How to Get Rich Fast in The Lord of the Rings Online. Especially if your new to a server. My first recommendation is to be a Hunter Class and start crafting. —-A Hobbit hunter of course, just kidding. It’s Up to you, hobbits are just my preference. My Second recommendation is to start crafting. Either be a Explorer or a Historian. The reason why I reccomended hunter for your first character, is of course to utilize their ability to teleport where they need to go for the mats they need.

Here are a few reasons why I recommended those 2 crafting vocations. As an Explorer your able to collect metals and wood. Not only that, but you’re also able to convert hides into leather. You can sell all of these items at the Auction House, You can also sell them through the chat channels, such as the trade or global LLF channel also know as glff. If you choose to be a Historian. You are able to collect some scholar materials that sells pretty well. T1 and T2 scholar mats are not very abundunt in middle earth, there’s a great demand for those lower tier mat for some vocation. As a historian, you are also able to farm crops. You can sell these, but they are not in demand. The reason though I still recommend to farm crops is because when you master each tier, you have a chance to harvest rare crafting incredients, such as the tarnished Crest of rohan on T8. Any craft that has to collect matterials such as prospecting, forester, scholar, and farming are all able to harvest these rare crafting ingredients. Key word there, RARE! Currently, the Tarnished Crest of Rohan sells for around 7-20gold Each.

The price depends on server, as well as supply and demand. My third recommendation is, if your new to a server, and you get a sturdy key, sell it. It sells for around 10gold, but that also depends on the supply and demand. Lastly, sell everything you don’t need, such as trash from mobs. Thanks for watching, hope you guys will use some of these tips, please subscribe, like, leave a comment, and check out my other videos, thanks again. PEACH OUTTTTTTTTTTTT.

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