In this video, we’ll go through all of the sniper rifles you can spend your research data on in Mass Effect Andromeda, their uses, performance and drawbacks as well as the best augments for them and why This is the first of the weapon series going through all types of weaponry ending with my top picks for the ultimate loadout. remember guys if you like this content, be sure to hit the like button so I can better provide the videos you want to see. Without further delay, lets get right into it. <title> A sniper Rifle should be something that is super powerful, accurate but also be balanced with a slow rate of fire, reload speed and small clip size, Clip sizes don’t matter hugely provided it is more than one, there’s nothing worse than surprising the enemy with a hit only to have them run behind cover and stay there forever because you reloaded, A great sniper rifle needs the leeway to miss one every 5 or so when there’s heavy movement and not screw you on that.

Another point is ammo capacity, while the clip size of 3 is perfectly acceptable, a decent amount of extra ammo needs to be available if you are sniping, there’s an almost definite chance that you are not where the ammo units are. These tests will be performed on all sniper rifles in their rank 1 form using no augments or modifications, We’ll be testing for Range, and damage versus clip size on multiple enemy types. The rifles in question are: Vanquisher, M-90 Indra, N7 Valiant & Black Widow from the Milky Way tree of research, Isharay and Naladen from the Heleus tree, & the Shadow & Inferno sniper rifles from the Remnant research tree. In order of worst to best, the 8th slot is taken by the M-90 Indra, The first thing you will notice about this gun is it’s tiny damage but medium to high rate of fire, this is placed in the bottom position due to the fact it is essentially a scoped assault rifle, The damage to rate of fire is well balanced for an assault rifle and at mid range without the scope performs well but as it’s in the category of a sniper rifle and force the scope on you not really allowing for the accuracy buff at medium range from the scope it is a bit silly and pointless to have.

This is the worst choice for a sniper rifle and no augments or mods will make it better than our other offerings. For our 7th slot, we have the Shadow Remnant beam Sniper Rifle, I would consider this an acceptable assault rifle if it weren’t for the aforementioned scope situation from the M-90 being present here also, It is a beam weapon that actually does very good damage when kept up on the target, the range is acceptable also, the problem in this weapon is the instability, the gun pulls up when you hold down the trigger and when pulsing the trigger while the stability is there the damage is not. It is usable, but certainly not worth crafting. It is possible that certain stability buff you can gain through augments and profiles and skills may make this weapon usable but I don’t think it is worth the investment, even if that was fixed, I am not a fan of constant weapons, it requires you to be out of cover constantly instead of a quick shoot and duck.

Our 6th place Sniper Rifle is the Naladen, This Ultra-Rare weapon is quite cool but only because it’s rounds explode on impact, it’s damage is medium at best but it’s explosive nature does appear to cause the enemy to stagger slightly, allowing you more time to accurately bombard them, being somehow both satisfying with the explosions but unsatisfying with its damage. I would advise staying clear. For number 5 it’s the N7 Valiant, At medium damage with good range, this Sniper rifle is where it starts to get usable, it’s rate of fire is on the low side and ammo capacity is simply not enough for the seasoned sniper, Its medium damage is very apparent and not really good enough, it cannot one shot a chosen at rank one which if it could, would make this a very good weapon if a little scarce on the reserve ammo.

Number 4 is the Black Widow, With good range and a clip size of 3, it’s damage is high, that mixture makes for a well-balanced weapon, It is not much lower in damage than the isharay yet has a high clip size, though if partnered with the vintage heatsink, it’s clip size is sent to 1 making it worse, You can regain the clip size with the vintage heatsink by getting the clip size rank which is number 7 in the sniper rifle skill tree. But if you are going that route there is a better option. These last 3 weapons could all be considered number 1 pick dependant on circumstance. Coming in at number 3 we have Isharay, Isharay is a beast of a weapon with an insane damage hit, for the precise sniper who likes to take his time, this is most probably the one for you, it’s single shot clip puts it at number 3, but for those patient masters who take all the time for the perfect shot, that is not an issue, the big issue here is the ammo capacity, but that can be solved.

If augmented with the Vintage Heat Sink, this weapon gains all of the pros of unlimited ammunition and as it only has a 1 shot clip, to begin with, the Vintage Heat Sinks tendency to obliterate the clip size is rendered moot. The Isharay is a rare sniper rifle giving it 3 augment slots by default, Vintage Heat Sink takes up one of those slots, the other 2 should be taken by Double Mod Slot augment giving it a total of 4 mod slots and a Kinetic Coil augment for +3% weapon damage to fill the last. the better option to the black widow is number 2, the Vanquisher, This weapon is beautiful, if only a little lacking on the ammo side, but as has been stated before we can fix that, for this weapon, however, to be number 1, you must have that clip size Sniper Rifle skill, with that and the Vintage Heat Sink Augment, Double Mod Slot Augment and a Kinetic Coil to fill the gap, you have a beast weapon, its rate of fire is 90 which feels about nice for a sniper rifle, its damage is in the medium to high range, enough to one shot a chosen at rank 1 with ease and it’s clip size with the rifle skill and heat sink is 3, it’s accuracy is fantastic at 96 and has one of the longest ranges of all.

If you are far enough in the game, this is the ultimate purely long distance Sniper rifle, The distance is where the top pick comes out on top, As the number one is the Remnant Inferno, As a base weapon, it is not better than about 3 of these other weapons, but it’s natural heat sink ability, giving it unlimited ammo from the get go, and its 180 rate of fire making it good for both long and medium range gives it the top pick, The fact you don’t need to use the vintage heat sink means that you can use a Battlefield Assist Module which increases your damage by 20% when shields are full, now this still puts it at about 50 damage below the Vanquisher, but it has 5 shots per clip at standard and 8 with the clip size skill.

At the higher ranks this weapon has enough damage to keep up and stay satisfying with it’s higher rate of fire, it’s effective at up 100 meters but also usable at 15-20, it’s higher rate of fire also makes it far better for medium range shooting of fast moving targets, you have room to miss every so often. The Augments on the Inferno should be the Battlefield Assist Module, The Double Mod Slot augment and 2 kinetic coils for a total of 26% extra damage when shooting long, not including the mods.

Due to adding even more circumstantial choices to the mix when adding mods, they will come in a separate video, mods are more powerful than most augments and far more diverse, they are also usually extremely specific to a playstyle, so keep an eye out for that in the coming days. If you felt I missed anything or didn’t explain something well enough then please don’t hesitate to mention or ask in the comments and I will reply to you as soon as humanly possible, Feedback on these guides is very important so if you liked or disliked, there are appropriate buttons below, and or give me detail in a comment, let me know what YOU want to see or know, and I’ll prioritise my video creation around that. This recent surge of activity on my channel has been very well received and motivates me to make better and better content, thank you, everyone, for watching.

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