In this video, we will cover the Auto-Fire augment made available in patch of Mass Effect Andromeda, What guns work best with it and full DPS charts. Remember guys if you like this kind of content, the best way to let me know is by liking and commenting. Without further delay, let’s get right into it. <title: Auto-Fire Augment> The Auto-Fire Augmentation was added in Patch 1.08, I say added but it’s really just been made available, As many of you may know this has been in the game since the beginning but just wasn’t available due to glitches and the like. You can obtain this augment from a general merchant, the one in the Nexus is the easiest in general.

This augmentation works by turning the weapon you place it into a fully automatic firing weapon, It also increases the Rate of fire by 50% and the clip size by 20%, but decreases Weapon Damage by 40% and Weapon Accuracy by 40%. Thinking about this logically, this augmentation should better effect guns which have a high rate of fire and clip size and low damage and accuracy. This is because it works on percentage so you’re gaining more rate of fire if it’s higher than another and losing less damage if the damage was lower in the first place.

I’ve also had a number of recommendations in the comments for weapons to try, So I’ll be testing all weapons that make logical sense as well as all suggested in the comments so far, do some DPS charts and face off the top ones from these tests against the current champions. If you wish to know the specifics of the parameters of the tests in detail too boring for this video, you can find all that information in the description. <title: DPS Charts> So I’ve done all the DPS testing and as you can see on screen, there are few surprising things. Sweeper was a suggestion which I personally agreed should be tested, it proved to be not particularly great, The Bio-Converter is a must for solid DPS as the overheat mechanic prevents any possible sustained DPS, but even with it’s mediocre. The Hornet and Valkyrie were also suggestions and I agreed with those 2, the Hornet pulls ahead in DPS but the Valkyrie has superior Accuracy, considering the Hornet is still lower even with a scope that is certainly something to consider, the Hornet is, of course, lighter being a pistol but the Valkyrie isn’t all that heavy, it’s very light for an AR.

They both benefit hugely from the bio-converter with the Valk gaining 40% extra DPS and the Hornet a huge 60% extra DPS from using the Bio-Converter, When using the bio-converter also, you will be drained of 5% health almost twice as much with the Hornet than the Valkyrie. The other thing of note between the 2 is the stability, the Hornet has superior stability, it’s quite noticeable. I would say, Hornet for the close and close side of medium ranges, and Valkyrie for all ranges. Carnifex was a viewer suggestion which I had hoped would be good but proved to be one of the lowest rated weapons, it gained the lowest amount from the Bio-Converter at a 15% increase. Mattock was another suggestion I had high hopes for but it was pretty awful on the DPS charts with or without the converter. The Incisor sniper rifle I was uncertain whether to even bother testing, but it proved to be quite good being the 4th best for DPS if used with the Bio-Converter, it’s super long reload time, means it is quite awful without it. It is also worth mentioning that as it is a sniper rifle, you will not gain this full potential without using the scope, But it’s fairly safe to say this could be the most powerful auto snipe.

The biggest surprise out of the whole lot and highest DPS is the Hesh, I thought I’d throw a shotgun in to mix things up a little, the Hesh is a fairly powerful Shotgun as it is, shown via my most recent shotgun video with DPS charts and the like. That video showed the Piranha to be the king Shotgun, so hang on till the end and we’ll have a little face off between the Hesh and the current champion Piranha at the same levels to see who is king. Remember that these DPS charts do not take into account weapon special bonuses towards armour or shields etc, the Hesh also has awful accuracy so needs to be very close, the Incisor needs to be shot through the scope and the Hornet could kill those without proper regeneration and such very quickly with the Bio-Converter.

Also, A worthy trial would be the Electrical Conduits Augment, it will work no doubt very well on the Hornet and Valkyrie, so a face off with the previous champion, the PAW is also in order. Lastly, for the DPS charts, remember that the DPS itself isn’t the important thing here, they are only relevant because all of the weapons were tested in the same way, so with these DPS charts, we can reliably compare the weapons to each other to findout how they rank. <title: Some Bonus findings> As a substantial patch had been released since I last did DPS charts, I wanted to find out where we stand with how reliable the in-game tooltips are for numbers, Before they would not include Kinetic Coils among other things.

