In this video, we will go over Profiles and what playstyle each one is best suited for with the buffs they provide in Mass Effect Andromeda. If you find these tips, tricks and guide videos helpful be sure to hit that like button it helps me and the video and lets me know what content you want to see. Without further delay, let’s get right into it. <title: An Introduction To Profiles> Profiles are kind of a base to your build, it could be debated whether your profile dictates your skills or your skills dictate your profile, but to summarise each profile to a playstyle will help you plan what you want to do. To alleviate any confusion, Training is a separate thing, this may sound obvious to most but there’s little info out there so real quick, training is something you chose during character creation it’s permanent and unimportant very early on, all it did was give you a starting power and auto profile you, it gave you no buffs, everything it put in place can be changed via a skill point reset.

And to reset those skills simply go to the medical bay in the Tempest and there is a console on the left where you can reset your skill points for a fee, refunding all of your skill points and allowing you to rebuild the skills on your character, The fee is 20 credits, to begin, with but next time after that it’s 520 and it will keep going up the more you do it, this is a common practice in RPG’s to allow you to change the direction you went in while giving some semblance of permanence by increasing the cost each time.

<title: How Profiles and Their Ranks Work> Each profile gives passive buffs as well as a unique passive skill of sorts, Each profile also has a rank, the rank determines the level of buff it gives you, Different profiles as well as different ranks of those profiles are unlocked by spending skill points in specific skill trees, It is simplified to Combat, Biotic and Tech. Some profiles require a straight investment in one particular tree, while other require mixtures.

This is meant as more of a guide to what works well with what, while you need x amount of points spent in whichever skill tree for the next rank of the profile, you have full freedom to spend those points in other trees that are not related to your profile. <title: Profile Breakdown> <title: Soldier> Soldier is the first Profile as well as the default profile if you pick quick start to skip character creations, To progress the ranks of the Soldier Profile you must spend points in the Combat Skill Tree, points in other skill trees will not forward this profile.

Soldier is made for the gun nuts, essentially commandos, aimed at Mid and long range gunplay. Giving the passive buffs of: Weapon Damage Weapon Accuracy Damage Resistance & Weapon Clip Size The Soldier Profiles special buff gives you a damage multiplier on kills within a short time, so if you chain your kills quickly your damage just keeps on growing until you stop. <title: Engineer> Engineer is the second profile and requires skill points spent in the Tech Skill Tree to progress its rank, Biotic and Combat skills will not further the Engineering profile at all. The Engineer Profile is for the tech heads who love their gadgets that balance well between offensive and defensive play preferring to bolster their arsenal with deadly tools, essentially, an engineer in Mass Effect Andromeda is a Geeky Ninja. The passive buffs in the Engineer Profile are: All Combo Damage Tech Construct Health Tech Construct Health Regeneration Tech Construct Damage & Tech Restoration & Defense With its unique skill being a Combat Drone that increases the recharge rate of your tech powers, if enemies get too close to your drone, however, it will explode an EMP rendering itself and all other electrical goods worthless taking that lovely tech recharge away in the process.

<title: Adept> The Adept profile specialises in biotics and can only be furthered by Biotic skills, Combat and Tech skills will not influence the Adept profiles rank at all. This profile is made for the Mages, focusing on scientific magic, in a nutshell, it makes you Future Gandalf. The Adept Profile gives you the passive buffs: Biotic Force Biotic Area of Effect Damage Biotic Area of Effect Radius Biotic Effect Duration & Biotic Combo Radius With its unique skill Biotic Echoes which gives a chance to set off additional explosions on the enemies your biotic abilities affect.

