In this video, we will go over all of the Weapon Behaviour Augments and what weapons you should use with them in Mass Effect Andromeda. <title: BEST WEAPON + BEHAVIOUR AUGMENT COMBINATIONS IN MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA> I have gained far more than 100 more hours of pure testing in this game since I last tackled Weapon Behaviour Augments and I was off originally about a few of them so thought it needed a do-over. So here is the far more in-depth, concise and accurate remake of that original video. Weapon behaviour augments are ones that either change the projectile type of the weapon or it’s clip function. The Weapon Behaviour Augments we’ll be analysing today are the Electrical Conduits Augment, Grenade Launcher, Sticky Grenade, Vintage Heat sink, Ricochet System, Bio-Converter, Plasma Charge System, Seeking Plasma System and the Beam Emitter <title: Electrical Conduits Augment> The Electrical Conduits Augmentation changes the gun to fire streams of electricity instead of its normal projectile. This is a very cool augment and there are many different things you should keep in mind when deciding which gun to use this in. First off, the firing type, it does not work well at all in semi-automatic weapons, it works best in fully automatic weapons and on top of that, fast firing fully automatic weapons.

Exactly how this augment decides the new damage of the weapon is uncertain, but we know it favours low damage high rate of fire weapons, high damage semi auto weapons have their damage obliterated with this augment, but the quick firing weapons seem to have their damage stay about the same with bonus damage on shielded targets, whereas the super fast weapons appear to have a damage buff as well as a bonus to shielded, and this is where it shines. P.A.W., Equalizer, Hurricane and Rozerad are my top picks for this augment, the Rozerad getting far better as it gains ranks and its clip size becomes larger. In a previous video I had made a comment that the Rozerad could be fired infinitely using the bio-converter but only with the electrical conduits, I was incorrect, it does reset the rate of fire increase on clip empty, there is just no audible tick, I noticed after the video had gone out while watching some B-Roll. But this is good news, as with how powerful it was with resetting means it will get more powerful as it’s clip size increases, so definitely one to check out at rank 10.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using the Electrical Conduits augment in a build is that this Augment is made to fight shielded enemies, it works great on red bars too, but this is a poor choice against Armoured targets. If you are rocking a 3 gun setup, having this as part of your anti-shield build with another gun for armour and 3rd for a sniper, it’s a fantastic choice, but if only 2 guns, I would stick to an armour build and a sniper. It should also be noted that the bonus on shield extends to remnant too, I have some testing planned versus an architect but from tests, on standard remnant, it works very nicely.

Minor things still worth considering are that in some cases it can lower the effective range of the weapon but it is almost always ok in close and most of mid range. It also appears to increase the accuracy of a weapon a little but does nothing for the stability. <title: Grenade Launcher Augment> The Grenade launcher is a worthless augment, It lowers the damage of everything you put it in and generally makes things crappy. Just thought I’d get this one over with quickly. <title: Sticky Grenade Augment> Last time I skipped over this due to the performance of the grenade launcher standard augment, but boy was I wrong there, My man Dark Saint turned me round to this, even doing some testing videos on his own channel.

The Sticky Grenade Augment turns the projectile of the weapon into a grenade that is sticky, fairly self-explanatory so far, It also flys straight, which is unexpected, like super straight, but also a bit slower than usual, but not that slow, At close range, you won’t notice the speed change. Dark Saint argued, very well too I should add, that the P.A.W.

Can be utilised very well as an anti=armor weapon when used with the sticky grenade augment, he demonstrated this on some armoured beasts. He found that while the electrical conduits augment is still better against Shielded enemies, the Sticky isn’t that far behind and outperforms the conduits on armoured enemies making it a better one gun for all than the electrical conduit build. The sticky grenades also stun on explosion, this is true even in insanity for all but Fiends, Destroyer’s and Hydras who do still occasionally get stunned. I personally prefer the Dhan for this one gun for all approach, but if I were to go fully automatic, the P.A.W. would probably be it.

A link to Dark Saint’s youtube channel and the P.A.W. vid in question can be found in the description. <title: Vintage Heat Sink> The Vintage Heat Sink is a cool and interesting augment, it gives your gun a heat sink instead of magazine also making your max ammunition infinite. With this augment on, your gun will have its original clip size reduced, by how much I’m unsure as some say 50 and others say 70, it may depend per gun, but either way, it’s usually halved, The clip count is replaced with a percentage, when you fire it will take away whatever percentage of the clip 1 shot is and will continue to do so everytime you fire until it hits 0% and overheats, if you use it till overheat it’ll add a second or 2 onto the recharge time, but if you stop firing before it goes into the red, it will recharge after a second or so. Essentially you get infinite ammo. This is useful for many weapons, the only ones that cannot use the Vintage Heat Sink are the Remnant weapons as they already have a built-in heat sink. <title: Bio-Converter> The Bio-Converter is another ammunition augment, It will instantly refill your magazine on empty, but each time it does that, it will take 5% of your max health.

This can be both exceptionally good but also deadly in some builds without paying attention. The Bio-Converter is best used in conjunction with the tech skills of Team Support especially well with the Life Support skill inside Team Support which gives you health back every time you cast a tech power. The Bio-Converters negative effect can be managed in many ways though, not just relying on team support, for instance the Fusion mod of Shielding increases you shields by 100% while halving your health, this increases the shield making it harder for the enemy to touch your health while making the bio-converters effect take half the health it used to by number making it far easier to regenerate and consistently use. When placed on a remnant gun that has a built in heat sink, the Bio-Converter is optimised. It will still provide the instant reload, now in the shape of a recharge, but also has the effect of auto recharging after a delay when the gun isn’t firing, this leads to far less health being taken but you having a non-stop uninterrupted slew of ammunition.

