In this video we’re going to go over Augmentations, how they are different to mods, how they work and how to best use them. <title:> The first thing should be how they are different to Mods. Mods are added to weapons and armour in your loadout and can be swapped around as much as you like, they add buffs to the item and allow for some cool combinations. Augments are different, they can only be added to the weapon or Armour pieces as you are crafting it, they are far more rare, more expensive and are permanent. As far as the rules of how augments work, the slots you put augments in during crafting are separate slots to the mod slot post crafting, using an augment slot will not use up a mod slot. the development process is the only time you can add them Once they are in the weapon or armour they are set and if you don’t use an augment slot, while initial crafting then you lose it.

Augements can be recovered at a later date however by dismantling the crafted item it resides in, this is fantastic as when you research an augment, it gives you one and only one, so being able to get it back makes crafting each rank of an item as you go far more applicable. This also makes me wonder whether it is possible to get back Remnant Cores on a definite basis considering just how rare they are even though there’s still loads of ranks of the Helmet. When you research an Augment it works differently to weapon and armor blueprints, they are the same when it comes to rarity defining the cost, but different in that when you research an augment, you will get one of that augement, it will also unlock the ability to find that augement elsewhere, whether it be from vendors or while exploring.

A quick little aesthetic note is that to differentiate between the mod and augment slots, augment slots are hexagonal where as mod slots are circular. For the specific time the augments are introduced in the crafting process, you should place them in the slots before reaching the rename window for your item. Augment slots show up at rank 2+ of a craftable item and the amount you can add depends on the item itself.

There are some super cool augements out there, lots that give stat boosts as well as some that give weapon effects, but there’s even some that can be purchased from the nexus vendors that increase the amount of mod slots the item has by 2 allowing for some serious customization of your craftable items. The 2 extra mod slots augment costs 2400 credits, so is a little pricey at the beginning of the game, but considering you can regain the augment by dismantling, it could be a worthwhile investment at a time when augments are few and mods drop of every other enemy. On the Augment info screen you’ll be able to see the effects it offers on the bottom right, most items will offer 2 versions depending on whether you place it in armour or a weapon, some are Shotgun or non shotgun weapons.

It’s important to workout which exactly will apply to you with your plans As far as the best way to use them requires giving yourself a bit of time to look over all of the available options and plan your build to compliment your playstyle, figure out the best combo for you then mostly stick with it as you gain the higher ranking blueprints for the item. Remember you can get the augments back when upgrading to a new rank or whenever by dismantling the item they reside in. picking big ones at the beginning could be a good idea instead of wasting your finite research data on low to mid range augments that just won’t be satisfactory further on. Thank you for watching, I hope this guide has helped you gain a greater understanding of augments, Checkout a link in the description for my Livestream that will be active most nights in the coming weeks. Like if you liked, dislike if you didnt, subscribe if you have already and have an awesome day folks!

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