Funny, No rageblade


Rank Master: Runic Echoes> Lichbane> Abyssal> Zhonya Keystone: TLD Runes: 7,8 MPen, 22 AP, 9,3 APlvl18, 8 AR

Rank Master: Runic Echoes> ROA> Zhonya> Rilays>Void Sometimes Lichbane Keystone: TLD Runes: 9 Double pen, 25,6 AP, 9 AR

Rank Master: Runic Echoes> ROA> Zhonya>Lichbane> Keystone: TLD Runes: 7,8 MPen, 25,6 AP, 216 HPlvl18


Rank Master: Warrior> Youmuu> Ravenous Hydra> Sterrak>Situational item Keystone: TLD Runes: 2,8 AD, 10 CDRlvl18, 9 AR, 4 MR, 23,7 ATS

Rank Master: Warrior> Youmuu> Ravenous Hydra> Maw> Last Whisper Keystone: TLD Runes: 2,3 AD, 10 CDRlvl18, 9 AR, 4 MR, 24,3 ATS


Rank Challenger: Cinderhulk> Solari/Frozen Heart/DMP/Spirit visage in any order Keystone: SoTA Runes: 2,8 AD, 5 CDR, 9 AR, 9 MRlvl18, 15,3 ATS, 1,5% MS


Rank Master: Warrior> Youmuu> RFC> Sterrak>Situational item Keystone: TLD Runes: 8,5 AD, 13,5% ATS, 9 AR, 12,1 MR


Rank Challenger: Cinderhulk> Thornmail> DMP> Abyssal> Randuin Keystone: TLD Runes: 10 CDRlvl18, 9 AR, 4 MR, 28,8 ATS

Rank Challenger: same Runes: 21,8 AR, 27 MRlvl18, 15,3 ATS

Few other masters with same kind of builds


Rank Challenger: Cinderhulk> Titanic Hydra(When ahead)> DMP> sterrak> situationnal Keystone: SoTA Runes:8,5 AD, 16,7% ATS, 9 AR, 5,4 MR

Rank Challenger: Cinderhulk> DMP> Titanic Hydra> Randuin> situationnal Keystone: SoTA Runes: 8,5 AD, 13,5% ATS, 9 AR, 15 CDRlvl18

Rank Challenger: Warrior> DMP> Spirit Visage> Randuin>Sterrak Keystone: TLD Runes: 8,5 AD, 13,5% ATS, 9 AR, 27 MRlvl18

2 other masters. Good pick ATM


Rank Challenger: Warrior> Youmuu> Hexdrinker> Titanic Hydra> Sterrak Keystone: TLD Runes: 8,5 AD, 13,5% ATS, 5% CDR, 9 AR, 4 MR

Rank Master: Cinderhulk> DMP> Spirit Visage> Thornmail> Keystone: Grasp Sometimes he goes damage thoRunes: 8,5 AD, 13,5% ATS, 9 AR, 12,1 MR


Rank Master: Warrior> Ravenous Hydra> RFC> Youmuu> Last WHisper Keystone: TLD Runes: 10,8 AD, 9% ATS, 9 AR, 10,7 AP

Rank Master: Warrior> Shyv> Hexdrinker> IE> Titanic Hydra> Finish Maw Keystone: TLD Runes: 8,5 AD, 13,5% ATS, 9 AR, 10,7 AP

Intersting to note, the second shaco runs FLASH


Rank Master: Cinderhulk>DMP> Tanky (Sometimes RIghteous Glory) Keystone: SoTA Runes: 8,5 AD, 8 MR, 9 MRlvl18, 9 AR, 13,5 ATS

Not played a lot


Rank Challenger: Runic Echos>Lichbane or Iceborn> Frozen heart>DMP>Spirit visage/abyssal Sometimes he still builds devourer/tanky Keystone: TLD Runes: 34,5% ATS, 27 ARlvl18

Rank Master: Runic Echos> Iceborn>Abyssal>DMP> Keystone: TLD Runes: 30,7% ATS, 27 ARlvl18, 10 CDRlvl18

Not much played


Rank Master: Cinderhulk> Sterrak> Spirit Visage> DMP> Randuin/thornmail Keystone: Grasp Runes: 7,9 AD, 14,1% ATS, 9 AR, 8 MR, 5 CDRlvl18


Rank Master: Devourer> Wit’s end> Spirit Visage> Frozen Heart> Sterrak or Titanic Hydra Keystone: FervorRunes: 6,8 AD, 15,3% ATS, 9 AR,15 CDRlvl18

Very Very Few games played


S5 Rank Master: Warrior> Youmuu> Triforce> Sterrak Keystone: TLD Runes: 7,7 AD, 10,2 ARpen, 6,2 AR, 4 MR, 158 HPlvl18


Rank Master: Cinderhulk> Liandrys> Abyssal> randuin>Spirit Visage Keystone: SoTA Runes: 7,8 Mpen, 5% CDR, 9 AR, 5% CDRlvl18, 15 AP

Rank Master: Cinderhulk> DMP> Hauting Guise> Spirit Visage/randuin Keystone: SoTA Runes: 7,8 Mpen, 5% CDR, 9 AR, 5% CDRlvl18, 15 AP

Conclusion: The top picks to climb above diamond are Elise, Kindred, Recksai. Graves is probably often banned.

ALSO: People who want specific op.GG page of players, go to www.op.gg/ranking/champions/ , choose the champion and it should appear at the top.


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