Here’s comparison between Korea’s core build vs NA. Hello, NA’s core build has the highest win rate. If you build mostly damage items You’ll do great in the early game, but you’ll scale horribly into late game as Hecarim declines to a 50% win rate That’s why Korea’s winrate doesn’t decline drastically and stays above 52% in the late game, but hello if I just follow this build it’ll Garen-tee me the highest winrate The time it’s beneficial to build this is if your versing mostly squishy champions that allows you to basically one-shot people That’s why it has a low pick rate compared to others Hello.

Hello? hello? Hey guys, today. I’m going to teach you guys how to play Hecarim jungle in terms of jungle pathing I’ve seen a lot of Variations because every player has a different play style. The normal route is to take small camp then either Take red to blue or blue to red, then gank. For jungle sustain You can go krug, Red Buff back and buy a Hunter’s potion then blue buff to rush level 3 Clear all bot side or top side of the jungle then gank while your enemies are still level 2. To rush level 5 clear all the small camps go back to base then clear the Whole jungle of course this move that you haven’t ganked any lane for six minutes, so your teammates might get [60] But hey at least you’re level 5 before anyone else. At level 1 you’re gonna take Q to help clear the jungle faster. For level 2 you’re gonna Take w which helps you sustain better once you’ve rushed level three you can either purchase hunter’s potion to sustain clearing in the jungle Or you can purchase boots if you’re going to be camping a lane to shut them down early at level 3 you’re gonna take E so you can either set up for a gank or to use it to quickly get to a lane faster to defend your ally.

Around level 3 and 4 you should constantly be aware of what’s going on in all lanes so as you clear your jungle look around to see if you can make some plays by catching people off. As a jungler you have to learn to be patient for the right time to go in. your strength in the early game as a jungler is The element of surprise.

If the information of your whereabouts are revealed it can easily be used against you. In this example I was going to gank top lane, but Kha’zix was also there so we backed off I let my mid laner know that Kha’zix might come towards mid and sure enough my mid laner was mentally prepared to get to safety As soon as fizz tried to move in. Counter ganking is extremely useful in the early game as it provides both the potential of getting a kill or providing defense for your laner. The easiest way to spot A potential counter gank is to spot one of your teammates overextending this is a prime target for your enemy jungler to Initiate so stay hidden while you farm near the lane and provide backup when you see them coming.

In this example my mid laner was overextending without her flash So keep an eye on mid lane as you farm near her this is a great position for you to be in because it provides you a potential of cleaning up for a kill as well as Providing a defense for your mid laner if a jungler happens to show up in which this case I was there just to provide protection by the time you are between level 4 and 5 you should be ganking to get some kills or to make your opponents use their Summoner spells remember to time when they use their summoner spells So by the time you get your ultimate you can go gank a lane knowing that they won’t have any form of escape Once you have your ultimate you should always be looking for ganks whenever possible and not let it sit there doing nothing when you’re ganking Use your ultimate to cut off the enemy’s escape route by making them fear away from their towers. In small skirmishes try to single someone Out by fearing everyone away from your prime target You can also save your ultimate towards the end of the combo to dodge an incoming nuke that you know is coming If you can try to camp a lane to either get your laner fed or get yourself fed by shutting down someone in the early game the enemy will have a much harder time transitioning into mid late game so a 5V5 teamfight will always feel like a 4V5 from the lack of damage one person isn’t able to produce You should keep track of where your enemy jungler is because it allows you to take objectives for free.

Rengar is top lane, free dragon Rengar is dead, free dragon. Rengar doesn’t exist in your game, free dragon. During this time remember that there are free kills everywhere So always look around the map when you’re jungling So you can catch people out and get some free kills and don’t hesitate about taking kills because Hecarim’s build is extremely expensive and high-maintenance. Like my ex-girlfriend Monica. THAT TWO-TIMING BITCH Congratulations. You’ve learned how to play the early game. In mid game your ganks are still super effective although people are starting to transition into tanky items.

But it’s still not enough to build full tank items so you can abuse your opponents while they’re still squishy By this time you should already have second tier jungle item with cinderhulk. With this item your ganking potential Immediately skyrockets because it gives you the ability to tower dive the first tier tower’s like it doesn’t exist. Your enemies will run towards their tower thinking that it’ll save them, but since the first tier towers are no longer effective you can abuse your enemies and farm some champs. Just like in the early game keep your eyes peeled Around the map because there are free kills roaming around everywhere And you’re going to need as much gold as possible to transition into a Trinity force as soon as possible if you see your team mates Overextending that’s a perfect time to set up for a counter gank since it’ll be an easy target for an enemy jungler to come in so make sure to farm close to your ally if your teammate is dead and the lane is pushing clear the way to reset the Lane and get yourself some free farm in the process Just like before keep tabs of where your enemy junglers are so you can claim objectives for free.

