This video fine viewers is all about Fusion Mods in Mass Effect Andromeda, how to get each one, what the Kett it does and how this could be useful for you. Remember folks, if you like this kind of content, be sure to hit that like button as not only does a fairy give birth when you do, but it also helps me work out if the content I’m doing is actually the stuff you want to see. Right, that’s enough jibber-jabber, let’s get into the video.

<title: Fusion Mods> A fusion mod is a special kind of mod that only fits into that big old mod slot located on your chest piece. Fusion mods like other mods give a buff, not only are these buffs super powerful, but they also come with a big sacrifice to something else. They can be gained in lots of ways, each more complex and daring than the previous, but really it’s just stuff like, defeat this big nasty, clear this big nasty place etc etc It should also be noted that there is a cryo pod that you will unlock as you progress through the game that significantly reduces the negative effect present on the fusion mods making them one hell of a lot more tempting So without further delay lets go over these bad boys! <Fusion Mod of Shielding> The Fusion Mod of Shielding will give you 50% extra shields but at the price of 50% of your health, This mod is gained by completing the Vault on EOS This bad boy is more useful than you may imagine, without an exact setup for you, I will state that if used with some shield boosting skills and maybe even a bio-converter on your weapon with regen skills, this coulda be potentially extremely powerful, the bio-converter takes 5% of your health, so it will just take half of the number it would have if you didn’t have this mod on, if anything making it easier to regen from, and as the shield gained is a percentage to, it’s just gravy! <Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery> The Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery increases your Biotic Power Damage by 30%, but decreases your Weapon, Melee, Tech and Combat Power Damage by 20%, This fusion mod can be gained by defeating the Architect on EOS, It is an almost purely Adept mod, though has its uses elsewhere, but for the Adepts out there this is an insane beast of a mod.

<Fusion Mod of Resistance> The Fusion Mod of Resistance increases your damage resistance by 20 but causes you to lose 50 health every time you Evade. This mod can be gained by completing the Vault on Voeld. Its uses, however, are a little iffy, I see this only being useful for Tanks, although surely even they evade from time to time, but I could see it working with a high health regen setup, as far as I know the damage resistance is total so works with your shields too and not just health.

<Fusion Mod of Hovering> The Fusion Mod of Hovering increases the duration of your hover by 100%, but it also reduces your Weapon Damage by 30%. This mod can be gained by defeating the Architect on Voeld. At first thought this has its uses as you can negate the negative effect by using the Aerial Performance Optimizer augment that gives you 35% increased Weapon Damage when hovering, but that would still require hovering to do decent damage with a weapon, if you used it as a biotic player it would give you increased air time, but surely that would help only against melee beasts as with other it would put you out in the open for longer. I’m not sure I fully understand this ones use, so if it has one and you know, please stick it all up inside the comments, because I don’t have the foggiest. <Fusion Mod of Robotics> The Fusion Mod of Robotics increases Tech Construct Health by 25% but reduces shields by 50% This mod can be gained by completing the Havarl Vault. This seem to mostly suit either a puppetmaster Engineer or a Sentinel, Sentinels are all about the Power Armor so could take a few hits to the shields, purely depends how much you want to invest into your marionettes.

<Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment> The Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment increases power recharge speeds by 50% but reduces weapon damage by 30% The mod can be gained by completing the Vault on Kadara. This could be very powerful for any power slinger and a good Boss Fight alternative to those using the Fusion Mod of Adrenaline, depending on your skills and how fast your recharge speed is, depends how good this Fusion Mod is in comparison to the Adrenaline, though this is far more specific to playstyle.

<Fusion Mod of Battering> The Fusion Mod of Battering increases melee damage by 30% but decreases Weapon, Tech, Biotic and Combat Power by 20% This mod can be gained by defeating the Architect on Kadara. This has Vanguard written all over it and even then it’s a specific type of vanguard, to few, this is super uber beast mode powerful, to most, it’s a never use. Its uses are obvious, no point rambling on further.

<Fusion Mod of Rupture> The Fusion Mod of Rupture gives 25% increase Weapon Headshot slash Weakpoint Damage but reduces weapon clip size by 70% This mod can be gained by completing the Vault on Elaaden. This mod as pointed out by a few viewers can be used to extreme power by using with weapons that have only 1 shot in the clip anyway, stack on certain augments and mods and have a fairly insane damage day. This actually sounds like a fun thing to do, so I might make a complete build for this Fusion Mod when I get it, to really get all of the power out of it. <Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery> The Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery gives a 30% increase to Tech Power Damage but reduces Melee, Weapon, Biotic and Combat Damage by 20% This mod can be gained by defeating the Architect on Elaaden, Finally one for the Engineers, it’s fairly simple, if you use tech powers almost exclusively, then go go gadget fusion mod.

<Fusion Mod of Health> The Fusion Mod of Health gives you 100% extra health but 50% lower shields. This mod can be gained by completing ‘The Journey To Meridian’ and killing a certain mob, I won’t name the mob for spoilery reasons. This is essentially the opposite of the mod of shielding, depending where your skill points are, depends which one to go for. Even if you just have a separate chest piece for killing architects in insanity, this would be amazing as your shields aren’t all that useful against an Architects. <Fusion Mod of Adrenaline> The Fusion Mod of Adrenaline recharges your active powers on kill but reduces your power recharge speed by 50% This is a very good mod, in my opinion, it is the best out of the fusion mods, it loses some value in insanity, but it’s still the best there to really, even if you aren’t focused on power slinging, you no doubt at least use a concussive shot or Weapons Cloak.

This mod can be gained by completing a quest and doing a lil’ treasure hunt on Havarl. This part contains spoilers which is why I left it till last, the spoilers are a quest name and how to solve a puzzle, Click off or continue now… You have been warned The quest in question is ‘A Dying Planet’, once you have completed that quest you will receive an email from Addison, read the email then you can start the mini treasure hunt. Go to a cave in the central Wildlands east of Pelaav research station, just inside there is a Remnant console, activate this console then scan it, going from the console is a powered cable underground, follow the cable until you come to a wall, on this wall are ledges to jump up, go up them, there are a few more on a wall on top of the original wall, up there is another console, activate this console and a beam of light will point from that console to another just over the canopy, go toward that and there will be more ledges to climb on to get up there.

You will find yet another console up there, activate it and then take the gravity well right by it, this will take you across the canopy to yet another god damn console, activate that console and solve the Remnant puzzle it provides, once you have done that, use the gravity well right by it and you will be transported once more across the canopy to a secret room where a chest is waiting, with the mod inside. I’m currently not where my computer is which is why this isn’t a weapon showcase, those field test showcase vids take 2 days to make and I didn’t have that much time before I left, so whipped up a few of the quicker ones off of my list.

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