– What’s up guys? And welcome back to MarioKart 8 Deluxe! And today we are going to be continuing on with of course with the single player Grand Prix at 150cc with the Banana Cup? I can’t remember which cup we’re doing. So, okay, so last time we played as Boo, right? Okay so today we are going to be playing with another new character which I think we should play as the Inkling Girl ├žause she looks really, really cool. I like her a lot. She’s one of my favorite characters in the game now. And she actually comes with a brand new base vehicle. This is one of the vehicles which is the Splat Buggy. All the other characters get to use this just like every other car combinations, but it looks super duper cool.now when it comes to wheels I’ll probably stick with these because these are some of my favorite wheels. You might have noticed that I don’t really look at stats, I just go with what looks cool. This looks cool to me so we’re going to go ahead and we’ll do the Flower Cup. Oh, okay, this one looks pretty cool. Lets get started.

And here we are, Mario Circuit. This is another really cool track. All these tracks with the really long and curvy turns I’m a big fan of. I don’t like the sharp turning as much but when it has tracks like this and the one with Peach’s castle, with all the pink trees, those were the kind of maps I really, really like. Now let’s go in. And go! (laughs) I was really holding on there. The Inkling is so cool! The last character I was expecting them to add in a remake of Mario Kart 8, of all things were the Inklings so it’s super duper cool to see them.

Oh, I almost got you. No! Alright that was not a good start. That was not a good start one bit. But yeah– oh hey that’s the Inkling boy! They both look really cool. And the cooler thing is that you do get to change some of the combinations, whether it be skin tone and hair. It isn’t as detailed as actual Splatoon, but it is a nice little nod to it as we get hyped for Splatoon 2, which I will be playing on the channel. If you didn’t know I do have a full play through Splatoon One on the channel once it released back in 2015. It’s just so cool and of course I played the global testfire which was equally as fun, so I’m super duper excited for Splatoon 2 but I do want to apologize for not being able to get this series out very often since the game launched and I also haven’t been able to get any other videos out, really.

Its just been crazy busy times for me in and out of Youtube. So I do apologize, but I appreciate the patience! Nobody has been like threatening to explode my butt or anything. “Zebra I’m going to find you and I’m going to beat you up cause you haven’t played Mario Kart 8 enough on your channel.” Luckily that hasn’t happened yet. It might. You never know. This is a wacky and crazy world we live in but for right now all I can worry about is that I think I have a decent lead.

Honestly it’s one of these kinda maps– oh I just got Boo’d. Its these kinda maps that make it so hard to tell where you are in comparison to the other players because we are sort of on top each other, like you can sort of see on the map. The both the top and the bottom parts of the track are the– oh gosh I didn’t mean to do that. There was a blue shell coming down. Oh no. But this is really hard to see how far back the people in second place are. I’m totally gonna get got here. Come on, come on. No I can’t. Gosh. I can’t believe I messed that up! I didn’t even mean to press the trigger there. Ah, well. Luckily I have enough of a lead ├žause Yoshi just passed me and it didn’t even give me, cause yeah, he’s actually on the area under us.

It’s so hard to tell. Okay now I get another one which I’m going to hold on to, I’m not going to accidentally use. And if there’s any kind of shell being thrown at me I should be in the clear. Looks like there isn’t. So take that, Goombas! I didn’t get any of the Goombas. There you go, there’s the first level done. Not too bad. And now that the game is officially out I don’t have a time limit on these videos so I can technically make them as long as I want but I probably will still do one Cup an episode, but let me know though. Would you like to start seeing two Cups an episode now that the full game is out or not? I don’t know.

Let me know. Ooh, I don’t remember if I like this map or not. I like the Peach in the background. The Peach is supposed to be like the Statue of Liberty. Oh look at that, its Statue of Liberty Peach in the background. Which is sort of really narcissistic when you think about it. Like, if the Statue of Liberty was like Abraham Lincoln just, “hey guys, I got ya.” I know that’s probably a really bad comparison (laughs) That’d be seen as really narcissistic. Okay, usually my favorite combo is I like to do a little bit of that. I’m going to assume you can get both items if you do that. You can hit the item block on the ramp and the one– you know what, get that. (laughs) Get out of here, Mario. This aint your game no more! This is Inkling Cart.

