So, here we go! Logging in “Combine” The High Level Character Silhouette is inviting Combine to join the fellowship Some trade to get the skill and slayer deed boosts. Let’s go! I don’t care so much about counting how many mobs were slain. I’m only focused on starting deeds. Here, it is the first farm on our way, just south of Michel Delving Little Combine is right behind, using the /follow command. She’s the one who will get the Turbine points. Which are now called LOTRO Points. Lord Of The Rings Online Points… We will be able to see in Silhouette’s chat window when a deed is completed. The character who completed the deed will be granted a few skirmish marks. It allows to see if the deed is completed with no need to alt-tab to check on the other account. Ding! Hop! This little Sound that tells us that a new deed has just started. Explore (the Sights of the Shire) Click! Clicks indicate that deeds increment. So, I don’t do any quest. If one was completed, it’s was just because it mostly needed just one click or so.

Such as one near the bank in the Michel Delving crafting area. I only do the exploration and slayer deeds Hop! Alt-tab Let’s use this slayer boost. Alt-tab again The boost will last for one hour and a half to kill about everything that moves. If we miss a couple of mobs, it’s no big deal, as we shall get them later. The slayer scrolls such as the one I gave to Combine can be found in lootboxes. Not that often, but often enough to be worth opening them. Even the smallest lootboxes (level 10 ones) drop this kind of scrolls eventually. We started the brigand slayer deed in the Shire and we discovered a second farm. Going after more brigands… There are more to come The first 5 LOTRO Points just arrived for completing the first part of the brigand slayer deed! Levelling up is not essential, just a side effect. It’s not an XP race, no hurry.

What really matters is to be level 20 at the end of the run to be able to use the reputation items of Bree Land and the Mathoms. It gives a fairly good amount of Turbine Points. I’ll say Turbine Points, because I’m used to it. Here, half-orcs are useless: They are not part of any deed in this area. Well, why not kill them… It only costs us a few seconds and I’m not rushing to beat some world record. So, I’ll try to explain each step we do here but I won’t be talking all along the duration of this video. I’m doing this commentary live while playing. Well, “playing”… I meant “doing my tour”. It’s not quite playing the game.

Now we just miss a couple brigands, really not much of them, we can check that quickly. Only 4 brigands left to complete the deed. 56/60. With the boost, we only need 2 of them. We just wait for the respawn here rather than riding somewhere and come back later. That would be a waste of time. You can maybe play some ambient music… … rolling a cigarette up and sipping some pitchar of ale. Does this word even exist? I’m not so sure… But don’t roll up cigarettes. Smoking is bad! I heard some people on the internet are offended when someone rolls a cigarette up. The default respawn time is about 6 minutes. Quite annoying [to have to wait] but that’s okay. [I guess] Here come our brigands! And we can see in the chat window that Combine has acquired 30 marks. Let’s leave this place! We are done with the brigands 10 more Turbine Points! We are going to kill some flies. Everything goes really fast here in the shire It should take about half an hour to complete the tour of the Shire. I will probably not be doing the whole harvest-fly slayer deed here because sometimes I go on the other side of the river, north of here.

Sometimes, I don’t find any fly and have to come back here I’ll do that if I’m in the mood. Starting the wolf slayer deed At level 13, there will be an other wolf slayer deed, because Combine is a hobbit. It is one of the racial traits deeds. Wolves, and spiders. It is worth noting that even with this pocket item equiped that grants a +25% XP bonus she won’t be level 13 when we’ll arive to the wolves’ spot.

Those will be completed in Ered Luin. At the end of the Ered Luin tour. Let’s move and go for some exploration. There’s a farm down here The one where we go grab some mushrooms during the farmer’s fair Many people really dislike festivals maybe because it won’t help in getting your character to be able to one shot any monster to show off and stuff… I mean, it’s very nice to have a buffy character, but festival won’t help much, if at all. It allows to get pretty horses well, pretty… or not pretty at all: Your choice! To buy little dresses… Well, to play with dolls. And of course, collectioning things! It is absolutely useless, therefore, it’s a must do! It’s one of the most important part of the game in any MMO Feeling like you’ve gone through the whole content the game had for you. Some kind of completionist competition Not that absolutely necessary, but fun anyway. Competing with oneself. I don’t really know how many flies it remains to kill, they didn’t all respawn yet Let’s just check that.

