Hey guys, I’m going to teach you how to level up really fast. Some people call it power leveling. To me, that sounds like you need someone else’s to help to level you up. You can do that too, I’ll explain that later. This technique is more for someone who is already established in the game, VIP, or has lots of Turbine Points to spend. VIP isn’t required but it helps. Being VIP helps you level up because of the blue experience bar bonus VIP member get. 1. If you have lots of gold, buy Tomes of Extraordinary Experience. 2. If you have lots of TP, you can buy some of Tomes of Extraordinary Experience from the Lotro Store. 3. You can also buy Outrider’s Token in the Lotro store with TP. These tomes last for 1 hour, use 1 every time it expires while questing, I think they can actually stack up now.

Outrider token will give you 25% more exp as well, however it will take itself off you character once you’ve reached 74. If Your VIP, you can also use your destiny points perks to gain even more experience. To use VIP Perks, Press B to access your wallet, click Perks, and use Accelerated Experience 5 times. You can only use this specific perk 5 times in 24 hours. Accelerated Experience are added to your Bonus VIP exp, it doubles the EXP you gain from killing enemies and also doubles reward EXP from quest rewards. Next, Scroll down and also use the Perk Tome of Compressed Experience. This will give you 25% more exp for killing monsters. This Perk can also be purchased in the Auction House if someone has one up. That’s a lot of bonus Experience, I’m not going to do the math, but that’s a lot. Earlier I mentioned about someone helping you level up, it helps if that person is max level. They can either help you by finishing your quests faster since obviously they can kill things faster for quest items or amount of kills needed. The Other way is by running skirmishes at 4 or 5 levels higher than your own level.

For me, my champion friend helped me. He opened up a 12 man skraid, and made it tier 3. A champion or warden would probably be best for this..

As found on Youtube