Oh, si ~~ One of the most common misconceptions of newer and lower elo players alike is that you should fight all the time in League of Legends If you take a look at any Bronze game, you will see a ton of kills, even before the 20-minute mark, something that is not as common in Pro play. They aren’t to blame for this, for most people, League of Legends is their first MOBA they ever played, so they bring back all the habits from other games. But in league of legends the game is won when the nexus falls. Now. I’m not pretending that kills are not important – they are, but we need to understand WHY you want the kills in order to improve. Scoring a kill on an enemy provides you with two advantages.

The first is eliminating an enemy player from the game for a short amount of time, which relieves map pressure. When there is less enemy pressure on the map, you can then press your advantage in numerous ways, usually by forcing an objective like a turret, dragon or Baron. The second advantage of killing an opponent is getting Gold. Every enemy kill scores you with a base 300 Gold for the killer and 150 more Gold divided by the assists, and this number goes higher and lower depending on their score. Gold is insanely important in League of Legends because it allows you to buy items that increase your stats. If your stats are higher than your opponent’s, then you are at an advantage when you fight them. But there are other Gold sources in the game, and the one we are going to focus on today is the Minions. Now before we start. I think it’s important to hit you up with some Math! Now, don’t worry, it’s real simple stuff, but it shows you just how important this Gold is.

Minions spawn for the three main lanes every 30 seconds, starting at the one-minute mark into the game. When you last hit a Minion, you can get its Gold for killing it, just like you would by killing an enemy player, except it’s a very low amount of Gold by comparison. Minion spawn in groups called “waves”, of six minions each. 3 Melee Minions and 3 Caster Minions. Every Melee Minion is worth 20 Gold, and every Caster Minion is worth 17 Gold. This is of course at the beginning of the game, the Gold value for Minions actually scales up with game time.

Every third wave will also spawn a Cannon Minion that gives you an additional 45 gold. So if you take that into account, every wave is a base value of 126 Gold. Because waves spawn every 30 seconds, we can also determine that every minute equates to 2 full waves, which means that you can get 252 Gold, every minute, just by killing Minions. Now that amount of Gold is no joke, that is almost the amount of Gold you get for an enemy kill. Adding to that there are also a ton more advantages in Killing Minions over Killing Champions. Minion Gold is guaranteed – as long as you are in a lane, you will have Minions. While sometimes the Minions will be out of reach, for the most part you will be able to access this Gold. Minion Gold isn’t risky – while you can be denied and punished for farming Minions at a higher elo Farming meaning is a lot safer than getting kills. Getting a kill involves many factors, but one of the most important ones is that you can die. Dying takes you out of the game for a few seconds, which means it can’t farm Minions during that time, and also gives Gold to your enemy, further increasing the Gold Gap between you both.

Minion Gold also isn’t dependent on player performance. If you kill an enemy several times, their Gold value will drop significantly. This will never happen with Minions. In fact, as I started before, Minions actually get more valuable as games get longer. Minion Gold is wasted if you don’t take it. If a Minion dies to other Minions or your towers, the Gold is lost. You don’t really want to lose potential Gold in this game, as it’s one of the most important factors of winning. You can now see why pro players take CSing so seriously. Froggen has been a legend in competitive, not only because of these skills in fights, but also because of his ability to constantly power farm, on every champion he picks. Not only that, but he also prefers champions that have an easier time CSing with abilities. That is obviously not the only reason he picks them, but that is indeed a factor in his picks, as you can see from this most picked champions.

Now the problem with Minions and last hitting in general, is that newer players have a really hard time doing it properly. They usually either don’t understand that this mechanic is important, Or they have problems actually getting the kill shot. A common mistake that I see with a lot of new players is that they auto attack the Minions constantly, without knowing why. They usually do this because they are bored, and not used to laning in general in a MOBA. This is bad for several reasons, as the only time you want to kill the Minions faster, is when you want to push the wave. I will eventually make a video about Minion Wave Management, so I won’t get too much into it in this video, but if you are a new player, just know that you shouldn’t randomly autoattack the Minions. To avoid these, there are some solutions that you can use. You can go to the options menu and disable the Auto Attack. That means that you will only attack a Minion or champion if you actually click on them, and not when you are just standing around.

Another solution is to press the stop key, which will be the S key by default, to stop your champion from doing anything in lane. And finally you can just keep moving back and forth, which is what most experienced players do, because it makes it very unpredictable, and raises your APM and awareness. Whatever you do, Just don’t auto-attack the Minions randomly without knowing why. The second issue I see a lot of newer players going through, is not being able to tell which Minions are being targeted. This is mostly because there is a lot of visual noise that prevents you from understanding what is going on. Before you can CS properly, you need to understand which Minions are a priority. Sometimes your minions will all target the same Minion, killing it faster, while other times they will spread their damage. You need to be aware of both of these situations. If they kill one target fast, then you need to properly time your attack between their own attacks to have the killing blow. If on the other hand they are spreading the damage, then you need to accelerate some Minions before others.

For example, this will happen almost every time in your first wave, because both Minion waves clash perfectly even. To avoid losing 2 Cs because you couldn’t kill one at a time, you can either use an aoe ability, like Ashes Volley, or autoing them beforehand to allow them to die in a sequence. Now to help you this issue I have a simple but fairly effective solution. Because caster Minions are the ones that do more damage, you should just focus on them, at least in lower Elos. Try to take notice of these particles, and see where they are landing. Also, keep note of how many of them there are, so you can judge the damage correctly. Always kill the Minions they are targeting or they will die for no Gold.

Now I promised to help you getting better at CSing, so get ready for the actual work part. The next step to getting better, is to get some good old-fashioned practice. I know that you probably don’t feel like practicing a game that you play just for fun, but that is what you need to do in order to get better. For that we are going to go into the practice tool. You need to be level 10 or above and have the new client to do this, but if you don’t have either of those things, don’t worry, you can also just practice in a custom game instead.

Now select the champion you want to practice with and go to your usual lane. If you have no idea which champion to use, just pick Ashe, she’s a good beginner friendly champion. If you are a really new player, you can grab a couple of long swords to help you out. The focus is is to try to get near the perfect CS. Every Minion you can’t kill is around 20 Gold you are missing, so if you count those up in the end, you can see how much money you lost. Try it out until the 10-minute mark. After that, just exit the game and try again.

Don’t worry too much about practicing the late game, as it becomes easier to last hit as you get more power, It’s the early game you need to worry about. Now this by itself won’t make you very good at last hitting. You need to challenge yourself if you want to become good. Faker didn’t become the best player in the world just by chance. There are some conditions that you need to impose yourself to get better.

Try to add these one by one, and make sure you are still getting an high amount of CS. – Not using abilities to CS. – Not using items, runes or masteries that raise your Attack Damage. – Using a champion with an harder auto attack animation, for example in Anivia. – Adding a bot on the opposite team. – Trying to Harass the bot while still hitting your CS. Adding these conditions slowly will allow you to get better. Try to mix them together if you can. The perfect CS at 10 minutes will be around 110, but that is actually really really hard to achieve in a normal, game against humans, at a decent elo, so you shouldn’t worry too much about getting the perfect CS.

Instead aim to get at least 90% of the CS and aim to be consistent. Try to get those CS every game. Obviously the more Cs you get, the better, but most of the times that will not be possible. The most important thing to keep in mind is, every time you miss a CS, think to yourself: “Could I have gotten that CS?”. If so then you missed out on free money and that will hurt you in the long run. The best effective way to practice is to do one or two of these runs a day, preferably before you go into a ranked game to get your muscle memory up to speed. If all goes well, you will improve your gold gain in just a few days of practice..

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