In this video, we will cover everything about gathering resources for crafting. Including what’s out there and how to get it. <title:> There are 3 main types of resources for crafting in MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA aswell as a 4th kinda section for augementations that are added during development, but today we will focus on the main 3, keep an eye out for a future guide on mid development augementations. So first we have basic Minerals, these are the real salt of the earth types.

Iron, Vanadium, Flourite, Copper, Beryllium, Silicon, Cadmium, Lithium, Uranium, Nickel, Titanium, Platinum & Element Zero. All of these can be found in a number of ways, Most can be found in small ground deposits, mined with the Nomad, found via an orbital scan in the Tempest as well as bought from vendors, looted from enemies and looted from containers. The biggest quantities will be found via the orbital scan in Asteroid and on non-explorable planets. Then it’s mining with the Nomad, you can do via laying down multiple Forward stations on the planet to triangulate mineral scans, once you have done this, the locations will appear on you map and waypoint HUD, you can then drive over there with your Nomad having the scanning overlay open. The mineral scanner overlay will show you a waveform meter letting you know how much you are above at the time, once you have found a lead, drive around that area a little until you find the place with the highest reading and deply your mining bot.

You will then gain the resources instantly and can carry on your way, though keep in mind, there may be a little more around you. And remember, the minerals you will find on each planet are 4 types specific to that planet as far as the Nomad mining goes. you can see exactly which 4 via the elemental initials displayed both on the Nomads scanning overlay and when scanning the planet itself from the Tempest. The rest of the quantities will differ largely per looting.

As far as EOS goes, Cadmium is abundant in caves, Lithium, Titanium, Uranium are rare but found in nodes around the planet and Flourite is highly common. Also, Element Zero, which is the rarest element will seem abundant at the beginning, I am certain this is deceptive for it’s rarity. Don’t sell or squander, you should generally always keep this for crafting. The availability of each individual base Mineral is: Iron, Silicon, Aluminum, Graphite, Beryllium and Copper are all common elements and can be found via an orbital scan, mined with the Nomad and purchased from vendors. Cadmium, Flourite, Lithium, Nickel and Uranium are all Uncommon elements and can be detected via an orbital scan, on foot from mining nodes and purchased from vendors.

Titanium, Platinum and Vanadium are all Rare elements and can be found via an orbital scan, mined with the Nomad and purchased from vendors. Element Zero is an Ultra Rare element and can be found via orbital scans, mining with the nomad and purchased from vendors though I have also seen it on foot in a node and also from a container on 2 ocassions. It should be noted that while all of these can be purchased from vendors, the rarity of the item plays a huge part in determining whether the vendor will stock it and how much. Next we have the Tech Materials These are for the most part found on enemy corpses and in containers located around it’s respective race. As with everything except the Ultra Rare Remnant Cores, they can also be purchased by vendors on varying likelyhoods. Omni-Gel Canisters are common and can be found all over Milky Way bases in containers and on dead folk from the Milky Way, as with every crafting material they can also be gained from dismantling Milky Way Weapons and Armour.

Kett Alloy is common and can be found on Kett corpses aswell as from dismantling Kett weapons and Armor. Remnant Polymer is a common material and can be looted from Remnants aswell as gained by dismantling Remnant Weapons and Armour. Angaran Meditation Crystal is a common material and can be found in Angara settlements, they may also be purchased from vendors. Remnant Cores are the Ultra Rare uber crafting item and can only be found by defeating Remnant Architects and interfacing with them or finding them in Vaults. Then lastly there’s the Bio Materials, These are all the fluids and shells you can loot from organic life forms that aid in the crafting of mostly armour, but also some weapons.

As stated these are almost entirely gained by killing the related mobs but may also be purchased from vendors when in stock. Shell Filaments are common and can be looted from Kaerkyns, Dralls, Taurgs and Echidnas. Soft Chitin is a common material and can be looted from Spitbugs, Shemrys and Pallads. Scale Fibers are a common material and can be looted from Challyrions and Rylkors. Renderable Plates are a common material and can be looted from Eirochs, Adhi, Taurgs and Galorns. Eiroch Fluid Sac’s are rare and can be looted from Eirochs. I hope this in depth look at the crafting materials has aided you in some way, During my research on this it appeared the entire internet was void of any full list of items, all missing at least 5-6 materials.

If it did help I would really appreciate a like and maybe think about subscribing if you haven’t already for loads more entertaining and educational vids on Mass Effect: Andromeda! Let me know what you’re crafting first! I went for the Valkyrie Milk Way Assault Rifle and now I’m working on the Inferno Remnant Sniper Rifle, just need a bunch of Remnant Polymer! Anyway, have an awesome day folks!.

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