In this video, we’re going to look at the Burst Fire System augment and the best weapons to use it on with full 100% accurate DPS charts against standard enemies, then it’s use with a bio-converter as well as against shields and armour. <title: Burst Fire System> I’ve been a little distant lately and that’s for a few reasons, I was a little ill so couldn’t stream & I’ve also been working on a fairly substantial project, the very lowest form of which is a monster spreadsheet. There are just so many values to consider, I’m talking many many thousands, and then many layers of interweaving formulas that it’s taking me a good while to complete. I’m also waiting on some emails to see how far I can take this, But in the meantime, I have done some temporary additions to be able to use it for this video in a limited but highly accurate way.

Just in case you don’t know the Burst Fire System Augmentation turns the fire type of the weapon you place it into a Burst Type shooting 3 bullets in quick succession per firing pulse. Burst weapons work in a specific way, each weapon has hidden stat called Burst Delay, this burst delay is the short cooldown after each burst, This cooldown is different for each weapon, it mostly works on the weapon type, so most assault rifles are the same and most pistols are the same and so on with a few special weapons with crossover stats or variations. The Burst itself is based on the rate of fire. Check the description for the buffs I programmed in for this analysis, but as a base, it’s a mid to high-level soldier spec based on my skirmisher build but with the Soldier Profile used.

The way this works has shown some interesting results with the weapons so let’s get into the DPS analysis. <title: DPS Analysis> So the first thing you may notice is that all of the weapons are here, this puts to rest any limitations of testing what appears to be logical, The spreadsheet also tells you what’s compatible based on what augments are selected, this is like I said a limited version at the moment, but I’ve programmed the Fire Type augments already to auto buff and switch the DPS to work on the Burst system. The Ushior and Widow are 2 non-burst that can still not accept the Burst augment.

All other non-burst weapons can take it, as well as the Zalkin, Unfortunately, the Zalkin is useless with this augment, it’s a funny one, but not good here so for the moment we’ll ignore it. The Highest in both normal DPS and DPS with a Bio-Converter is the Dhan, being the highest normal is one thing but it also gains more than most from the bio at just over 100%. This I find is a little misleading, however, as, sure it’s a crap tonne of damage, but it’s also way overkill for most enemies, forcing a triple shot is enough to kill 2 enemies at most levels, and I’m talking 2 shielded, at best it’s a full shot overkill, This is made even clearer when we see the bio-converter DPS on shielded enemies, it’s almost friggin 7 thousand! This set up would only be good for huge shielded enemies, and even then only for a short while when their shields are up, I love the Dhan, but I’ll stick to single fire, or maybe auto. The next best for normal DPS is the Hesh with the Piranha being almost identical, the Hesh is better if you look at its shield and armour damage, Sure the Piranha is highest on Armour, but barely higher than the Hesh and the Hesh is the second highest on shields by a good margin.

This is due to hidden modifier stats, The ones that make Shotguns good at armour and such, well, not all shotgun are built equal and where the Dhan has Shield bonus damage and the Piranha has armour, the Hesh has both. Its accuracy is terrible, but up close the Hesh wins hands down, If you want distance, then the piranha with an added seeking plasma would take the damage below the Hesh but work well at range. Then something interesting happens, You take off the Burst Fire System, and you don’t even replace it with a kinetic coil or anything, You look at the DPS charts, and the Piranha is more powerful without it, as is the Hesh, by like 20%. The Dhan was higher with the augment, but we’ve established it’s wasteful. but there is an interesting one that gains from the Burst Fire System, And that is the Isharay, in this setup, the Isharay goes from 660 base DPS to 2123 with the bio-converter and then 2850 DPS with bio and the Burst Fire System, This could be used to deadly effect at range, Its rate of fire is super slow, meaning you would only wish to use this on such things as Fiends, hydras, Destroyers, These all charge at you instead of finding cover, meaning the 2nd and 3rd shot will hit, Being a sniper rifle it also has 70% weak point damage, so If you aim well, you are gonna kill it long before it reaches you.

Everything else that gains from this augment isn’t high enough to bother with, the Auto and single are generally better, but it’s nice to know there is a good combo. <record screech> It was at this time, I knew I’d fucked up. The Isharay only has a single shot per clip by default, this means it’s burst is only a single shot, But there are a few benefits worth taking into account here, If you are high enough level and have enough points in to Combat to have the clipsize buff from sniper rifles and combat fitness as well as the clip size from soldier profile, you can obtain a clip size of 2, unsure which rank of soldier is needed, but at rank 6 you have 35% and that is enough, Beyond that you can turbocharge to boost it to 3 for the full burst, though be aware, stability is a big issue by the 3 shot at long range, it’s possible to control it but it is a little annoying.

The other benefits however when using a burst and bio-converter are that instead of the standard rate of fire, the burst delay is a lot shorter, so it’s super quick between, especially if you have only 1 in the mag, this makes the rate of fire non existent and a super fast fire based on the burst delay. The difference doesn’t sound like that much, the buffed rate of fire from the burst augment is 112.5, and the rate of fire based on the burst delay is 133.3r, Though that is an 18.5% increase of the buffed rate of fire, and from what I could tell, this suffered from almost no stability issues.

But this also means that you are 20 shots to death, that’s assuming you were full health to begin with, I found this wasn’t enough to kill a fiend on insanity, even with Cryo beam, but if you have the 2 shots and especially if you have turbocharge you can easily down a fiend before it gets to you. This build is very circumstantial and deadly to both you and your enemy, it’s so damn easy to die with this, it really is. I have now come to the conclusion that, the burst just really isn’t worth it, not at the moment at least, You could use it on a non bio isharay for faster shooting, but there are better options.

<title: Outro> If anyone has any questions about how my calculations are done then please ask them down below, if there is a wish for it, I’ll happily make a quick video going through how everything is worked out, but I don’t know if anybody is really interested in that kind of thing. If folk do want that vid I’ll go through any questions answered during it also. Also, if anyone knows how to highlight an entire row based on the exact text value of a cell, please tell me, I’ve tried to do some custom formats but can’t get my head around it. This feels shorter than usual as there’s no 12 hours of testing each weapon, instead, I just punched a bunch of values into my spreadsheet and read the results, hmmm, not sure how I feel about this! Thanks for watching folks, like if you liked, dislike if you didn’t, share with your friends, oh and subscribe, yeah that one too! Have an awesome day folks!

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