A lot of people have been sort of unhappy to see the Inklings though. I’ve seen a few comments saying they don’t like. One thing there are of course a number of underwater levels in Mario Kart 8, but the Inkling are just sort of fine, they don’t get affected by the water but in actual Splatoon they immediately die when they touch the water so like what’s the deal with that? And I see it like this, right, maybe the water in Mario’s universe is just a lot more friendly? Like maybe there isn’t as much toxins or pollution in the water and that’s sort of an issue that happened in Splatoon, is that the water just wasn’t very high quality.

Now just because the Inklings are in Mario Kart doesn’t mean they’re in the same universe. I mean maybe they are, but I’m going to guess they are visitors from another universe. We’re getting all Dragon Ball Super up in here. But I think that’s sort of like the idea. I mean it’s not supposed to be taken so seriously. So I don’t know why people do, but if you were to take it super seriously it takes a not so hard to find answer, just the water is cleaner in Mario world because look at everything around us, it’s all clean and happy and just basic color pallettes. I don’t mean basic, but clean color pallettes, really. You get the idea. Oh no. We got inked by the Blooper.

That’s sort of an oxymoron, seeing how we’re the Inklings. It’s weird when you think about Mario Kart characters and none of them are as weird of a fit as Splatoon when you think about all the constant Mario Kart– Oh, look at that you can get the double items though thats a really nice strategy and it really isn’t that hard to pull off. Like back in the original Mario Kart day I would never really fall into the light because of that. We have a massive lead by the way. Maybe 150cc was too easy for us. Maybe we should have done 200cc right off the bat. Still not really sure if I want to do– Oh come on, here comes. Can I go up here and get the double item that’s up here? No, no. I can’t. I can’t Come on. No, please! No! (yells) (laughs) well, we have plenty of the lead so I’m not too worried. But would you guys like me to go through 200 cc as well? I mean the seasons already going to be pretty long, like this is good to be the 12 Cups and it’s gonna be the Battle mode.

So there’s 17 episodes right there. Do you guys want to see another 12 of the 200 cc? I don’t know. I don’t know of that’s worth it. It will be faster if I don’t do one Cup an episode but (laughs) you can see under the map for a second. That was really weird. Ooh, okay, this one ain’t too bad. It’s no Luigi’s mansion. Like the Luigi’s mansion map from Nintendo Ds is like so much better but this is still a pretty cool map. Like I keep calling the maps the tracks. Tracks and maps. Is there really a difference? I guess not. It’s just so cool seeing the Inkling it’s also funny. Could you sort of get a sense of scale, like proportionally you can tell how much larger Inkling is to every other Mario character.

Like I haven’t really seen her next to Rosalina or Princess Peach but the Inkling girl is taller easily or larger than like Princess Peach which is weird because they’re supposed to be full grown adults, while the Inklings are supposed to be squid kids. Which is another weird concept. Where the adults? In Inkling land or Splatoon. Why am I calling it Inkling Land? I don’t know. Now of course, we’ve already shown it off in the series there is a Splatoon Battle mode map but I really want to have a Splatoon racing map. I really hope that they’re not like done with Mario Kart 8. Now that this deluxe version is out hopefully they still release more DLC. Not right away but maybe sometime by now and the end of the year we have our first DLC pack for this game. I really want more tracks. As many tracks as you can give me because it’s always so much fun.

This game has more tracks than any other Mario Kart game. You can never have too many. It’s just like they’re all so much fun to play and you just get to play them to death. It’s like I’m never opposed to more of them. I mean sometimes I wish they would go all Little Big Planet-Carting on us or ModNation Racers and give us the ability to make the tracks because that would be so much fun.

I mean I know eventually they’ll probably be all like Wii U and Nintendo Switch mods that allow you to just install hacks that people make, for custom levels and stuff but that is a little bit different and a little bit more complicated. Oh boy. No no no! I still haven’t gotten one of the new Boo items. Like I’m still waiting on that. Even in my own personal time playing the game. So I’ve been playing the game on my own, between recordings, one a different file, so it doesn’t affect this one and I still haven’t gotten the Boo item once. Maybe it’s because it’s more of the in the farther placements item. I’ve only played on single player. I really want to play multiplayer soon. First off, thank you guys so much for the support on the Golden Mario video. That video is definitely the most viewed video in the series so far.

And a lot of you added me. If you haven’t added me yet go to that video, the how to unlock Golden Mario video and look at the comments section because I show my friend code link thing you know, the whole bunch of numbers and letters. Make sure you add that because I have less than half space available in my Nintendo Switch already. Since I made that video, I had like 20 friends before that video and now I have like 160 of them.

