In this video, we will look at all of the SMG’s in Mass Effect Andromeda as well as the Augments and mods to use in them to find the best SMG for you and your playstyle. Non-automatic pistols will be covered in a separate video to keep the workload manageable, even without that, Pistols and SMG’s are 2 very different beasts just under a single type. Remember folks, if you enjoy these field test and showcase videos be sure to hit that like button, it lets me know what you want to see and if you haven’t already, maybe think about subscribing to keep informed on everything Mass Effect Andromeda.

With that out of the way, let’s get right into it. <title: BEST SMGS WITH AUGMENTS AND MODS IN MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA> A good SMG is supposed to be light and fire small calibre rounds but at blazing fast speeds. It’s the power users automatic weapon and in some cases can be the only damn weapon you will ever need. There are some crazy combinations out there, lots of which utilise the very fickle and often disappointing behaviour augment to great effect. I’m going to test a whole lot of combinations and see what works. Each weapon will be looked at in multiple ways, for people who just want a cool gun to power users who need something light between power recharges. If you are after an Armour specific weapon then think about going for a Shotgun, they’re in the same range class and naturally, lean toward armour penetration.

<title: The Method> Each SMG will be tested at Rank 2 on Normal difficulty with Skills in Pistols maxed, Combat Fitness maxed and Team Support Maxed, It should be noted that while the skill Life Support in Team Support will be taken, it won’t provide it’s great effect due to it requiring a tech power to utilise, this will better emulate the passive regen provided for those using the Bio-Converter who do not wish to use tech powers. As Tech and Biotic Power users will be the majority for SMG use, points will be spent in Biotics to gain the Adept Profile at Rank 1 to avoid Soldier Weapon Damage Perks. No other skill points will be spent. The Guns tested in this video are The Charger Hurricane Hornet Rozerad & the Equalizer <title: Charger> The Charger is an interesting one, it’s damage is low which wouldn’t be so bad if it’s rate of fire was super high but it’s not really, it’s on the high side of medium for an SMG at 650, there’s faster out there with higher damage, It’s primary redeeming features are clip size and ammo capacity at 70 and 514, the Accuracy is a shoddy 52 with a medium weight of 11.

With its clip size being pretty good and ammo reserves also substantial, we can focus our augmentation efforts on the damage and accuracy using the slot that would normally be reserved for vintage or bio and slot in a seeking plasma to fix the accuracy and potentially help with the damage as well as a double mod extension, we’ll try 2 more builds, one with electrical conduits and another with the beam emitter to see how that affects both accuracy and damage on each target type.

Unfortunately, this is only a 2 slot augment weapon with a bunch of flaws so if you have the cryo perk for an extra augment slot then you can fit in a special augment to either fill a percentage of the clip on shield break, or biotic power boost on full clip whatever is best for you. For mods here I’m generally going to be leaving out the melee optimizer for most builds so put it instead of the scope if you wish to not have a scope as a ‘you never know, I might melee a bitch at some point’ type mod. The vanilla charger as you’ve seen in the background up until this point is just awful, not even remotely usable and while the Seeking Plasma System Charger is certainly better, it really doesn’t do all that much either, it’s not really worth the materials, The Electrical Conduits, however, was fairly outstanding, it took down both shielded and normal troops with a very good speed, they just seemed to melt, it was a lot of fun and made quick work of the camps, the reload speed is impressive also, easily quick enough with a big enough clip to not need a Heat Sink or Bio-Converter, you are likely to use this around ammo pods so should be all good.

The Beam Emitter one though was just awful, it did less damage than the Vanilla version, I though this may be due to the Beam possibly being good against armour, so just in case I found a Fiend and rumbled its face in, but the Beam Emitter wasn’t responsible for that, it was god awful there too, the Seeking plasma was better but still terrible and the Electrical Conduits was the best on that to. So if you are to get a charger, which isn’t really advised as it’s about the worst SMG, You should Definitely go with Electrical Conduits and Double Mod Extension. The performance here with the Electrical Conduits gives me hope for the others. <title: Hurricane> The Hurricane looks like a real contender here with a lowish 33 Damage but a super high almost highest in its category rate of fire of 925, it’s clip size and ammo capacity are medium at 56 and 360 but with that crazy rate of fire, won’t last all that long.

