In this video we’re going to go over all armour sets in Mass Effect Andromeda, the buffs they provide, what’s best for what, as well as how they look. Without further delay, let’s get into the video <title: BEST ARMOUR ANALYSIS & SHOWCASE IN MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA> Armour is an exceptionally valuable and easily overlooked part of your gear in Mass Effect Andromeda. I’m personally still using the Deep Space set at level 40, but I think it’s time to craft a set that perfectly suits me and my playstyle. One of many things that are worth noting about armour is that with augment slots, the number on each armour piece is static, so while each armour piece has a rarity from common to ultra rare, you still get 4 augment slots for a chest, 2 for arms, 2 for legs and 2 for helmet by default, This is different to weapons where the rarity defines the quantity of augment slots on the weapon.

The rarity also doesn’t appear to have a negative impact of the crafting materials either, while the types per item set are different, the quantities of the materials are the same, The only thing here that appears to be different based on the rarity is the research cost, which over a full set of rank 10 is substantial. Another thing of note is that unlike the weapon counterparts, The Pathfinder armour set can be deconstructed to regain the augments used, so it is safe to craft them, though I’d still save beforehand and test it will actually deconstruct to be certain.

<title: Armour Showcase & Analysis> It’s worth noting that certain sets like the Initiative armour set have a suffix that is different for each level, for example, the rank 1 & 2 initiative set is just called Initiative, whereas at rank 3 & 4 it’s called Initiative Recon, changing to Spearpoint at 5 and so on. So be sure not to confuse these as separate sets and are in fact the same. <title: Pathfinder Set> The pathfinder set consists of the full Helmet, Arms, Legs and Chest, Its buffs are Damage Resistance and Weapon Accuracy with the chest also having a buff toward Power Restoration and Defense. It has the similar style to the N7 but not quite as badass looking, The stats feel like it was intended a little for Infiltrator but I think it was intended as an all-around option, I can’t see most finding this the best option really as it’s got some useful stats, but they aren’t all that you would look for.

It’s an uncommon rarity item that requires no researching which is a big plus being quite cheap to test out without having to invest so heavily. <title: Maverick Skirmisher Set> The Maverick Skirmisher Set is a 4 piece armour set, The buffs increase Weakpoint & Headshot Damage as well as Spare Ammunition capacity with the chest piece also offering a substantial increase to weapon damage. It’s aesthetics scream alien mercenary to me, If I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan, I prefer sharp edge and dark high contrast aesthetics in general, based on looks I would not go for this, but it’s buffs are almost perfect for a soldier or infiltrator, anyone who puts a lot of focus on the weapons during a fight could gain some serious help from this. It is of rare rarity and awesomely for such a well-focused set, it also doesn’t require researching to gain, meaning you can save your research points until you found exactly what you need and go for this little number in the meantime at a generally small cost.

<title: Initiative Set> The Initiative set is where it starts to get a little more playful in the stat distribution, It is a 4 piece armour set that focuses on Encounter Experience gain and Maximum Shields. The Helmet gives a max shield increase as does the arms, but the legs give an experience increase while the chest gives both a max shields and experience increase. This is the ultimate basic set not focused on anyone at all, those after a bit of an EXP boost could just take the legs from this and use it with a set that better calls to them for the rest. Aesthetically, this set is super basic, it just makes you look like a standard foot troop, like the inside of sleeping pod on any sci-fi game. It is, however, free of research requirements, and by that I mean you don’t need to research it, you just have it from the start and will gain the extra ranks as you level. <title: Heleus Defender Set> The Heleus Defender Set is a strange one, it only has a Chest and Helmet, but the chest does fill the arm and legs slots.

The buffs on this set of armour are very nice in that they are just increases in damage, the first is an increase in Power Damage and the Second to Weapon damage with the chest having an extra buff to Damage Resistance. This is a very good set for normal and maybe hardcore, where extra power is a focus, for insanity where survival is more of a focus you may wish to look at other things. The average player who just likes to run in guns blazing mowing down enemies and popping off the powers on recharge could find this set great, though it is Ultra-Rare making the research investment fairly high, it is, in fact, the only ultra-rare research armour set, the other ultra-rare sets in the game that also only have chest and helm are the Deep Space and Scavenger Sets obtainable through the Deluxe edition and as a preorder bonus respectively.