After playing around and such I have come to the conclusion that they have actually fixed all that. Kinetic Coils, Mods and even the 5 Kinetic coils in my melee weapon now correctly affect the weapon stats in the inventory menu. This allows me to trust the DPS charts without the need to observe percentages of health dropped per shot on certain beast etc. This method is just far more reliable than the previous. Remember, if you wish to know what augments, mods, skills, profile, melee wep armour etc I used and therefore buffed the results, please see the description. <title: Hesh VS Piranha & Valkyrie VS PAW> I wanna take his face… OFF It is time to look at the results between the Piranha and Hesh and the PAW and Valkyrie. This is very very interesting, at close range the Hesh clearly blows the Piranha out of the water, maybe trying the Seeking Plasma System on the Hesh could prove effective.

The Accuracy of the Piranha is double that of the Hesh, the ammo and mag size is lower on the piranha but due to the damage and rate of fire you get more total stored damage from the Piranha, but of course with a Bio-Converter that’s a non-issue. So we can be sure of the superiority of one, I tested the Seeking Plasma on the Hesh with auto and the like. What I found, may shock you The Hesh is great, that tiny accuracy still hits every shot most of the time in close range, it’s even usable with full damage most of the time in medium range, the seeking helps to ensure it hits at medium but really if you’re going to use it in close and occasionally medium I’d just go with the extra coil for quicker projectile travel time. From the spreadsheet and what I saw in the field, the Hesh is now the king of Automatic Weapons.

Now for the PAW vs Valkyrie, The PAW’s stat are horrendous, like the worst out of the lot before bio-converter and almost the worst with it, but then I realised 2 things, The particle beam from the PAW affect shields and Remnant better, you can increase this further with electrical conduits for shields and Rem-tech or put a sticky grenade augment on it for armour. Also that the PAW is a great weapon, we know it’s great, so this kind of puts things into perspective a little, the auto fire is better than you’d think, comparing the results to this you can also see that the Sweeper which is the other Remnant weapon used in this test didn’t do too great, but maybe the numbers don’t give it justice like with the PAW.

Something else we need to consider is that the PAW is the gun that has the natural Beam type, and while even though the beam augment was broken, the PAW was not, but the beam emitter has had a bit of a transformation and now apparently works correctly, this could very well have changed the way the PAW works also, The Beam emitter now scales damage the longer you are on the target which would mean the low damage to begin with which shoots up fast similar to the Rozerad SMG that has a low damage and rate of fire, but the rate of fire get faster the more you fire it making it an incredibly powerful weapon despite it’s base stats.

We’ll look closer at the Beam Emitter in it’s own video. For precision auto fire at the medium and long ranges, I’d go for the Valkyrie, it was a fantastic weapon before made even better with this augment. For closer go Hesh. One last thing to consider folks is that the Electrical Conduits augment can be paired with the Automatic Fire augment, I have no way to accurately test the DPS when hitting specifically shields and Remnant, or at least not in a way that would make a video possible inside a few days. So would rather not just throw speculation into the middle of a numbers video and start confusing facts, Remember folks, observation is the least reliable form of evidence. <title: Full Soldier Build Interactions> The previous results were done using a build that would reflect the average non soldier player who would spend a good amount of points into combat for their specific weapon, It’s based off of my skirmisher build, But after some thought, I realised that some who would want these weapons are going to be soldier style builds with heavy amounts of extra weapon damage on both armour and profile, so I added a second section in that accounts for the extra weapon damage from a fully buffed soldier type build, as with more damage but the same rate of fire, the ranking between the weapons may shift.

As you can see, the damage is significantly improved, the Friggin hesh with my setup geared to soldier hits for 4.3k damage per second not including mob type interaction which if anything, mean itll hit a lot harder on Armoured enemies. Just insane damage. It doesn’t really change the rankings all that much, I did think it would change more than this, with the damage being increased so much and not the rate of fire, but with how the automatic fire augment works, had the shift been to rate of fire, the ranking would have very likely changed more noticably. Another thing I found out when doing these secondary DPS tests, was that the PAW can actually take an Automatic Fire augment, considering it’s distribution is heavily aimed toward being good for this augment, it did gain a small boost, but not as big as I thought it would be. I have of course updated both the unbuffed and buffed charts with the newer rate of fire and damage for the PAW with the automatic fire augment.

This spreadsheet is absolutely huge now so I’ll make a huge resolution (at least 4k) patchwork version for the description, so just zoom in on it to read correctly, I’ve written basic titles for the section to make it a little easier to follow, if you have any question about it and anything, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment and i’ll get back to you asap. <title: Outro> Gone for a more minimalist approach for this video, let me know how you feel about it, by putting a large amount of information in the description and on screen a bit without saying in the video allowed me to keep the video from getting out of hand long. Let me know which of the augments and things added in Patch you’d like me to look at next, I plan to do them all and the order is easily changed.

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