34/40. I need 6 of them. We should find some on the other side of the river, we only need 3 actually. A good way to review table 2. 3 x 2 = 6 Don’t worry, there won’t be more complicated maths than that in the whole game! VoilĂ ! It’s ov… it’s only the level 10, my bad. Maybe it was not a so brilliant idea to come to this place. Shrews, wolves but no fly. Done! Hobbits are usually dismounted in water… … but this time it wasn’t deep enough, even for a hobbit! Sometimes, you just walk in a puddle and you get dismounted It could be annoying when you play with 6ft elves or humans and you’re just a little hobbit or a 3ft tall dwarf. Everyone else’s skipping through while you’re swimming with great difficulty. At level 10, we also received 5 Turbine Points. Just for being level 10. This deed was introduced at helm’s Deep Expansion launch. With the Epic Battles system. She should also have received some mail indicating that she can acess Big Battles. She won’t go there! cause first, it is worth no point. And I find these battles so boring, that most of my regular characters don’t do them.

(Not more than necessary). We are currently finishing the wolves deed. I’m not even sure that we have to kill each one, the deed will be completed before the end of the stock available here. Done! Just killing the ones on the way to be able to call my mount. Let’s ride to the spiders’ spot! These slayer deeds are done much faster than it used to be some time ago. The reason is pretty simple: Besides the slayer deed accelerator, the amounts of mobs to kill for the deeds were greatly reduced in the lower levels areas. Not all deeds are concerned by this update, but a fair amount of them are. That’s a good thing if you’re farming TPs! It allows to do more things in a given time. I’m not sure that it’s a good idea to ride among bats… They have the ability to stun people Doing so would dismount little Combine and she would then run far slower than on her poney. (some interface issue) While I have this opportunity to record an audio commentary, let me give you some tips: A useless one of course.

In this corner, there is a hidden spider You won’t see it if you don’t go for it. There are some like this one. This one is a regular one. Against the left wall, here, we are going to trigger the spawning of two spiders. Here they are. Before the reshaping of the deeds, it was interesting to know how many critters you could find in a given area.

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter so much. This deed will be completed before completing the full tour of the quarry. If you don’t have a deed accelerator, knowing the amounts of available mobs and where they stand remains interesting… Here are two spiders that require you to trigger their spawning, just by coming near their spot: A queen and a small one. It’s always a good thing to know where mobs are: Let’s have some more! One here… …and this other side. Combine is stuck behind.

You have to remain close enough to get credit for the killing and increment the deed. I try to avoid being outside the small upper right corner map. So to speak It’s over For the principle, I’ll show you a last spiders spawning trigger. If you climb up here, two more spiders will come from down this slope. Here they are! Lets get on horseback again and head towards the goblins’ spot. The deed accelerator currently active on Combine, that I’m about to display the details – by pointing the item and then pressing the H key – so the small window stays on screen, allowing to easily check the clock before it dispels, has 1h13 remaining time of effect.

I used it just before starting the brigand slayer deed and it should allow us to do the whole tour of the Shire, then the Ered luin tour, then some part of Bree Land tour. For the ones lucky enough to have grabbed a Starter Pack when it was available were offered a bound to character slayer deed accelerator in the box. 1h30 effect duration. Same as the one I used, but bound to character. It was really good. Unfortunately, on Combine’s account, I don’t have this pack. To be able to mount a poney, with no starter pack, I bought on this account the account wide Journeyman Riding Trait in the Store – with Turbine points – that grants the ability to ride a horse. It is an enhanced version of the basic Riding Trait, granting a 78% runspeed for any mount you’re riding on, even a 60% donkey. It allows us to choose the appearance we prefer rather than focusing on the stats of the mount, which would be anyway slower. Still, that wouldn’t be as fast as a war horse, but these are only availbale around level 70ish in Rohan.