Aesthetically, the set looks really cool, it has a nice mix of clean design with a slight earth tech feel. The Heleus Defender armour set can be found in the Heleus research tree. <title: Hyperguardian Set> The Hyperguardian Set is a 4 piece armour set clearly aimed at Tanks and Vanguard, The buff on all pieces being increases to maximum health and maximum shields with a larger focus on health and the chest extra buff being a substantial increase to melee damage. It looks very cool, with armour plating layered on top of each other giving the tanky feel yet not hugely restrictive, it makes you look like you can take a punch.

Its rarity is uncommon so not bad on the research costs and can be found in the milky way research tree. <title: N7 Set> The N7 armour set is the ultimate classic armour, This 4 piece set is the armour your father wore and has been heavily customised to assist biotic damage, each piece gives an increase to both Biotic Damage and Maximum shields, the chest piece also gives a fairly substantial increase to biotic recharge speed. Being great for sentinels, vanguard, adepts and explorers it covers a lot of bases with such simple buffs. Oh, and it looks badass too, all carbon fibery and such.

The best thing about this set at least at the time of this video being made. There is no level requirement for this armour set, meaning that if you have the research data, you could get the rank 10 version of this armour at level 1 making this one of the best biotic power users armour sets no matter what for lower levels without even having to think about the other till level 60. One other armour set has no level requirement, but we’ll get to that shortly. The n7 armour set is of course Milky Way technology so can be found there in the research menu and is uncommon so not horrendously pricey. <title: Kett Fusion Set> The Kett Fusion armour set is aimed at the Soldier, who’s all in combat, this could quite easily benefit the infiltrator to, but you may wish to change the chest for the Angaran Guerilla if infiltrator for the tech buffs. The buffs on this armour set are Combat Power Damage and Weapon Damage, leaning a little more to the combat power side with the chest also giving an extra combat power cell which for combat power users is a very nice addon indeed.

Aesthetically I dislike it greatly, I think it looks like a crafted snot, not just in default colour but the general shape and supposed texture. At rare this is a costly set, especially considering it is in the heleus section where the research is little and the weapons you want are everywhere. <title: Angaran Guerrilla Set> The Angaran Guerrilla armour set is made for the tech heads, giving buffs to Tech Power Damage, Tech Effect Duration, Max Shields and on the chest it even gives a substantial increase to tech construct damage.

I use tech powers myself and love them, I don’t use constructs though, so for me, the chest is a little wasted and something else will likely take the place. From an aesthetic standpoint, I, unfortunately, think it looks like the interior of a pleather bound 60’s roadster and they just kinda re-mangled the seats into a suit of armour. Strong dislike on the look here. It’s obviously due to the name from the heleus research tree and is rare making it a substantial investment.

<title: Remnant Heritage Set> The Remnant Heritage Armour Set is a great set, It covers all bases with increases to Damage Resistance, Health Regeneration and Shield Regeneration as well as the chest giving an extra reduction to the health a shield regeneration delay. As well as being just a great all round set, this is a fantastic substitute or addition for bio-converter lovers, not everyone wants to spec in tech for team support and so suffers quite badly from the effects of the bio-converter augment in their weapons, this set with it’s increased regen and delay reduction will make using that augment one hell of a lot easier. Just get in to cover for a few seconds and you’re golden. Even after all of that, it looks badass too, it’s my favourite out of the lot, the advanced version looks far better than the standard.

And to sell you on it, even more, this is the second armour set that currently has no level requirement to gain and with remnant research being very plentiful from midway through the game, this is a good all round choice. <title: Armour Set Stats> For your viewing pleasure here are all of the armour sets with their Rank 10 buffs and everything on screen now for easy comparison. Feel free to pause and look for as long as you need, if you wish to refer back to this there will be a timestamp to this section in the description. And a 3 2 1 <title: Outro> For those after the augments to put in their armour, the video for that is coming out tomorrow, fear not, in the interest of keeping the video somewhat concise, I have separated these 2 aspects.

I hope this showcase and analysis has helped you if it has, be sure to hit that like button and maybe let me know in a comment, if you hated it, the dislike button is a’callin’ and so is the comment section, criticism is very important, good or bad. Check me out on Twitter @Xainesworld, I’ve also now changed the channel link from a random string of characters to which is pretty cool in my opinion, and yeah, good things coming. Thanks for watching, have an awesome day folks..

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