So make sure you add me as soon as you can. Was that the fourth track? No, that was the third. That was definitely the third one. Okay.One more track to go. And I love the Inklings little victory dance. It’s not as– Mario’s isn’t as good. He’s trying to compete. It ain’t good enough, Mario! It ain’t good enough. Oh no. This track I really don’t like. Shy Guy Falls. I just always get the worst luck on it and the shortcuts are sorta weird. I don’t know. This was one of my least favorite tracks i think.

Like even then it’s not a bad track its just not– I think there’s only one track in this game I think I consider bad. Like its just not a good track, it’s super annoying to play. And we’ll get there at some point! Its actually a DLC track, oddly enough. I mean usually the choice in tracks in this game is fantastic, so. I’m trying to hold on to this mushroom as long as I can. I’ll try to see if I can utilize that shortcut I was mentioning. It’s sort of wonky and hard to do, like even when you hit right it’s still really hard to get anything out of it.

I don’t know. It’s weird. Oh boy, come on. Ready. Boom! I like trying to steal the double items even if there’s nobody around just because that way nobody behind me can get them. So this track is really short when you think about it. I’m gonna try to pull up here. Please don’t be– are you kidding me? At least I have a double mushroom, so I can just try to hit it here. And then boom. Oh gosh. Oh no, I gotta break. If you don’t break there you usually mess up. And i got another one. See you Mario! (laughs) I’m just not gonna worry about the shortcut anymore though. It usually isn’t worth it. Go cross like that. I gotta get all these coins though. Having 10 coins sort of feels like a big deal. Usually you can’t keep up as much because you definitely go faster when you have the full 10 coins so you want to collect the coins because you unlock more things if you have a full 10 coins when you finish a level because that’s how you unlock things is by collecting coins and that sort of– I’m not a big fan of that, especially since I think that they’ve changed it.

Like in the original Mario Kart 8. You could pick up 50 coins in a level even though the maximum is 10. And if you kept losing them you could keep on picking up more and that would still count you would get 50 coins but now you can only get a maximum of 10 per race and that just makes it so much more of a grind. Which probably means I need to play online and I will when I find the time to. It’s just like I said, I haven’t even been able to even post videos recently. How am I gonna find the time to play anything outside of the videos. Oh, its a lot. Come on. Come on. Come on. Ready. Boom! I hope we win this one. I mean all I’m going for, I guess I’ll be going for triple stars. It shouldn’t be that bad to get triple stars. I mean, some of the later ones are tough. Aw man. This is why don’t like this level because once you start messing up the game just hates you forever and then everybody just gets a pass.

Oh, I got a red shell now. I got a double red shell and I was in first place. When I hit that so don’t know what’s the balancing there. Go go go! I’m just in the keep it safe. I should be able to win if I keep it safe. Oh boy, oh no. Or I could hit the wall. Come on, pass me. See what happens. See what happens if you pass me! Boink! (laughs) Ha okay, get out of here, Mario. I’m good. I’m good. I’m gone. I’m gone. See ya! Oh that hit him? Oh, it hit him square in his Mario face.

Of course, Mario has a Mario face. What else would he have? I don’t know, but I’m glad we both beat pink old Peach. All right, so that’s actually it for today’s Cup. That wasn’t too bad at all. Okay, so of course we know our places. We got first place every single time there. That’s actually a really fun cart combo. Obviously I’m going to assume that this cart was made specifically for the Inkling so of course it’s going to control really well but I just didn’t have any issues there with it.

I always choose carts at random so sometimes I get some good stuff and sometimes I get some not so good stuff but that one was pretty darn good. I like it so I give that one a thumbs up. If I had thumbs. But I don’t so I give it a hoof up which also looks like a high hoof so I don’t know what I’m trying to say. At the end of the day I think that’s the case. Zebra has no idea what he’s ever talking about.

But he is a winner! And it looks like we have unlocked a new vehicle customization. So before we finish off today’s video let me go ahead and check out the new thing we got is. Hopefully it’s not just a new glider. Wrong button. Wrong button. Lets find out. Ooh. It is new tires. Which aren t too bad. Crimson Slim. Are they any different from the Slim? No they’re not I don’t think. Weird. Out of the way. Thank you guys so much for watching today’s episode of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Thank you guys so much for watching. See you next time. Bye bye. .

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