Silhouette uses the Hunter’s Blue Line so she can use her skills while running. [And it grants a +30% out of combat runspeed buff to all fellowhip members around her] That ability is not available in the Red Line Trait Tree. Using the Red Line would allow to shoot farther, but using the auto shot skill (the auto attack) doesn’t require any specific trait skill. Tab (for next target) and auto attack key to shoot (the key just over the tab one).

It is largely enough regarding the damage she can deal to small mobs. No need to be in Red Line for this kind of low level deeds. But I’m not a Hunter expert at all. I’m not an expert in any class actually… I’m more an expert in “points farming”. I started farming points to stop paying a monthly fee. We have been lucky, because we’ve almost had to face competition and that the deed was just completed! I hope we didn’t steal the mobs he needed… If I hit a mob, that was already hit by an other character, this kill will count for both characters. There is no need to be in the same team to count for any one who hit the target at least once. The issue with a character who would one shot any mob other players won’t have the opportunity to place their hit. If I bump into someone, I could invite to join the fellowship. Sometimes with an unsolicited invitation, not wasting time chatting like what I’m doing right now in this commentary…

Because I’m in a hurry when the accelerator is running to be available for salutations and chatting Straight to the point, efficiency first! I often met people who say that they do only an Ered Luin tour for about 200 points. In two hours. For instance, Amrasanarion, who used to play on the Estel server (closed) and is now on Sirannon, does this pretty well. He even made a video. With much better story telling skills than me. I think that he must have been preparing his video more than I did… … or he’s a natural born anchor! Who knows! Long story short: His video has certainly more charm than the one I’m commenting right now. I’m well aware of that! I’ll do an other video with commentary, if absolutely necessary.

But it is not all about the beauty of art. So, Amrasanarion explains that. We just completed an exploration deed. We still have two farms to visit: Appledores that we’ve just completed and quickly going to Dora’s killing a bunch of wolves on the way Why? Why not! So Amrasanarion does Ered Luin only. But he does all quests. Well, not all available, but all needed to complete the two or three stages of quests deeds in the region.

Ered Luin Newbie, Ered Luin Intermediate, ered luin Advanced, or final. It’s actually 30 quests (and titles are Ally, Defender and Hero). So, the farms of the Shire exploration deed is completed. That gives us more skirmish marks, as it is a meta deed to complete all explorer deeds in a region. Same goes for the slayer deeds. For doing also the quests deeds, Amras gets in the end a level 10 lootbox. And a Sturdy Steel Key! That’s always nice. Now we are about to finish the Shire tour! With slugs! You should know that slugs are present if there is no gnats. I mean that there is mainly two kinds of critters in this area: besides some toads Gnats and slugs. If you find a slug, it could have been gnats instead. If you find gnats, it could have been a slug instead. So we kill gnats to eventually get a slug at respawn. I’m not certain how this spawn table works. But it looks like there is one chance out of two that a different critter will spawn.

Shoot first, ask questions later… Prior to the deeds update, we had to kill 90 slugs here. 30 for the first part and 60 for the second part. Now it’s 20 and 40. I can check that now: That’s it: 6/40. So it is 60 total. 30 thanks to the deed accelerator. The deed can be completed almost in no time. Using a hunter as a one shot farming machine – such as Silhouette, has its perks: Wayfaring skills will allow your fellowship members to follow you in your travels. It means that when I’ll use the Guide to… Skill, it will allow little Combine to port her as well, wherever it is, if not in a too dangerous zone. Next destination will be Thorin’s Gates. Too many gnats here… We should wait for some slugs to respawn The small boar at the edge of the swamp, could be a slug… Uh No! It could be a shrew, or a wolf too. And there is always only one critter here, standing still. Just here.