The Accuracy is bad at 52 so needs fixing and the weight is very hefty at 18 being heavier than the lightest assault rifle. Damage isn’t too much of an issue with the Hurricane due to its rate of fire but the Accuracy and Ammunition are big issues. Due to this I would suggest using either a Bio-Converter or Vintage Heat Sink, the Adepts out there would benefit from the Vintage Heat Sink due to using it intermittently between powers, this is also true for any heavy power user, but if you are a tech power user you may prefer to use a Bio-Converter as having Life Support in the Team Support Skill will negate any health consumption from the converter when you use your tech powers.

For this test we will use a Bio-Converter due to not using any powers, a double mod slot will also be required. Electrical Conduits will make an appearance too, with a Shield Bypass stackable augment to finish. The vanilla Hurricane proved to be almost as good as the best-equipped charger dealing very nice damage with a slightly longer reload time. The Bio-Converter and Electrical Conduit version, however, was just pure beast mode, melting those shielded kett so quickly, killing an anointed almost before their Soned was able to spin up! It’s worth noting that the electrical Conduit guns don’t just work well on shields but also Remnant, giving them a better-rounded use. As with what I expect all of these SMG’s to be like, these just aren’t acceptable for armoured targets, at least not Fiend level and above, Taurgs don’t take long to down though. This is a very acceptable Anti-Shield weapon as well as a good all-around weapon for power users. <title: M-25 Hornet> Ok so the Hornet is one of the SMG’s I’ve really been looking forward to testing, its damage is a somewhat beastly 79 with the highest of all Weapons rate of fire of 950, this would be absolutely unstoppable if it was fully automatic, but it is in fact, a burst weapon, which is where the balance comes in, with a quick trigger finger and that rate of fire, however, this could potentially be as good.

The clip size is a minuscule 34 for such a fast weapon with ammo reserves of 246, how this performs at taking down the enemies will define whether this could be useful for a non-power using player, if it take most of the clip for a standard kett, I’m not sure it would be of use, but for a power user to use between powers it has great potential. The accuracy is a not horrendous 58 which at short range should be satisfactory with a nice medium weight of 11, currently, in the testing, I am on the lines of comparing this to the hurricane as the bar. A vintage heat sink I believe would be the best choice for most power users except for heavy tech users due to the small clip size and high rate of fire burning through all but a tech users health in seconds if using the bio-converter. 2 tests will be performed, the first being with a Vintage Heat Sink, Double Mod Extension and a Shield Bypass and the second with a Bio-Converter Double mod Extension and Electrical Conduits to get a full view of its power. I was surprised by the results of this field test, The vanilla version of the weapon, and in case you’re unsure, by vanilla, I mean no augments, no mods.

The vanilla version was a nice powerful weapon, it’s as damaging as a vanilla hurricane at damn near half the weight. despite its accuracy rating, it’s surprisingly accurate also, more so than the rating would suggest, hitting and doing great damage at medium and close range. This gun feels like a tiny Valkyrie, which is pretty much what it is, and it really isn’t much less powerful.

The Vintage-Bypass build proved to be a nice weapon, a far more precise offering than the hurricane though kind of equal in power. Headshots are more than doable in close and low medium range but I will say for this weapon to be effective you do need those headshots, without the headshots it is lacking. The clip size is actually not bad for a power user but if you are not a heavy power user a bio-converter is a must with this weapon. The Bio-Conduit build, however, was fairly awful, the Electrical Conduit augment lowered the damage a lot and even with it’s advantage on shields did far less damage than without, this was both surprising but also kinda not as my experience with the electrical conduit augment has shown it either has it’s own flat damage which overrides the weapons, or it has some funky equation which favours low damage far more.

The gun is ruined with that augment so just avoid it for this weapon. Because of this outcome, I decided to do a third, fourth and fifth build with Seeking Plasma for one, Plasma charge for another and Seeking plasma and Plasma charge for the last, to see how they perform vs the standard projectile type. Interestingly, the Bio Seeking did it’s usual effect of aiding the accuracy and slowing the projectile, but also turn the Hornet into a single shot weapon with no automatic fire, this lowered the damage of each trigger pull as while the singular projectile was more powerful there was only one and not the usual triple burst.

