(adventurous music) – What’s up guys and welcome back to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And today we’ll be continuing on of course with the 150 CC Grand Prix and I have a few things to talk about. First off, I asked you guys in the previous Grand Prix episode, do you guys want to see two cups per episode and a lot of you said yeah, you would. So we’ll be starting to do that today. Now what I have played so far with the races, I’ve played King Boo, and then I played Splatoon Girl, so we’re gonna go on an play Bowser Jr. this time because this dude is awesome. I don’t know what car we should use, oh, we gotta use this one. That looks so cool and then what wheels would look good, I guess a base wheel, that looks silly. That also looks silly. These look pretty cool, but I’ve been using these kind of tires a lot. It’s okay, I think we’ll just stick with basic tires then and is there anything cool, we’ll just give him the little squirrel.

All right then, so we’re gonna go on and start with Star Cup and get started with that. This is a cool track, I remember this one a lot. Definitely one of the first tracks I remember playing. And it’s really cool, I love the, tracks that are new are always my favorite. Like they always have the Retro Cups, like I know it goes like new and retro, like we’re only doing the new cups right now but I really like the new tracks.

It’s always the most exciting thing for Mario Kart in my opinion. Of course, you know, all the new characters and the retro tracks are usually pretty cool, they’re not bad, it’s just a matter of there’s nothing more exciting to me than new tracks to race and find all the shortcuts and you know all the cool lines and everything and of course the environments themselves is super duper cool. So we’re gonna go ahead try to keep it up top cause I remember this track can be super tough. So, we’re gonna have to keep it careful. And I gotta remember to get 10 coins because, I know they changed it right, cuz, originally in the original Mario Kart (mumbles), you could just keep getting coins after you hit 10 coins and then that would still count to coin total to get the golden glider, but here that’s isn’t the case. You can only get 10 coins at max per race so, that’s super difficult, because I think that’s how me and Mikala got stuff super fast, is that we played through the entire game two player, we literally bought the Wii U for Mario Kart.

It was a Mario Kart machine sort of like how my Nintendo Switch which is for the most part right now. But of course that will change right soon as ARMS and Splatoon 2 come out. Oh that’s going to be a lot of fun. But we would just, co-op the entire all of the CC’s. So at the time that was you know, 150 CC in (mumbles), and then we also I think we also put the 1500 like we worked our way up. And then also you know at that point, 200 wasn’t out. Oh geez, here comes blue shell. This ain’t good.

This ain’t good, and I know that once the blue shell hits me, I think it’s gonna eradicate my red shell. Nope, don’t worry somebody did that for me (chuckling). Now I have no items. Now I could have used the coins there. Oh, rude. Okay Baby Mario. You know what, Bowser Jr. is technically a baby character, ain’t he? I mean. He is a baby. He fits in pretty well with that crowd. Hey oh. But of course in Yoshi’s Island, you know, Super Mario World (mumbles) Yoshi’s Island, That’s actually not Bowser Jr. but Bowser himself as a baby, right? I never got on that part. I’m pretty sure that’s the case. But I really just don’t remember at this point, sort of confusing. What happened to Baby Mario? He was around. Is he really way back there? How did we get so much of a lead? I don’t understand, what did I do? I don’t know but I’m gonna go ahead and try to get two more items here. No blue shell blast which is bad, but I think we’ll be able to handle it.

We got such a huge lead that I think even if we got hit by a blue shell right at the last second, we should be good and there we go. That’s a fun track, I really like that one, and also Bowser Jr. Fits really well in this kart. It just controls really well, so I like it so far. Let’s move on to the next race. Another kind of bright sun shiny, another track that sort of reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine, just like the previous one. Which I like. I really hope that they bring Sunshine to the Switch because that just seems like a perfect fit, you know? Cuz that’s like everything before the Wii, I wanna see ported to the Switch. I mean I talked about this in a previous episode, but I just wanna keep talking about it because E3 season is coming up and there’s a bunch of games like looming on the distance if not already being sort of teased and announced, like oh man the new Lego game. If you guys don’t know they announced like a Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Now I’m just like, yes, that’s gonna be fun. But it’s that time of year again. May and early June, it’s just game announce time of the year, it’s like if game announcements were like Christmas, it would be Christmas time, you know? Which I mean, it sort of is but you know what’s better than getting games announced is receiving the games and then coming out, so. Oh man, I him him twice, poor dude. I’ll only try to get the double up. I got it. ♪ Do do do ♪ The song. Whenever they have the jazz music going on in some of these courses, they just they don’t let anything back. I didn’t mean to do that. Oh no, oh! Okay, hold on. Everybody hold up. That was a little ridiculous. I’m gonna try to trail behind some people, see if I can get a speed boost. It didn’t really work. Sometimes you can do that, you can like, trail behind them to get like a free speed boost for whatever reason.

