So you want to know the fastest way to earn coins in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, huh? That’s right–the fastest, not the laziest way.. So if you want to sit back and do pretty much nothing, this video isn’t for you–instead, go check out one that our good friend Alex at Nintendo Life posted–there’s a link in the description below. His method works well, but it can take a while. So if you’re impatient like me and want to earn coins as fast as possible to unlock all those Kart parts, well we discovered a method for you that’s roughly 3x faster, netting you just about 10 coins per minute–but it does require that you be an active participant. Okay, So here’s what you need to do.

Pick Multiplayer for 2 players, then go to Battle Mode. Now obviously you’re going to need 2 controllers–but since the Switch comes with a pair of Joy-Cons, you’re already set–unless you lost one somehow–and in that case, really? Now when you get to the Battle Mode options screen, there’s a few settings you need to tweak. Step 1. Set it to Coin Runners. Seriously, this is the most important step, so don’t screw it up. Step 2. Turn off the CPU players. Now you don’t have to do this–but it makes sure that no one will get in the way.

And this is actually the entire reason we chose multiplayer, since you can’t turn the CPUs off in Single player. Step 3. Change the Round Time to 1 minute. This is incredibly important–so don’t forget it unless you like to waste time more time than you need to. And finally, Step 4: Change the Round Count to 24 rounds. This one isn’t really that important, but it will speed things up overall. Oh, and don’t worry–you can quit any time you want to With everything set, it’s time to pick an arena. Now technically any arena’s fine,, but we recommend Battle Course 1 for its simple layout and incredibly easy coins to collect. And now it’s time for the coin farming to begin! Once the match starts, use the the 1st player to go around and collect 10 coins.

But why stop at 10 coins? Because that’s the max amount of coins that will be added to your game’s total coin count per each race battle–and it only applies to the 1st player, so don’t bother trying to use the 2nd player to collect coins too. And collecting all 10 is incredibly easy in Battle Course 1 as 4 can be found in the center dead ahead, 4 more just around it, and then you can grab 2 more from any of the colored corners. Once you get good, you can easily nab all 10 in under 30 seconds–and once you have, just sit there and wait for the clock to countdown to the end. And that’s it! You just netted yourself 10 coins in one minute, which is by far the fastest method in the game, as trying to collect 10 during a race will take considerably longer. And once it’s over, just mash the A button to select the next Round, choose the same course, and skip the course intro to minimize the wait time and get right back into the action to collect even more. That’s why we recommend setting it to 24 rounds–that way you can just keep hopping into the next round right away without having to go through the setup process again.

But remember, you can quit any time you want and keep all the coins you’ve earnedd I was able to complete all 24 rounds in just 38 minutes, netting me 240 coins in the process, which means you can farm 1,000 coins in just hours–so yeah, you’ll be unlocking all those Kart parts in record time. Now granted, it’s not the most exciting method, so we recommend throwing on a video or a podcast or something–or hell, why not a GameXplain discussion. They’re usually about that long right? Anyways guys, there you have it–the fastest way to earn coins in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe by far. So thanks for watching and make sure to hit that subscribe button for more on Mario Kart 8 Delxue and all things Nintendo Switch too. .

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