Nintendo just revealed a trailer for a new DLC track coming to Mario Kart 8, and it’s actually a remake of Yoshi Circuit originally from Mario Kart: Double Dash. So you know what that means, it’s time to boot up the ol’ analysis machine and see what secrets we can find. Okay, so you don’t need me to tell you that the the track’s visuals have been vastly updated with a ton of new details all over the place. And no where is this more evident than in the opening shot that provides an overhead view of the course. Now obviously, the entire track is still shaped like Yoshi himself. Here’s his eye, the tunnel portion serves as his nose, the flower beds the scales on his back, the overhang you pass under is his saddle, and the arches hos out-stretched fingers.

Now so far, this is nothing new. But check this out–originally, his shoe used to be just a boring rock. But now it’s been turned into an entire town that borders the starting line, including a dock that finally explains how everyone actually got to the island! There’s even a new lighthouse just outside of town to help all the new boats maneuver around. Now that town is filled to the brim with new details, such as how Mario Motors, first seen in Mario Circuit, actually has a location here too–you can see gas pumps and go-karts ready to be serviced. And to celebrate the new location, the shop’s trademark tires have been painted to reflect the rainbow of Yoshi colors. Oh, and did you see the lamps are actually shaped like Yoshi eggs? There’s a green one here, but also a black and red one around the corner. And that’s not the only egg to be found, as another is located above the starting line–with a Yoshi statue on top of that! Where are all these eggs coming from? Well, we can see what might the source, as one of the new shops in town is Yoshi’s Egg Market, which we can also see ad banners for throughout the course.

And that’s not all, as can also see the return of other stores too, such as Peach & Daisy as well as Fountain Cafe. Okay, now you’ve probably already noticed the Yoshis that watch from the sidelines all over the course. Which makes sense, given the entire course is Yoshi-themed. But what if I told you there were a few more Yoshi references that are just a little more hidden? For example, one of the kart bodies being serviced at Mario Motors is actually the Yoshi bike. And then there’s this odd-looking green building just across the street. Well, the reaosn it looks so odd is because it’s actually shaped like Yoshi’s head. The dome here is his nose and the the deck and windows are his eyes, with the awning directly above being his eyelids. And if we take a look at this recently released picture, we can even see some red awnings around back that serve as his scales.

And check this out–we can see the weathervane on top isn’t the usual rooster, but-you guessed it–Yoshi too, complete with extended tongue and all. And we’re not done yet–see that island in the distance? yep, it’s shaped like Yoshi’s head too. Here’s his nose, eyes, and the scales on his back Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the island directly in front of it–yep, that’s a Yoshi egg. It’s almost easy to get lost inside all the details–but don’t worry, because the town also has a helpful map right by the starting to help out any confused tourists. And the details even continue outside of town, where you might notice a bunch of bushes filled with berries–the same ones found in the other Retro Yoshi track: Yoshi Valley. And just like then, these are a reference to the berries Yoshi could eat in games such as Super Mario World.

Alright, so that covers it for most of the cool details, but what about the track itself. Well, the trailer actually provides a nearly complete look at it–and it’s remarkably similar to before. Such as the fact that the shortcut across the gap, just outside of town returns. And we can see it’ll still require a speed-boosting item, like a mushroom to get across since Yoshi’s using one here. But they did add a waterfall to it, which is a nice touch. In fact, we can see that a waterfall has now been added to what seems like every one of Yoshi’s fingers, which should liven up the place just a little. But not everything is identical. Take the S-turns by the flower beds for example. In the original game, the Flower Beds were walled-off forcing you to drive around,b ut this time we can see that all 3 of them have been opened, now allowing you to boost right across them. But you’ll have to be careful, as a Piranha Plant can now be found within each one, and he’ll probably snap at you if you get too close. And speaking of corner-cuts, we can see another new one at the base of the S-Turns–with only tires blocking the path that you can otherwise boost through.

Unfortunately, it seems all these corner-cuts came at an expense–because from this angle, we should be able to see the a tunnel, as in Mario Kart Double Dash,–but it’s no where to be found. Now that tunnel was actually the exit of a pretty cool secret shortcut that required taking a leap of faith just before the S-Turns, and would drop you off near the shell. So it’s a bit of a bummer that it’s not back, though it was also missing the the Mario Kart DS remake of this track, so it’s really nothing new And while we’re here, we can see they’ve now flattened the entire turn by the shell, removing the dip from the original game At any rate, up next is Yoshi’s shell, where you can drive up a slight embankment directly beneath it, like before.

But this time, you’ll be rewarded with a new stunt ramp at the end of the embankment Oh, and it’s kind of neat how that shell that serves as an area for spectators. Now just after the shell is a set of item boxes, but these weren’t here originally–instead they were considerably further ahead, around the corner. Besides them, we can also see item boxes just after the starting line, and again near the end of the tunnel–both of which are different than in Double Dash.

So it seems their locations have changed, as well as their frequency since there seem to be less here than before And speaking of missing things, the Piranha Plants that used to be found throughout the track–besides the 3 new ones in the flower beds–are completely missing this time around. Such as the ones that used to be found just before the finish line–but it looks like you’ll still be able to cut across that final grassy corner there.

So yeah, as you can see, the track is actually pretty faithful to the original game–and it obviously really ran with the Yoshi-themed experience. But there is one notable Yoshi reference missing: The Yoshicopter. As it’s now been replaced with a generic green helicopter. Also, as far as we can tell, the Daisy Cruiser that used to be found in the background also seems to be missing. Okay, we’re almost done here, but there are just a few final details to point out. For one, the banners in town clearly have Egg Cup written on them, which confirms that this track will be appearing in the Egg Cup Grand Prix instead of the Triforce one.

But oddly, based on the placeholder icons in Mario Kart 8, the Egg Cup is located in the NEW track section, while the Triforce cup–which presumably has a new Zelda track–is located in the Retro one. Could this simply mean the DLC doesn’t play by the same rules as the other cups, or will their locations be swapped in the final game? If the latter, then we might also expect the previously announced Wario’s Goldmine to appear in that cup as well, which would leave room for 2-more Retro tracks that have yet to be announced And speaking of which, this is actually the first time that a Mario Kart track has appeared as a Retro track twice–breaking the long-standing rule of no repeats. So this could open the floodgates for other previously remade tracks to appear in the future Also, the trailer showcases the 4th and final Kart body that comes in pack-one of the DLC: a jeep. And not only that, but it’s one that’s themed to Tanooki Mario, what with the black-and-orange striped spare tire, as well as the Super Leaf icon on the back. Also, even the front is reminiscent of a tanooki with its goggle-like eyes, and nose just below.

Alright, and that’s everything we could dig up on Yoshi Circuit in Mario Kart 8. But as always, let us know if we missed anything by posting in the comments below. Thanks for watching and make sure to stay-tuned to for more on Mario Kart 8 and other things gaming too. .

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