It doesn’t seem like the most balanced thing in my opinion, but it’s something that happens. Well why I expect all GameCube and games before that to be brought to the Switch, or why I want that, is because obviously with the Wii that’s when things get a little more difficult to port because they’re all like motion controls and gimmicky, you know? So I hope that at the least we see everything else. GameCube, there was no motion control, so we can see, you know even like stuff like Mario Kart Double Dash, Sunshine, I mean, Wind Waker was on Wii U.

We get the idea. Like oh man, I want all those games, and then of course Nintendo64 stuff, but the virtual console better be strong. It better be so strong on this thing. Because I’m expecting the virtual console to at least be announced during E3. That would be fun. Really what I’m trying to say is, I want every excuse in the world the play my Nintendo Switch all the time. That’s also something I talked about in the previous episode. But it’s so exciting, I mean, the console’s still new, like we haven’t even had the three month period yet, and I know it’s been selling well. According to like everybody and their grandma the Nintendo Switch has been selling really well, even though not everybody’s been able to get their hands on it, there’s still people looking to buy one that that cannot find one anywhere, and to those people, I’m super duper sorry. Wish there was something I could do about it, but I only bought one Switch and it’s for making videos. I can’t give any away. I’ve got actually a lot of people ask me, “Hey could you give away a Nintendo Switch?” I can’t because one thing, there are none available, and another thing, $300 is a lot of money.

I don’t know how many people notice that. Catch. Oh, get out of here with that! No red shells for me please, not on the dinner menu for me. Whatever that joke’s supposed to mean. We got another race done though. Time to move on to the next one. Oh no. I like how every course has some kind of water in it. Like this one has not as much. But every course we’ve (mumbles) so far has some kind of water existence in it, which is interesting. Oh man. We’re doing good though, we’re tearing it up as Bowser Jr., this guy actually might be my favorite newest character at this point. Cuz not only does he look cool, but I really like these lightweight characters like this.

They just work so well for me, I always end up winning a lot more with characters like this, and Lenny. To be honest with you, I actually do pretty well with some of the baby characters. But, just any kind of lightweight character like that, even like (mumbles) the Shy Guy, I just, I work with it really well.

Just go ahead, I wanna throw the (mumbles). There you go. I’m still not sure if I’ll be tackling Mirror and 200 CC, maybe at some point. That phone was going crazy. But it sort of depends on how many people are watching by the time we get to the end of 150. It doesn’t have to be an incredibly long series, especially with so many different games coming up, like I’ve said before. At the end of June we have Crashing Master coming out, that’s coming up quick. May’s been going by real fast. I’m recording this on like May 15, so we’re already halfway through the month of May. It’s just like, excuse me. Time, where did you go? You stole yourself from me.

I would like that you know if it didn’t happen, cuz I needs much youth as I can get. I can only stay hip with the kids if you’re not like an old geezer. Oh gosh it’s a blue shell. Ah well, too late, I’m gonna throw the bananas as I can. I got one out there. This is such a weird track. Making like sweet dubstep tunes. Can you stop it, Peach? Get out of here. My father’s gonna kidnap you soon. You know because we’re Bowser Jr. Get it, yeah? No? I like how Bowser Jr. really isn’t that much smaller than what he normally is when he gets shrunk by the lightning bolt. That’s funny. Keep going, keep going, keep going, boom. Nice, I really like the pink boots. That’s a lot of fun. What are some of the other games I’d like to see on this? That’s just sort of a topic it can so easily get back to at any point. I mean, also in the future, I would like to see more DLC for this game as well. I see no excuse, ow, why this game shouldn’t have more DLC.

