How to get and farm free turbine points. Some people can’t afford to be VIP, or some just don’t want to be VIP or don’t think it’s worth it. My first recommendation is the be a hunter class, especially if you just started or moved to a different server. If your not a hunter, it’s okay, you can still do this. My second recommendation is getting to level 30 or 32 as soon as you can. The reason why i choose the level 30 is because that’s the level where most quests starts requiring either being VIP or having the quest region packs that you need to buy or get with turbine points. You can get to level 30 in a week, more or less, it just depends on how much you play. Once Your 30 or 32, go to Southern Barrow-Downs and enter Haudh Iarchith tomb. Start killing monsters inside, they’ll drop reputation items for Bree. Cardolan-trinkets and Barrow-treasures. Cardolan-trinkets are 700 reputation points for 1, and Barrow-treasures are 30 points for 1. Just right click them as well to use them. Keep using them till you are kindred with Bree. Earning Acquaintance Standing is 5 TP, Friend is 10, Ally is 15, and Kindred is 20. In total that’s 50, it’s the same with all regions when it comes to your reputation standings.

Once your kindred, keep farming these reputation items so you can either transfer alts either by mail, shared storage or a friend. Lets do some math, if you have 3 alts, and you get them all kindred with bree using those reputation items, that’s 150 TP right there. Some other regions that you can farm reputation items like this for turbine points are The Shire, Thorins Halls, Esteldin, Evendim, Angmar, Rivendell, and Moria just to name a few. Of course those region will have different locations on where to farm for the reputaion items. Here’s a few example of farming locations. Thorins Hall you can farm reputaion items for Turbine Points at Sarnur. You can also gain turbine points by doing deeds, just press Shift + L to have your deed log pop up. it will have a list of deeds to complete. Hope this helps you getting and farming free turbine points..

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