Summoner Spells
1) Flash: For escape and also to teleport in for stun
2) Ghost: For chasing and escaping

1) Offense: Archmage’s Savvy, Sorcery, Archaic Knowledge
2) Defense: Strength of Spirit
3) Utility: Haste, Expanded Mind, Meditation, Quickness

1) Mark of Insight (Magic Penetration), Seal of Clarity (Mana Regen), Glyph of Celerity (Cooldown), Quintessence of Insight (Magic Penetration)

Champion Skill Priority
1) Desperate Power (Ultimate)
2) Overload
3) Rune Prison Level 1
4) Spell Flux Level 1
5) Rune Prison
6) Spell Flux

Item Build
1) Sapphire Crystal
2) Tear of the Goddess
3) Boots of Speed
4) Rod of Ages
5) Sorcerer’s Shoes
6) Glacial Shroud
7) Banshee’s Veil
8) Frozen Heart
9) Archangel’s Staff

Early Game:
1) Go back at 945 Gold to buy Tear of the Goddess + Boots of Speed

Mid/Late Game:
1) Spell Burst Combo: Overload, Desperate Power, Spell Flux, Overload, Rune Prison, Overload
2) Sustained Combo: Overload, Spell Flux, Overload, Rune Prison, Overload, Desperate Power, Overload, Spell Flux, Overload, Rune Prison, Overload


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