It just seems like, you know, a really easy way for Nintendo to get money and a really awesome way. Aw man, it would be cool if I get a blue shell. Dodged, oh with that mushroom right there. That would’ve been nice. But it didn’t happen. Oh, there’s more. I don’t know where all these mushrooms are coming from. Well I’ll take them. I’m gonna I’m gonna do what you did to me.

No, get back here, I can’t do it if you ride away. You go in that lane, I’m gonna go on this one. Really just racing by myself is what I want right now. We got a mushroom in first place. I’m gonna hold on to this thing if I can. No! Are you kidding me, fine, I can’t hold on to it. Wop. Let’s get something good here, come on, I need it.

Or not. Don’t tell me I’m gonna lose here. Yeah, I’m not losing. Who’s beating me, you are? I think not! I think not! I think not, come on, come on! Whoa boy, where are you, where are you? Catch, yeah! Eat it Peach! Oh my gosh, right at the end. That was scary. Oh man. Well we did it though (chuckles). Bowser Jr. triumphant again. Or triumphs, not triumphant. I always ruin it, don’t I? Oh, Mount Wario, so this track doesn’t have any water because it’s all froze, I mean, it’s still water. I mean everything you see here is a form of water, but you know what, it’s not really what I meant when I talked about it, so I guess the chain is broken. Final race. This is a cool track though, I really, really like this one. Some tracks are really cool when they’re not, like they’re all one big lap.

This track only has technically one lap, it’s just broken up into three parts. I really like that for tracks like this, but for like Nintendo 64 Rainbow Road, I don’t like it, especially since the track actually loops. It’s like, why would you make it loop if you don’t want us to loop it? That just doesn’t make any sense, it’s like they didn’t even think ahead when making it. So that I don’t like too much, but tracks like this are super duper rad, because it’s like you’re going down a skiing mountain. Which is a cool gimmick. Let me go ahead, can I make this shortcut? Okay, didn’t remember if that was like a 200 CC thing or not. I guess it wasn’t. But reminder, we’re doing two cups this episode, so, expect the cup after this. We aren’t finishing at this one. I have bob-omb, which reminds me last episode, please don’t hit me. Oh that worked, I actually (mumbles) off of the bob-omb, that’s really cool. I’m doing pretty good so far, keeping a good lead, we’re in lap two. It does make the lap feel really short though, and I mean I guess it sort of is.

So that’s not good, but we’ll make it work, we’ll make it work, boom. Boom. Boom, there you go, good, good, good. We’re trying to make our way through. We go the left way, I know if I have a mushroom I can cut through through the center there and get some good times. I need to play the game online, I’m still yet to play this game online. I really really want to but I barely had enough time to, are you kidding me? I had the blue shell blaster and then somebody blasted me with the lightning bolt. Ouch. No trees. I don’t like you right now, I don’t appreciate that. Let’s try this again, get the double item, can I get a blue shell blaster? I cannot. I get a stinking banana this time. I just wanna defend myself from evil blue shells, is that really so much to ask for? Oh. I’m trying to go through the poles. It’s not really working too well. But I’m trying. So I can actually get some good boosts off of these things right here. This is a fun track, I really like it.

It’s pretty intense too, boost. Boost! Boost, boost! Yeah okay we’re doing it! Boom boom. Throw those two bananas out there and I get a coin and another banana. If that’s what I get then that’s what I get. Oh geez, I might actually be messing up (mumbles). Oh no there’s a blue shell coming. There’s a blue shell coming, here it comes! Oh no, I’ll make it, I’ll make it, I’ll make it, I’ll make it, I’ll make it! Yeah okay I made it! First place every single time. There is the Star Cup done, full 60 points and everything. I love it, very cool. So let’s see how we did, can we get some cool replays going on here? That’s Baby Mario. Why isn’t the first thing it wants to show in my replay is me getting completely smashed by a red shell? Look at how good she did! Here’s the failing and here’s the sort of drifting and you know, yeah, you did awesome though. You did great! It’s like, come on game, give me some props here maybe. I would appreciate it, but we got first place and everything, so I ain’t gonna complain.