You also have your jump jet and evade jet replaced with a biotic version. <title: Sentinel> The Sentinel Profile specialises in both Biotic and Tech skills and gains no progress from Combat. This profile favours a higher defence with a mid to long range style of fighting, Sentinel favours tech as a primary with the freedom to pull from Biotics also, making you a Geeky Future Gandalf with Power Armor. The Sentinel Profiles passive buffs are: All Combo Damage Tech Recharge Speed Power Shield Cost Reduction & Power Restoration & Defense Its special unique ability is Tech Armor which drastically reduces the damage taken once shields have been depleted. <title: Vanguard> The Vanguard Profile focuses on Melee damage, taking a punch and Biotic powers for long range. The Vanguard profile is progressed through both Combat and Biotics with no influence from Tech. A Vanguard player is essentially a large chunk of fast moving metal that is both sharp and blunt, immortal and likely to shout ‘GET REKT’ as it kills you. The Vanguard Profiles Passive Buffs are very well balanced with: Melee Damage Melee Force Biotic Recharge Speed Power Shield Cost Reduction & Max Shields With its unique ability being Siphoning Strike which gives a percentage of shield back when a melee attack is successfully performed.

Like adept, your jump jet and evade jet’s are replaced with a Biotic version. <title: Infiltrator> The Infiltrator Profile specialises in both Combat and Tech abilities gaining progress from skill points spent in both but gaining nothing from Biotics. Favouring largely combat with Tech assist this profile is made for those precision Navy seal type folk making you a clean cut Jack Bauer. All about the headshot, all about the scoped assault rifle at point blank & on a high-level target popping an energy drain on first to deplete some shield or armour. The passive buffs for infiltrator are: Weapon Accuracy Weapon Stability Tech Recharge Speed & Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Bonus With 2 Unique abilities of Battlefield Awareness, allowing you to see enemies outlined through walls and Cloak Evades dropping aggro from the enemies when evading.

<title: Explorer> The final Profile Explorer is kind of a Jack of all trades but Master of none type deal, It is progressed with all 3 skill trees and allows complete freedom, the downside of Explorer is that by spreading your skill points equally over all 3 skill trees you lack the ability to supercharge a specific type with the focused tree buffs at the bottom of each skill menu, making you just good at everything instead of amazing at one or 2. Without a level cap, you can eventually boost everything but the passive buffs are spread out to.

You are essentially Dave from down the pub, he’s easy to get along with as he knows bits about everything and so has something in common with everyone, he’s been in a few fights and won more than he’s lost, he’s nearly paid off his mortgage but his savings aren’t huge, he plans to move to the country after he’s retired a few years early for the quiet life. He’s always wanted to be a carpenter but it never made financial sense considering his education, he was a good branch manager at that logistics company, no one knew what he actually did, but, he was paid well enough.

Maybe now’s the time for that trip, The french riviera will be there for a long time yet, but, how many more years has he got where he can hike through it. Take that trip, Dave, So he did, and it was everything he dreamed, 3 months he spent travelling around Europe making friends and memories. He thought it would satisfy his thirst for adventure, but it just gave him the bug.

3 year later Dave and his wife Candace set off, selling the house and travelling the world till they find a nice quiet place in rural Thailand, The humidity is insane in the summer, but the local produce and the views just make everything ok. ….. Dave died age 86 in the arms of his loving wife Candace, Candace followed suit at age 86 4 years later, She never forgot those last words from Dave “s-sh—shoulda gone Vanguard” So yeah anyway, the buffs for Explorer are: Weapon Damage Damage Resistance Tech Recharge Speed Biotic Power Damage & Power Restoration & Defense with the unique ability Biotic Blink giving you what it says, a blink, your evade will just go further.

<title: Summary> So in summary, if you want to be an Expendable, go Soldier, If you wanna be a geeky Ninja go Engineer, If you wanna be Future Gandalf go Adept To be a Geeky Future Gandalf with Power Armor go, Sentinel If a large chunk of fast moving metal that is both sharp and blunt, immortal and likely to shout ‘GET REKT’ as it kills you sounds appealing go Vanguard If you wanna be Jack Bauer go, Infiltrator And for Dave, just go Vanguard, it’ll save you those last words.

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