Hello guys it’s Remus here and welcome to the Sesaon 7 Ultimate Guide for Katarina, we are finally back with a new episode, to celebrate, there’s a new RP giveaway on this video, so drop a like, be subscribed, leave a comment and turn on the bell notifications! As you know I’ve been doing guides since 2012, and Katarina is my favorite champion after Akali, and I’m the best Katarina player in my house, I’ve been platinum in the past 3 years and in the top 1000 in the world with some champions, even if this season I didn’t play ranked that much and had some bad luck. Before we begin the guide, a short message from Haste. Haste is a free program that reduces your ping and makes your connection more stable in Overwatch and League of Legends, currently working on the NA servers only, even if I’m from EU I’ve tried it on the NA servers and seen it working for others as well, give it a shot for free using my reflink, and help me out and show them some love, now let’s begin! First, Abilities.

She has 2 passives now, first she reduces the cooldowns of her abilities by 15 seconds if a champion dies within 3 seconds of Katarina dealing damage to them, and the daggers that get thrown to the ground can be picked up, dealing AOE damage around them, and drastically reducing the cooldown of her E. Her Q throws a dagger at a target that bounces to the next 2 enemies, dealing the same magic damage to each, the dagger lands on the grown behind the first struck target. Her W increases her movement speed for a short period of time, and also lands a dagger at her current location. Her E, makes her blink to the target, you can choose the location of the teleport, behind or in front of the target or so on, you use it on enemies and they will take some damage, or on allies or on daggers from the ground. You can use this to engage or disengage fights.

You can’t jump on wards anymore but you can jump over walls using W+E in some locations, by placing a dagger near a wall or warding over a wall if there is a jungle monster there and jumping on it. And her ultimates makes her spin and deal damage to 3 enemy champions at a time for seconds, and applying grievous wounds, reducing the target’s healing and regeneration. You want to max your abilities in the following order: R Q E W and you should always use flash and ignite.

For masteries, I’m usually going 12/18 with thunderlord, since it works well with her burst, especially combined with hextech. For Runes, I have 3 pages for her, a more hybrid tanky one with magic pen, Ap, armor and magic resist, one vs AP with health/level, and one vs AD with more AP, but cooldown reduction runes work well too, and even AD since she scales with AD quite well for some of her abilities. As for items I like to start with boots and potions for that extra mobility, but you can start with the the dark seal if you are feeling cocky too or with a doran’s shield, and I like going for hextech gunblade first, upgrade to sorcerer’s shoes and after that something more defensive, zhonyia’s or even a rylai for the slow and the health, after that you can go with more AP, like a void staff, liandriy’s or rabaddon’s, luden’s echo is also pretty good on her, but you need a zhonya’s late to wait in it for resets if you can’t kill anyone in a fight, and hextech works well for the sustain and it’s active ability and passive.

As for counters, squishy enemies with no CC are easy to be defeated with Katarina, like Karthus or Vel’Koz or Lux, but she’s harder to play agains those that can stun you or stop you from using the ultimate, or that can beat you from afar or intrerupt your bursts, like Diana, Malzahar or Lissandra. Now let’s get to some gameplay! First let’s talk about combos. A nice all in combo would be to try and land a dagger next to your enemy, wait a bit and jump on the dagger with your E, throw a W and a Q again if it’s back, use ignite and hextech and your ultimate, and you should kill most targets.

Or there are simpler poke combos, like throwin a Q, going with E on it and jumping back on your minions, since daggers reduce your E’s cooldown by a lot. Next, laning. If you play versus a squishier enemy that you are confident you can defeat, you can be more aggresive and try to take it down fast, if it’s a counter, try to play defensive and wait for an opportunity or a gank or try and roam, still, if you can outrange them with your Q at least, you can poke them a bit, or try to poke them by bouncing the Q from a minion to them, and you can also use your E on the dagger and E back to safety. You have a pretty good burst, especially with thunderlords and ignite and hextech revolver early, so most targets take a lot of damage from that, and after you get your ultimate, it’s even easier, unless they can counter it somehow. Farming is pretty simple as well, you can get most minions in late game with one or 2 daggers on the ground, and early if the opponent keeps you out of farming, you can farm minions with your Q as well, or by going fast on a dagger to execute some minions and going back on your minions after.

Same thing I said about Akali, is also really important to Katarina, you need to roam, you need to get fed so you can snowball and become stronger and stronger and help your team as well. You can easy help your bot or top, wait for the enemies to push and go in, if you don’t kill them at first you at least take their flash out, and next time you will kill them. Help your team and yourself, you can even go sneaky with the wall jump method I’ve shown you before. And finally for late game and team fights, it depends on the team comp they have, but usually if you don’t have someone tanky that can go in first and you follow, it can be really hard, I’ve had games where I won the lane and roamed and helped my teammates early really well, but we lost fights since we didn’t have a good engage.

You need a good engage, someone like amumu or leona is amazing with Katarina, someone that can pin down all the enemy team so you can go in and smash your head on the keyboard and do a pentakill, oh and btw Kata is good at killstealing too haha, but if you don’t have someone to engage or CC them a bit they will focus you in fights and if they can stun you, you won’t be able to do much, and the meta is full of tanks and stuns for now so she’s not that great if they have a good team, that’s why I think she’s a good champion but quite situational, working best only if you have a good team comp or if they are a squishy team with little to no stuns that can stop you from reseting like a maniac. So, if you get behind and don’t get a bit fed early, if they have CC, or if they are a tank team, you won’t be able to do much, that happened to me in many games recently, picking her for the guide, since I mostly pick her when they are not having too much CC and tanks, and so should you, it’s hard to carry in late game if they can focus you and pin you down, and you don’t have someone to engage for you! And those were the most important things about her, thanks a lot for watching, as you may know from my behind the Akali guide videos I’ve you’ve seen it, it takes me a long long time to make an ultimate guide, so leave a like, subscribe for more, let me know what champion would you like to see next, join the RP giveaway and the gleam one, make a free Haste account, and I will see you soon! Bye bye!

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