And here we go, our big golden star trophy, so we ain’t done just yet, we’re only halfway through today’s video. We got 90 coins, new customization unlocked. That sounds good, I’m getting super congested, but that’s okay. We’ll survive as we move on to cup number two. You guys can always let me know in the comments section if this video is too long and we’ll keep with Bowser Jr. I think. We’ll still keep with Bowser Jr., he’s so much fun to play. What is we got, new kart? Aw nice, we’ll use that one here.

We’ll go ahead and use this one, this reminds me of the B dasher, gives me some good old Mario Kart DS memories. Now that’s a good combo right there. And we will stick with the airplane this time. We’ll go ahead and tackle the Special Cup and see what we find within this one. Oh man this one reminds me of the new Super Mario Bros. I mean to be honest I really like the look of Mario Kart in general, like Mario Kart 8. I wish there was a 3D game that sort of felt the same way this game looks, like, Galaxy comes pretty close, but it’s a bit different as well. And of course it has a different, I mean, pun intended, atmosphere to it, but yeah, it really does, because, it’s all very spacey so things are meant to feel open, while here, we have such a variety of environments, and it’s really just what I want Mario Odyssey to feel like, and I think it will end up feeling that way, is the way this game feels aesthetically, where there’s a ton of different environments and each one has a different feel to it.

It feels great and I really hope that’s what Mario Odyssey is, I mean from the trailer and all the game play we’ve seen so far, it does, because every area in that game has been significantly different from everything else, either be the realistic city scape or the fancy, tasty donut lands, it’s just like, that’s what I’d really like to see because that means everything’s gonna feel super fresh, and once again, Galaxy sort of had that but not in the same strokes as Odyssey is looking to have because Galaxy is, once again, it still fit the theme of everything sort of being in space, so everything felt super open and wide. It’s still feeling like confined space. It’s really, visually it was open, but through the game play it was confined, and I almost want the opposite. I think Mario 64 is a dated but sort of good example in how everything looks nice in this confined space but by game play, the game is very open and there’s tons of things to do, and I think that Odyssey almost seems to be combining.

I’m commenting on this pre E3, so, we have about a minute worth of game play to talk about here, you know, but it looks like it combined everything I like about Galaxy and everything I liked about Mario, dangit. 64 (chuckles). All in the one video, I’m gonna get so many times. I’m gonna wait right here. Thank you. Now that better not hit me still. Thank you, but now I’m getting hit by everything else. Maybe I should have pulled ahead, cuz of course the only time I wait for somebody to catch up to me so that they get the blue shell is the only time I actually get the blue shell blaster, appropriately. Can you stop it? Larry! You know, you’re my underling. Your papa’s my boss, I can have him fire you. Oh boy, well, I don’t know if that hit anybody.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but I did it, it’s in the past now. Please don’t give me a coin. Wow this is actually pretty crazy item combo for first place. Well maybe I might not be in first place for very long, and that’s what the game’s expecting and there’s very loud wind outside. Okay, sorry if that sounds unpleasant.

I mean, I guess my window is a tiny creak open, and the wind is like seven million miles an hour out there. That was not good, ow, there go my cool items. Watch me get a banana and a coin. What’d I say, what’d I say. I don’t even have any coins right now. No I have two, but, okay, I was gonna go take that route but I only have, I mean, one thing, I only have two coins, so it’ll make me go slower, and I was tiny, so I probably wouldn’t have made the jump, but it doesn’t matter now, because we won. I really don’t wanna see the day where we don’t get triple stars in this (mumbles) play. It might happen, but I hope it’s not any time soon, or at all. That would be the most preferable thing.

Oh I don’t like this map. It’s a cool map, but it’s so tough, it’s not an easy one. And I like the easy ones. The ones where I can drift a bunch and I can sort of cruise and cut the corners, super duper fun to me. So I wanna see more of that and less of this, but right now we gotta deal with this, so let’s deal with it. Two. Boom. We got it, we got it, not a problem there. Let’s see what we can do. Thank you guys for being so patient and supportive of the series even though, when I’ve had to take little bits of breaks from it, I definitely wanna play through 150 CC. I’m almost out of showing off all the battle modes at this point, those are the things I definitely wanna do.