Your E grants you movement speed over time which synergizes well with your passive that increases your attack damage based on your movement speed and also Allows you to hop over small terrains to cut off your enemies as well as letting you take down towers by charging with your e When your enemies are sieging your turret you can use your ultimate to single out an enemy to get something potentially. Just like before you can save your ultimate towards the end to use it as a repositioning Here’s an easy tip to predict an incoming nuke. If an enemy is stunned and their health bar is dropping rapidly They’re going to be doing one of these so right when they’re stun wears off use it to reposition to dodge their ult. Congratulations. You’ve learned how to play the mid-game. By the time you hit late-game You should have already gotten the trinity force. Hecarim excels in focusing down enemies from a huge distance Combining your E and ghost allows you to gap close quickly to your target which can hugely impact the late-game by keeping your enemy team Outnumbered by 4v5 Generally you want to be focusing down the AD Carry’s which can hinder the enemy’s team of not being able to produce the damage they need to initiate the team fight even if they try to turn on you you’ll always come out on top with relative ease with Your high mobility, high damage and to top it all off by building into a tanky role in which my opinion the tank Meta is super balanced…

Kappa when fighting into a 5v5 you can treat your ultimate like a Malphite ult while still maintaining a focus onto the enemy carries and once you’ve cleared the carries you can clean up the rest of the enemy since they no longer have the caliber needed to win a teamfight. When your sieging onto the enemies base you can expedite the process by catching the ad carry out of position which Generally leads you to a free inhibitor But if all the enemy team [is] up, just pressure the enemy by creating presence while your teammates attack the objectives.

Alright, I gotta be serious for a moment. Dear gold players, stop this nonsense We got bot lane pushing with super minions two of the enemies are dead, and we’re all mid that’s a free win Don’t ping Baron. what are ya, stupid? So in this game We’re pretty neck-And-neck with the opponent But we were able to get both top and mid inhib which gave us a free win All we needed to do was slow push, bot lane while both mid and top started pushing with Super minions You see the scale? This will help represent how much you are favored to win. In this position with two inhibs down your team Is heavily favored in terms of winning because you basically have two champions running it down mid on top Every 30 seconds and if you group up and slow push, bot lane you get three inhibitors down And you’ll be spawning six of these assholes running it down in all lanes.

That’s a free win! Forget about Baron, once Shaco’s up everyone go bot lane Congratulations. You’ve learned how to play the late game. For the last game I rarely type in chat, but I typed a lot because I didn’t want to lose my promo. You’ll see me Call out making plays if you decide to pause the video in between, but it’s up to you I let my top know that I’m going to be camping top because Nasus is easy to gank early and to prevent him from snowballing too early. I got a nice leash from Botlane which allowed me to keep farming the jungle I smite the raptor camp to grant me oracle to see if I can gank anyone early. Since I see Nasus was Overextending to farm his q’s I quickly head on over to activate my E-W-Q combo to get the first blood remember to activate your Q before your E wears off So you get the maximum amount of damage.

As soon as I see Yasuo die I ask if Fizz used any summoner spells because it may become a useful information for a jungler so you can gank accordingly. For my first back I upgraded to tier 1 skirmisher, boots and longsword because I wanted to bully top lane as much as possible. Again I see my mid laner overextending without any wards, so I prepare for a counter gank. Seeing that Fizz was very low I went around the back side to let mid know my E was ready in five and managed to get a clean kill.

Now that you’re level 6 You should be looking for a gank as soon as possible. Since I see the enemy bot lane is overextending I ping to let my teammates know I’m coming to gank. In the early game you can completely ignore Zyra’s snare with your ultimate since it only lasts for less than a second and make sure to force your targets fear away from their destination and knock them with your E to create even more distance. I see Nasus overextending to farm his Q again So I ping letting my top laner know I’m on my way we were able to make Nasus use his flash and take the kill. And remember to Timestamp when he flashed. Just like before with Zyra you can ignore the mini stun from Udyr by using your ultimate to get yourself closer to the target for a kill. Now that you’ve upgraded jungle item to tier 2 remember that their first tier tower does not exist And you can dive in like a boosted monkey. After a few more kills on Nasus it’s totally fine to clear wave that’s pushing since your trinity force will be very expensive during this time there are free kills everywhere and especially if you have a Trinity Force by now, you’ll be able to have many pick potentials with no issues So a team fight breaks out with Udyr out of the way I could have easily tower dove onto Lucian But Fizz was my main concern since he was the only one that was able to shut down my teammate so switch priorities when it’s necessary later we were able to get an ace to take a free inhib.

With mid lane pushing let your teammates know you’ll be pushing top And you’ll group bot with them shortly. Once we group bot we took out four enemies, and we were able to take another inhibitor. I don’t usually get this item but since we were all ad and the enemy team were stacking armor it was necessary. Now that two Inhibitors down you’ve already won the game all your teammate has to do is group top and not get caug…. I’m just kidding. He doesn’t really die. As Nasus and Udyr targets my teammates I saw that Lucian and Zyra was at their base defending. Since I see that Yasuo is near me I knew we could easily win this game since Nasus was preoccupied with my teammates and are able to produce a lot of crowd control In order to stop them from teleporting back to base. Once Nasus and Udyr Came back to base there was no longer anything to defend which won us the game. Congratulations You’ve learned how to play Hecarim jungle.

For those of you guys who want to try this out, here my runes, masteries and what items to buy. Don’t copy my rune page because I didn’t have enough Ip for a whole set so copy this one I want to make a huge shout out to this guy for making this awesome banner for the channel It’s the first gift I ever gotten from a fan. So thanks, man. You’re awesome Thank you guys so much for watching the video, and I’ll see you guys in the next one oh.

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