Hello and welcome to my Shyvana jungle guide !! Shyvana is a melee bruiser that has great mobility,area of effect damage once in Dragon Form and also she is one of the strongest champions in the game and has the potential to be strong during all phases of the game in multiple roles.The most awesome thing about her is that she needs no resources for her abilities, except her ultimate which requires fury to activate it. While in Dragon Form, Shyvana’s Fury is slowly consumed, though she can continue auto-attacking to extend the duration of the Dragon Form and maximize her damage output with each use. Now before getting into a game let’s see what runes and masteries you need For runes I recommend taking attack speed quintessences, attack damage marks, armor seals and magic resist glyphs. The attack speed reduces the cooldown of your Q ability by every autoattack, so you can clear your jungle faster. You can maximize your fury faster to use your ultimate, the duration of your W can be increased if you autoattack enemies while active and if you put your debuff of your E on enemies you can deal fast good damage.

And the attack damage marks increase your early game damage. For masteries: Take 21/9/0 because its easier to farm and your ganks are stronger. Shyvana is dealing hybrid damage so Blade Weaving and Spell Weaving are very important for her. If you want to go tanky, take 9/21/0. As for Summoner spells take Exhaust and Smite or Flash and Smite. I prefer playing Shyvana with exhaust since she has no form of crowd control. Okay, now let’s see the skill order. At level 1 take W and max it first because it’s your main damage spell, that helps you clear fast and it gives you movement speed.

At level 2 take your E and max it second because the on hit damage is really good and because it hits multiple targets. This also helps you by clearing the jungle camps faster. At level 3, take your Q and max it last, because the damage difference is not that big and the cooldown not important, because you can reduce it with every autoattack. And like with any other champion put a point in your ultimate at level 6/11/16. Now let’s take a look at the jungle paths. This depends on the side you are. If you are on the Blue side start with the Krugs, followed up by Red Buff, Raptors, Blue and Wolves. If you are on the Purple side, start with Gromp, Blue buff, Wolves, Red Buff and Raptors. Always watch the minimap and look for opportunities, if the enemy overextends, help your teammates with a gank.

For item builds start with the machete, health pots and a trinket.The first item you should get ASAP is the Stalker’s Blade with the Devourer Enchant. The next item you should get depends on your needs. If you are ahead get the Blade of the Ruined King and if you need to get tanky fast get the Deadmans Plate. Your final build should look like this: Mercury Threads,Sated Devourer,Deadmans Plate, Spirit Visage and Titanic Hydra. This mix of items offers you a good mix of damage and resistances. I sometimes like to get the Trinity Force after Devourer because it procs with your Q in human and dragon form and it boosts your damage nicely. The only downside is that it’s an expensive item. How to gank with Shyvana? Well it’s simple, walk up to the lane where your enemy is overextending and start going towards your enemy. Activate your W, slow him down with your exhaust or smite, debuff him with your E and activate your Q.

If he decides to run, catch him with your ultimate. What to do in teamfights? Your first option is to soak up the enemy’s cooldowns and try to put as much damage onto their carries. Basically you want to try to kill the main damage dealer, then go for the rest. If Shyvana can reach the enemy back line along with allied CC she is completely free to get her massive amounts of AoE damage off and win the teamfight. If Shyvana doesn’t have any support from her team in her intiation, she’ll be kited back or simply be killed. The second option is: if the enemy team dives for your ADC you will need to protect him and peel for him especially if your adc is farmed or stronger than the enemy AD in general.

Ultimately teamfighting effectively just comes down to experience as each teamfight is different. You have to assess each fight differently and choosing right in general is a skill that has to be acquired over the course of many games. Anyhow, this was my Shyvana jungle guide. I hope you will find this guide useful and if you try Shyvana out and play her my way.. Let me know what results you had in the comment section. If you enjoyed the video be sure to give it a like, share it with your friends and subscribe for more awesome content! So padawan… See you on Summoners Rift!.

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