<title: Ricochet Augment> The Ricochet augment is a purely preference one, It, as you’d expect, adds a bounce off flat surfaces still exploding on impact with a mob. I personally dislike it greatly, ricochets in Mass Effect annoy the crap out of me and I won’t use a gun that has it, If you do have a gun that naturally has ricochet like the falcon, you can get rid of this via the sticky grenade augment. There is some hope when used with the plasma charge, as it allows the charges to explode multiple times, on ricochet and final impact, Some have used this to fun effect creating huge clouds of plasma explosions, Fun in the right circumstances but for the most part better left alone.

<title: Plasma Charge System> The Plasma Charge System is one that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense half the time but others it does. The basic pitch with this augment is that it converts your weapons projectiles into a kind of plasma grenade that explodes on impact, it also gives it a function that allows you to charge each shot for 3 less powerful versions of the single shot that all together make a stronger shot. For the most part, this charged shot isn’t all that much more powerful, it’s certainly not 3 times the power, so depending on the rate of fire, it may be more beneficial to ignore the charge.

Also, it should be noted that this does not work with automatic or burst weapons, the charge overrides that aspect so holding down the trigger will charge instead of auto fire, 3 burst weapons will become single shot. The plasma charge system also changes the damage of the gun but it’s never in a fully predictable way, it changes it differently per gun, there is no set damage or set increase or decrease, or noticeable multiplication etc. The best weapon by far I have found to work with this augment is the Ushior, it increases the massive damage a little on normal shot and with such a slow rate of fire weapon anyway, it is worth the charge and the charge does a substantial amount of damage at close range. The Plasma Charge Systems projectile does have a big flaw for range, it arcs quite badly making it not ideal at all for range, however, this can be fixed by attaching the seeking plasma system with the plasma charge system to make it fly straight. I’ve heard many times that it works well on snipers but had not much luck myself, but I thought I’d give it a quick test for this video with an Isharay, 2 Rank VI Isharays, one with Plasma Charge System, Seeking Plasma System, Double Mod Extension and Battlefield Assist Module and the second with a Double Mod Extension, Battlefield Assist Module and 2 Kinetic Coils.

It seems that the plasma seeking charge version did pretty much the same damage, within a percent but was super slow, didn’t really seek, if the enemy moved very slightly, the supposed seeking round continued straight and missed, The standard version, however, has a near instant travel time so is far more responsive and as it has the same damage as a charged plasma version it’s fire rate is quicker. It’s generally better. Some folk love this on shotguns, namely the scattershot, I’m not a fan, personally, the only gun I have found this to improve on, is the Ushior. <title: Seeking Plasma System> The Seeking Plasma System is a strange one, it certainly has utility but I don’t think it’s as widely usable as most seem to think. From my experience this is not ideal at close range in almost all situations, it can definitely help to fix the accuracy of an automatic weapon, but I’d recommend going for an electrical conduit for this purpose at close range or just ensure you have a scope on for the accuracy bonus, at close range in the mid ranks a scope is enough for almost everything.

The Seeking plasma system turns your projectile into plasma coated balls that track the enemy, this tracking isn’t full, and by that I mean if you aim away from the character it’s not going to hit it, also over a long enough distance it won’t track at all, it is most useful on a close target that doesn’t move, but as they all move it’s not ideal at close range as when they move the tracking goes to hell and because the projectile is slowed down to a large degree, it can be very very difficult to hit. So for this augment you should only really use it to extend the range of something adding a little accuracy in the process, so an assault rifle with a bad accuracy can be made to fire from further away while being able to hit the target.

The Soned is a good example for this, terrible accuracy and can’t use a scope, so seeking plasma is one option for this weapon to remain viable. Before we leave this augment, I will note that many have said in the comments about their use of this to turn many close range weapons into long range, such as the Dhan, Piranha and so forth, While that is a valid method to extend the range I honestly don’t see the point, by doing so, you ruin its use at short range with moving enemies, making the one gun set up a little crappy, and if you have a 2 gun setup and you like guns like the Dhan, then why not go for an Isharay as second, it hits harder, its scope allows for far better magnification and it’s fully accurate at 150 meters without a need for a special augment.

For complete transparency I have added this to the end of the seeking plasma segment instead of rewriting it, as while recording the footage for this video I tried the one build I’ve been meaning to with seeking, which is Piranha with seeking and bio, it’s the lower right frame that been playing in this segment, it is pretty damn op and rivals my all time favourite Dhan at close range and beats it at long range, great for large targets that don’t dodge. <title: Beam Emitter> Now, The Beam Emitter is a sore subject really, it’s potential is there and it’s just a bugged piece of crap at the moment. From what we know it’s original intentioned usage was to be the anti-armour augment, the armour version of electrical conduits, but in reality, it just lowers the damage of every weapon it is put in to an unusable degree, So in short, this augment is currently useless, don’t bother even getting it as we have no word on whether it will be fixed or when it will be fixed.

<Outro> I hope this video helped you, If it did please consider liking, sharing and commenting, really want to get this video ranked above all the others as it’s the most accurate on the subject out there by far, including versus my old version. I’m racing to get this video out before annotations are taken away so I can slap a huge one on the original video pointing to this one. Obviously, if you thought this video was complete trash then just dislike it and whatnot. Thanks for watching, have an awesome day folks..

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