32/40 slugs So we need 8 thingies, then 4 thingamabobs… I’m sure everyone is going to understand if I’m talking about thingummy or thingamajig! It takes too long, I’d like to move on! One or two more and it should be okay. We’re losing time for being unfortunate. We only need one! Such bad luck! Ah! I see one overthere… We are done here, let’s teleport to Ered Luin! The Shire: Done! /follow Silhouette: Check! Mounting on horseback: Check! Ready to go! The exploration deed Places of the Dwarves has already started. In the Shire, from start to the use of the accelerator scroll, there was maybe something like five minutes or so. So it was about 35 minutes for the tour. And we should add the 25 minutes spent in the tutorial and introduction. Except that I skipped the tutorial, just by checking this option on the character selection page before entering Middle-Earth.

It will take some time before our arrival in Gondamon. There is almost no available slayer deed in this dwarves’ part of the map * I forgot the Goblins near Sarnur * Everything happens to the East and in the South. We will meet some birds called hendroval but nothing that would make me think that dismounting to kill them would be worth it. This slayer deed was also modified and now the deed requires us to kill less mobs than before. I’m not anymore so eager to kill one as soon as I would have one in sight. Here is a hendroval On this left side of the map, they are not aggressive: their morale bar is yellow. The critters (or mobs) with a red morale bar are aggressive. Sometimes, they threaten to attack as a warning, so you can pass by them easily. Such as this bear, if I’m coming a too close range, it will threaten to attack.

The cats too – the lynxes. But the stealthed ones will attack you on sight as soon as they detect you in their aggro range. Here! Just above Combine’s portrait in the upper left corner. We are in Noglond just to explore the spot and we leave it as soon as we are sure the deed was incremented. Welcome to Gondamon! 5 more Points and 30 marks. I told you that I wouldn’t unmount for hendroval, but regarding wolves, it is a completely different matter! Because when we will arrive near Celondim (Kaylondim or Saylondim, it up to you), We will still have to kill wolves, And we will find only 23 of them in Nen Hilith. No less, no more.

Unless of course an other player is around… That’s why I’m trying to get each one available as soon as possible to avoid the waiting of their respawn. There is few of them on the way. Some lurk around Gondamon, but they could have been bats, or goblins. And we don’t need these… We are now about to do the exploration of the Rath Teraig, spiders and goblins here. No need to try to be an eager beaver here regarding goblins, we will find more than enough. These deeds are really easy to complete. The mob density is fully sufficient for our needs.

And we could find several spots populated with goblins all over this map. Goblins, or even dourhands, it is really easy. And so it is concerning spiders. In the case where the deed wouldn’t be completed yet, we could get some more later near our path. With maybe 15 of them. It really is not a problem. If you do that solo as a minstrel, you can sometimes one shot – or nearly one shot – a mob with piercing cry But don’t expect it to be too easy: There is a 10 seconds cooldown on this skill.

This wouldn’t be like the auto shot I’m using with the hunter So it is less comfortable, but doable solo anyway. You will just need to put more effort into it. There is another point that is worth noting: Doing this tour solo – with no help – has its perks – like Amrasanarion did in Ered Luin – The slayer accelerator is also a skill deed accelerator! If a deed needs you to use a specific skill 1,500 times, you will actually need to use it 750 times (as it’s doubled by the accelerator) to complete it. When using this skill, without the accelerator, you’d be limited to a certain amount of use per day in the deeds log. More uses wouldn’t count for the deed. Another feature of the accelerator: it unlocks this daily limitation! Each class (skill) deed will grant 5 Turbine Points. You could maybe be able to complete 3 or 4 of them during a full tour – in about one hour and a half.

These would be points that Combine will not get. She is now level 13, if I kill 25 spiders, counting as 50, will bring 5 more points. Now there is a nice script that I like very much! Many spiders are coming, in 3 looping waves. Now they come from up there in the trees. 3 times again. The deed that was just completed is the level 13 Enmity of the Spiders. The script has finished its run, we can leave. Breaking legs… Too bad! 50/60, I need 5 spiders. Will we find them on our way? One left to go! Here it is! It’s over! 10 more points. The goblin deed was completed long ago, but we still need to finish this exploration, and they are in the way. Tum Agor, done! 5 more Points. I hope to find some wolves up the slope. Still, it’s not that obvious When we went down, we had 4 or 5 of them. We now will have maybe goblins or bats. I spotted a wolf on the left.