This build is ineffective and pointless. The Vintage Plasma build proved equally ineffective while increasing the damage very slightly, it also turned it to one projectile by default and 3 with the charge that sprays out instead of all being in the same hit point, the AOE aspect was good on one specific situation where 4 wraiths were gathered but other than that it was ineffective. The Seeking Charge build was probably the worst of the 3, the projectile was singular, slow, travelled in a straight line at least, improved the accuracy, the charge system was overridden by the seeking system which all resulted in less damage than a seeking on its own. The short and curlies are that if you wish for a precision SMG, go with the Hornet, but no fancy dongles, just a Vintage or Bio, a double mod extension and a kinetic coil or shield bypass and you’re golden.

<title: Rozerad> The Rozerad is a very interesting weapon, Kett design with influences and technology from an unknown race that allows it’s rate of fire to increase with every bullet fired in succession. This, dependant on the hard cap or even if there is a cap of the rate of fire it can reach could potentially be the most powerful weapon in the game. Using the same method as with the Soned, where I augmented and skilled myself to such a degree that I could indefinitely hold down the trigger and never stop firing, I’ll be attempting to find out just how fast this gun can fire. I’ll be doing this using a Bio-Converter, 2 tests, the first build will use a Bio-Converter and Electrical Conduits with a double mod extension and a Shield-Bypass, The second build will consist of a Bio-Converter, Double Mod Extension and 2 Anti-Armour Modules. You may be able to tell where that second will be going as part of the test. The tests were not fully what I expected, the vanilla test showed potential but a generally medium power gun, nothing special, almost like a spin up mechanic that kinda wastes ammo.

The first build with the Bio-Converter and the Electrical Conduits, however, was just beautiful, it did as I’d hoped and kept an endless uninterrupted stream that on full power melted through all normal and shielded enemies faster than I have ever seen before, My first attempt ended in death as I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my health. Once I focused on keeping my shield mostly intact, however, it was just insane, I could permanently keep up the stream, if I took to cover to recover my shields preventing extra damage to my health, the Team Support skills and any other regeneration built in passives kept me above 45% health on a constant basis.

There is definitely a cap on the rate of fire but at a guess, it’s higher than any other weapon as provided you are a very good aim, Anointed will go down in less than a second, It takes a little getting used to as the instability drives the cursor up, but if you make your way toward you on your mouse mat then jam the mouse to the top every time you need to reset you can do it indefinitely and fairly well. Against a Fiend, the top damage seemed a little less than a uber’d up Dhan so it’s not worth the trouble there, but for a camp of Normal and Shielded Enemies, this is just insane. My hopes were high against Armoured Targets with the Conduit free version, but unfortunately, the second build while instant regen of the mag, it did reset the rate of fire. I decided to then try every other Augment for behaviour, which included, the Plasma Charge, Seeking Plasma, Plasma Charge with the Seeking Plasma and then the Beam Emitter, unfortunately, all of these reset the rate of fire when the clip empties and the bio-converter reloads.

But yeah, the electrical Conduit version is just epic. Like the Soned, this gets tedious fast, but it’s still very cool and fun to have a little play around with, meaning this won’t be a top pick, at least it won’t until I tried it against an Architect. <title: Equalizer> And that brings us to the Equalizer, the Remnant SMG, At a glance of the stats, it appears to be a wonderfully balanced weapon, Its damage is a nice 51, it’s rate of fire is the lowest if you don’t count the weirdness of the Rozerad, but at 600, it’s pretty good for the damage, the max clip size is an adequate 52 with the Remnants patented built-in heat sink making an appearance.

It’s accuracy, as expected, is the highest of the lot at 75 with a weight on the high side at 15. This gun doesn’t really have any problems to fix, but we know how nicely the Bio-Converter goes with the built-in heat sink from the Assault Rifle tests, so that could be a great addition if you have the required health regeneration. For power users however that is not at all needed and most may prefer, especially Insanity players, A Shield Oscillator to give 25% Shields on clip empty as a little extra. Or you could just stack it full of dmg buffs, But without testing, I’d definitely say an electrical Conduits could be a great augment on this one, so let’s try 2 builds. The first Bio Converter, Electrical Conduits and Double Mod Extension, and the Second, double mod extension and 2 kinetic coils. The Vanilla is ok, it’s damage is great but its range is infuriating, the Equalizer has a function that diminishes power massively after about 20 yards, like doing no damage at all at about 25.

