Hey, everyone! In this video, we’ll be looking at you can land brutal, repeat ganks onto lanes just by understanding a simple trick surrounding wave manipulation–let’s jump into it. So, here we are with our Challenger jungle expert playing Taliyah, and right away she sees this in the bottom lane. And, a wave like this is often a very good sign to gank. So, let’s see what happens As we saw, Taliyah walked straight in and caught the blue bot lane in a very exposed position, leading to simple, successful gank.

Let’s watch this wave for a bit before I dive into this idea. And, that’s our very first tip for you in this video–to time your ganks on lanes that look like this. But, as I briefly mentioned earlier, you do need to be careful with these ganks where the enemy team has more minions early in the game. For example, if MF had lower HP like here, Shen could just Taunt flash onto her and insta kill her, then you’re just 2v2 in a bunch of minions and likely dead. Now, the next main point for this video is coming up right away as we see Taliyah and co shoving this wave into tower while harassing Shen And, everyone knows to do this, right? But, what’s important is to understand and capitalize on the situation this action creates. Alternatively, Lucian will auto attack freely and use abilities to push the wave.

In either one of these scenarios, we have an ADC missing both Summoner Spell’s from the previous gank, pushing up in lane shortly after returning from base. So, right here one of two things is very likely going to happen. If Lucian just last hits the wave, his next blue wave will arrive sooner since it’s closer to the blue base, meaning that the blue minions will start fighting sooner and, therefore, push the wave slowly. And, to be specific, Lucian is very likely going to be in an incredibly exposed, gankable position, in 25-30 seconds if he pushes, and ~45 seconds if he does not. So, let’s see how our Challenger player utilizes this information! After the gank, Taliyah runs back into her Jungle and clears Gromp before starting a recall. However, Taliyah notices that Lucian pushed the wave, as we can see here, so he’s going to be in that exposed position very soon. So, instead of basing, Taliyah capitalizes on this window of opportunity by running straight back to the bottom lane, catching Lucian in that super dangerous position once again.

After the gank, Taliyah once again pushes the wave in, and, we have another chance at this same strategy again now, right? So, Taliyah resets this time with low HP and mana but then runs toward the Raptors, which he finds counter jungled, then runs down to kill the Wolves. And, this is Taliyah both experiencing and trying to deal with some of the weaknesses of this strategy. Jumping back into the game, after wolves, Taliyah sees the blue bottom lane once again pushed and moves down. Anyway, let’s see what happens here. So, the red team finds a good gank blowing both Shen’s flash and Lucian’s Heal. The red team retreats and the blue team overchases, leading to another engage. So, throughout the course of this video, Taliyah has ganked bot lane 3 times in roughly 3 minutes, picking up 4 kills while only losing 1, blowing tons of summoner spells, and giving MF a large CS lead Taliyah did this by recognizing that the wave would bounce back after shoving it in roughly 30-45 seconds later. And, this is a strategy you can super easily apply in your own games. So, that’s our mission for you this week: to attempt this strategy of bouncing waves off the tower after a gank, and following it up with a repeat gank.

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