Bat, we don’t care… One more wolf down! This one started the level 13 Enmity of the Wolves hobbits racial deed. Hobbits are nice to farm Turbine Points, as their racial deeds just ask for spiders and wolves and these are found right in the starting areas, often in considerable quantity, and about everywhere. Compared to Men who have to kill wargs counting only one warg in the Shire, and also one in Bree Land – sometimes only as it is not always roaming there. And that I there is none in Ered Luin, as far as I know. (Sarnur is intended for level 45 toons, so I don’t count on that to farm TP with a low level character) Not cool for Men.

These level 13 deeds are only worth 5 Points, so this is not a big loss if you miss them. The other problem for Men, is that their spawn point is in Archet once they finished the Introduction Instance. And near Archet, there is nothing. You’d have to run until Bree. In Comb, the horse doesn’t even have the West Bree destination available. We’ve just started the exploration of the mean dwarves. The dourhands. So, here I collect some bear skins; I’m not talking about the light hides that are used as crafting materials but matted furs or matted skins. Once we’ll be done with exploring and killing deeds in Ered Luin, we should be about 100 points from the reputation status “Known to the dwarves of Thorin’s Hall”.

That is quite upsetting because there is no way to reach this status using reputations items such as “First Age Relics” before level 35… … Unless we find some help with that using the tasks board for a single task that would grant 300 reputation points. And of course, there are some tasks asking you to get 10 matted skins, or 10 matted furs. You then shouldn’t sell everything you’ve collected, as this single task will grant you 5 more LP! Here and there, you may encounter isolated hendroval. There is a really good spot with a dozen of them a little further from here.

We’re heading straight towards it. This is the spot where you may have to bring a lynx cub back to its mother and feed it. If you have the quest underway, click over the cave entrance to spawn some more hendroval. But we don’t need that right now, we’ll have plenty with the regular ones. (This was mostly usefull before the deeds revamp) On horseback! We just need to explore a remote elvish tower This exploration costs us some minutes on our doubling deeds scroll 22/40 Hendroval, we then need 9 more of them. 8 now… I’d better stop playing that mount/unmount little game… This could be complicated to complete the Ered Luin deeds in less than 12 minutes from now. Exploring the Elvish Ruins was just triggered. Running takes too long! Here we only need a few dwarves and exploring the Dourhands two last spots. Some hendroval will complete the deed. The Spire of kheledul exploration only counts on this side, despite the fact that the location would also be displayed on the opposite side We’re done with hendroval! Still need some dwarves to go, and the docks exploration.

We’re also done with dwarves! Docks: Done! I mount on horseback, but on a goat. We have seven minutes left for finishing the wolves deed And some elvish explorations. I don’t really know where we are regarding the Lotro Points earned so far We did everything in The Shire but the quests, we were granted 5 points at level 10, 5 easy points really! 5 more points for killing 50 spiders (level 13 racial deed), and we’ll get 5 more points for killing 50 wolves (level 13 racial deed) Plus all Ered Luin and The Shire killing deeds. No wolves, but boars instead. The game does that just to upset us! There are two spots where you can be sure to find wolves in Ered Luin They are in two Elvish Ruins. The first Elvish Ruin has little rats in it too, Not the ballet dancer type, but the regular rodent pest ones We are done with the first part of the Ered Luin wolves. *counting confusingly how many wolves are still needed* If we can manage to get some more wolves on the way, we should be good We didn’t lose too much time, keeping on tracks.

A sound indicating that Combine received a quest item It’s rather important to have the “always loot all” option checked, to be sure that such items wouldn’t flood the overloot bags. 28/60. We won’t even need the whole 23 wolves! We have about three minutes left Regarding timing, we are OK. Not perfect, but not bad. Exploring the Elvish Ruins done! ‘And last Ered Luin exploration, for even more marks gain. And what should happen happened: Some other characters are present, but they look AFK. Wolves done! Let’s go to Bree!.

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