This makes this gun almost unusable for me in that state, but the range can be fixed via a few different augments, namely Electrical Conduits and Seeking Plasma. The first build with Bio-Converter and Electrical Conduits was just fantastic, super damage, getting headshots on shielded folk kills them super fast, I felt the rate of fire and damage are just about perfect on this weapon, wasn’t all that bad on a Taurg either. The second build was also great in every respect but the range, it dropping off so close makes for a bad time, to the point I would only use this gun with the Electrical Conduits Augment. The Bio-Converter is not at all a must either as the clip is satisfactory and will recharge while you use your powers, so for power users, go for a shield oscillator, or maybe a consumable booster, or just power boosters, just ensure you get Electrical Conduits for it and you’ll be happy.

As an extra, a number of viewers have mentioned trying the Equalizer with the Seeking Plasma System, so I tried one more Field Test using the Bio-Converter, Seeking Plasma and Double Mod Extension. I felt it was a fine weapon and its damage was very close to that of the electrical conduits, but it’s slow rounds made hitting moving targets very problematic, the Electrical Conduits is far more responsive. its redeeming feature is the extended range over the electrical conduits, it does do high damage at long range, and is rather useful, more so than conduits for shooting aimlessly over cover, but I still think the electrical conduits build has the edge as at the range that the seeking becomes better is the range you generally use a different gun.

If you want a one size fits all, the seeking may be better as it has that extra range, it didn’t appear to be any better at armoured targets than the conduits but was worse at shielded. <title: Top Picks> So my Top Picks are nice and simple. If you want a Shield destroying beast of a weapon that is fun and will do you proud, go for the Equalizer with Electrical Conduits. It is very close to the Hurricane but pulls ahead just a little and with the added bonus of the built in Heat Sink allowing for greater customization makes it a fairly easy choice. That being said, a lot of the choices in this game are down to preference, so if you prefer the hurricane, then go with that, but ensure to pack it with an Electrical Conduit Augment. The Equalizer with Electrical Conduits is also the All Round, one weapon master The just for fun, yet tedious after a short time pick is the Rozerad with Bio-Converter and Electrical Conduits for the one trigger pull for an hour type playstyle.

And the last one is for a tactical precision device, The M-25 Hornet, this gun with no fancy bells and whistles other than a Bio-Converter or Vintage heat sink will do you proud if you like to run around SAS style, capping the odd headshot between powers. <title: A Note for Augments and Mods> You may have noticed that in the top picks I was vague over the Augments, other than the ones I mentioned there as must haves, the rest are dependent on your playstyle, if you are a Power user, then a Vintage heat Sink is great as it recharges while you use your powers, if you are tech savvy and have point in team support, specifically the life support option, then Bio-Converter is beast mode. And on the picks that don’t require one of those then you have a number of choices, if insanity player, go for a Shield Oscillator for the 25% shields every time the clip run empty, or if you are a power user, think about using a Power Booster that increases Power Damage by 20% when your clip is full.

There are many more special augments, look through them to find what’s best for you. Due to my level in the game, all pistol mods used are level 5 and are the standard version of that mod, when crafting your personal build I would suggest taking into account whether a negative attribute on the uncommon variation actually impacts you and may provide the opportunity for a slightly higher gain on the base buff. <title: Outro> Thank you all for watching, I hope this field test SMG Showcase thing-a-ma-bob has helped you better understand your choices in SMG’s. Splitting up pistols allowed me to go far more in-depth than even the assault rifles, but don’t worry, Normal Pistols is next, if you have any favourite builds or suggestions for testing, put them in the comments and I will add them to the video.

I’ll be testing all day tomorrow so get them in as soon as possible so I can do them before editing. If you are on Twitter, well, I am to @xainesworld, the link is in the description, and if enough of you awesome people follow me on twitter I can start using that as a means to ask your opinions on builds and more for upcoming videos to better craft them into something you will enjoy.

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