Maybe at some point I can stream it and play online with you guys, it’s just a matter of, my personal schedule has been so wild recently, I just haven’t had the time to really stream or do anything extra like that, it’s been tough on me. But I’ve been trying. I’ve been really, really trying, I promise. Oh boy. This is just not fun. Oh no, okay, I was able to block it. That’s good. But there’s just so many places to mess up on this map. And it’s also mostly off road, which I don’t think is good for the kinda car combos I usually like setting up. I’m so getting destroyed. But it is a cool looking map, seeing all these Toads on this little pirate ship.

That is super cool, brings me back to Color Splash because there were some pirate Toads in that game. Can this game let up on me though maybe? Maybe not hit me with every little thing? I get hit with like a red shell, a lightning bolt and the squid ink. A little too much. A little too much, I’m gonna squish ya. Oh, I couldn’t squish ya. It was close though, I almost squished that Baby Mario, made him smaller than he already was. It probably would have messed up the time continuum of Mario forever if I squished Baby Mario, because then he would grow up with like broken bones and then he couldn’t be the superhero he is now. Is Mario considered a superhero? I mean I guess, he’s not like (chuckles). Game theory: Mario versus Superman, who would win? I don’t know. That’s probably the dumbest one you could think of. (chuckles) All right, we’re winning, let’s not get distracted huh? That might be a better thing. I’m gonna drift this, can I get the purple? Nah I don’t wanna get the purple there.

A little too much. I mean this map, I know this map is not fun in 200 CC, cuz this map is hard enough to control on 100 or 150, whatever we’re on right now, 150. Is there a speed difference between 50, 100, and 150? Cuz I always thought that for 50 through 150 it was all just difficulty of the computers, but it wasn’t any kind of kart speed, so is 200 the only one with an actual kart speed difference? I have no clue, but we won with another considerable lead. 150 CC just doesn’t seem to catch up with us. All right Bowser. How can we races you if you’re in the course? I mean I guess you are some evil molten Bowser.

Does that even show up anywhere in the game series? Is that Bowser in this course that we’re gonna pass by, is he in Galaxy or something? Or maybe he’s in 3D World, cuz I haven’t played that one. I haven’t played 3D Land or 3D World. I wanna change that this summer though. To hype myself up for Odyssey, I plan on playing through 3D World on the channel, sometime this summer. I’ll have to fit it in at a tough time, probably June, cuz like some of June I’ll be busy with ARMS, but also I’ll have some time to prepare for Splatoon 2, so hopefully in that time I can play some 3D World, Land, Wii U, whichever one it is, it’s super confusing.

It’s like, let’s make two different games and name them something incredibly similar. I mean, that’s sort of how I feel about it at least. That’s another game I would love to see ported over to the Switch. I mean maybe at E3 they’ll announce a 3D World Switch war and then I’ll probably hold back on the 3D World (mumbles) play if that’ the case. But we’ll see when that happens. The future is a crazy place and I can’t wait to be there. Oh boy, no blue shell. The present ain’t so great though, cuz all that’s happening is that I get hit by blue shells. That ain’t no good, oh, I got that one though. Watch out. Hmm, I could either ruin my security by throwing this red shell, okay, you’re getting it. You’re getting it (chuckles). Gosh darnit. Come on. That was a very well thrown green shell though, I was not expecting that.

I figured that if she had one, she would have held it out, that way she wouldn’t throw, or I wouldn’t throw a red shell at her but she didn’t care, she’s like, “No, I’ll take it.” Here, here, catch. Yeah, gotcha! Nice. I don’t know how I didn’t get hit by my molten father’s fists there. Okay I’m gonna let this one hit me. Because all I need right now is to not get hit by a blue shell and I think I’ll win. We still have a full lap to complete here and we still have these guys on our tail.

But I think we can do it. I just gotta get a few more coins. I don’t know which way I’m going, I guess I’m going this way. This is such a cool car though. Brings me back to the Mario Kart DS days, which I think Mario Kart DS was my first proper Mario Kart. It definitely was. Man, that’s an old game. It’s weird cuz I keep on remembering these games recently and going, oh hey, yeah, that’s 10 years old now. I’m old. Usually zebras are just black and white, but I’m feeling a whole lot more gray than anything. No! They stole my blaster! This ain’t cool. Who wants a red shell? You get a red shell, come on. If I lose this one, I swear. I better not. I better not get hit by a blue shell.

