In this video, we’ll go over how to always find the hidden containers and rooms in Remnant Vaults in Mass Effect Andromeda Remember guys if you enjoy these tips and tricks video, please be sure to drop a like, it lets me know what you want to see and maybe think about subscribing. with that being said, let’s get into the video <title:> Vaults are the dungeons of Mass Effect Andromeda and as such have some of the best loot spread throughout them, you just need to know how to find them, Almost everything good that will either allow you to make an amazing crafted item or just be straight up weapons and pieces of armour in Mass effect andromeda is located in containers Working out where developers put their secrets is an art in itself, it’s not long if you concentrate before you can work out exactly how they are choosing these locations, Mass Effect Andromeda is actually one of the most predictable games i’ve ever played for hiding loot in regard to their vaults.

Granted, the vaults are fairly sizable maps with impressive scope and many places to hide things, but it’s real easy. Essentially, you need to go the opposite way to what your way point is showing. When you come to an edge and the way point directs you to go around a platform to the right, then before going there, go to the left, there will almost always be a left that will be blocked off just around the corner but most likely have either a room with a container in or a container just sitting there. If the way point directs you down a complicated set of ramps with gaps and omni-gel water ways everywhere, then there is probably some gaps behind a ramp or 2 and you will likely find a chest in one of those gaps. Look at the vertical to, there are ledges just about everywhere, but rare is it that you can jump up on, if you can, then follow it up and youll probably find a chest or room up there to. The main thing to keep in mind here is that nobody builds a level without a plan, if they made a large area which the waypoints says to just cut right through, they haven’t wasted their time, there is definitely something in there to find.

Bioware are especially good for this, as you can tell the developer who designed the level walls and floors is the one putting in the objects to. Some games you can see this is not true, or at least it wasn’t planned together, so the objects were done after in a separate plan. Elder scrolls is tough one sometimes as each dungeon has different rules for where everything is, you can tell different developers worked on them.

So the next time you do a vault, look out for them and follow the simple mindset of, I can walk there but the waypoint is telling me not to… THERE MUST BE TREASURE!!! and you will likely pick up everything it has to offer. I hope this video helped you in your mission to make the andromeda galaxy viable, If it did, please drop a like, if you’re annoyed at the video, dislike is for you and if you haven’t already, think about subscribing for more mass effect andromeda tips, tricks ands guide videos uploaded daily. Have an awesome day folks..

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