Hello everyone, today we have a quick video on a subject that has come up often in the comments, and that is “Where is the best place to farm Eiroch Fluid Sacs?” As it comes up so often, I thought I’d just show you. <title: Where to Farm Eiroch Fluid Sacs> As anyone who’s played mass effect Andromeda for more than a few hours will know, Eiroch fluid sacs are a bitch to get in enough quantity for crafting yourself a big-ass minigun, You can of course just buy them from a vendor, but 60 Eiroch fluid sacs will cost you almost 15,000 units, So you may as well just go out and kill stuff for them and get EXP while doing it. The best farming spot in the game will require a semi-spoiler, but don’t worry it’s nothing story related it’s just an unlocked location, you’ll unlock it very early on, within the first 10 hours easy I’d say. So spoiler alert and all that jazz. You’ve been warned. Once you unlock the rest of EOS from the deadly radiation, you’ll be able to go to the large open desert area, the one that doesn’t have a big lake, but does have all of those weird T-shaped atmosphere suckers or whatever they are.

Well, most of those T-shaped thinga-ma-bobs will either have a little Kett building, a collection of kett vehicles or nothing, the ones with nothing will almost always have a fiend under them. I can’t say if it’s level based on how much they drop but it seems illogical for that to be the case. For me, they often drop remains and when they do it’s almost always 2-5 Eiroch fluid sacs. They also make good sparring partners to hone those evading skills as well as good weapon test subject for armoured enemies. A secondary almost passive method which will very rarely give a few is the strike team missions, I received 16 fluid sacs the other day from a gold material loot box. So I hope this has helped those searching for Eiroch Fluid Sacs, If it has, please hit that like button it really helps both me and the channel and lets me know what you guys want to see, If you haven’t already, maybe think about subscribing for more Mass Effect Andromeda tips tricks and guide videos.

If you’re wondering where the next weapon field test and showcase video is, it will be coming soon, I’m just not currently where my computer is, and won’t be back till this Friday the 14th at which point I’ll be back working on those videos non-stop. Thanks for watching, have an awesome day folks..

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