That’s coming for me, ain’t it? No, it’s not? Okay. I mean maybe it hit Bowser’s fists which if so, thank you, Papa. Oh, got that. What do I got? I got another one, hey look at me! All right, so, there aren’t any blue shells on the way at the moment though, so I think I’ll be okay. Take this one wide, get the purple, get the boost. Go like that, you’re gonna hit me? No you’re not (chuckles)! Ah, okay! What was that? Race number three or four? That was race number three so we got one more to go, but things are looking pretty good so far. Can we finish one more race for, what is that, eight races won in today’s video? That would be good. Okay, Rainbow Road, I forgot, yeah, this is the last of the normal new cups.

Look at that, we’re making our way through the Mario Kart world quite easily now that we’re doing two cups an episode. But will we win this one? You’ll have to find out, it is the final race. This one’s usually pretty tough and there is a shortcut on this one that I’m like not very familiar with. We’ll try it on the first lap, if it doesn’t work out, then we’ll sort of leave it be. Let’s go ahead and get that. Start drifting. Cuz this one, it’s just such a crazy, wacky course, and it’s hard to keep up with and there’s so many turns that you can easily fall off of. It makes me wanna turn on the guided steering, but, at the same time, I’m not for that life, man.

I gotta do things myself, I gotta do things my own way, I can’t let guided steering tell me how to live. Wah, got the double even though I don’t need it. I need to get to the left one. Or maybe not. Maybe I have to be on the right one. Oh yeah I do have to be on the right one, so right here, I think. Oh no. Oh, okay it worked, yeah, look at that! I did it (chuckles). There we go, so there’s a little bit of a shortcut, it does actually cut off a little bit of time. I think even the official Nintendo time trials use that little thing.

Catch. What? No, I didn’t mean to use that! Okay, I’m not in first place though, I’m not in first place. So don’t hit me, Mr. Blue Shell. Okay, so, I actually survived and then I’ll get hit by lightning, that’s okay. I’m still near first place which is a good thing to start with. Boom, hit that. Get this. Get that. Okay we’re doing it, we’re doing it. Boom. Good, good, good. And gotcha. So we’re doing all right, no I gotta be on the right one. If I’m on the left one I can just hop down. Yep. Get the coin. And I have plenty of coins now, I just gotta survive. So can I trick off of this? I cannot. But it’s good to try.

So now that I’ve gotten that shortcut down pat, I’ll try to use it as much as I can. But I know one time it’s gonna ruin me when I’m already in first place and I’ll regret it forever. Ooh, yeah, I got the mushroom now. So I guess I can snag myself a free mushroom, everything’s nice and good. Oh come on, come on. There we go. I really like this good handling characters like this though. It seems like, oh, here we go.

Here’s a blue shell. What, oh no, I didn’t get a trick then. I guess I wasn’t properly off the ramp. Can I get myself a blue shell blaster the last second, no! And I fall all the way back down. That was the worst place to get hit by a blue shell. And we also got lightning striked at the same time. But that is like the worst combo of things, even if I got a blue shell blaster, I don’t think I would have been able to use it, cuz I got lightning striked at the same exact time. Oh my gosh. Come on, could that have gotten any more unlucky? I guess it could have, cuz I could have still not been in first place, but I still have plenty of a lead. And we’re gonna be able to pull in the win for the Special Cup.

There we go, so we’ve won every single race we’ve done today, all eight courses between the Star Cup and the Special Cup, which is pretty darn cool. So 60 more points for us, which means three more stars, which means hooray! So let’s see cool action that’s happened here in the Special Cup, that was the last one, was the Star Cup. I mean luckily it’s actually showing us looking, no, nevermind. I was gonna say, oh yeah, we got hit. Showing us looking pretty cool but no. Just us getting hit by red shells. It didn’t even really show us, it showed the back of us. Okay that was pretty cool. (chuckles) Does Bowser Jr.

really spank his butt? We didn’t get like any good shots of our character that time. What is going on with this game? I don’t know. But there we go, there is the Special Cup done, which means every new cup is done. Now we have to do the Retro Cups starting next time we do this but we also even got ourselves a new customization, which is very, very cool, but for now, thank you guys so much for watching today’s episode of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Thank you guys so much for watching, I’ll see you next time. Bye bye. .

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