(start sound, dog barks) (song, One More by Silent Partner) – Oh, to be an Asari! Isn’t that everyone’s dream? Well, dreams can come true. BioWare released an Asari Adept recruit pack fully stocked and aimed to help you kick some butt. Like the previous packages mentioned in my Salarian Infiltrator and Krogan Vanguard video, this recruit pack comes with a rare an uncommon weapon, as well as Andromeda points and the gear you need to keep you suited up and ready to go. The combo of powers and weaponry for this pack are perfect. Annihilation, the blue ring seen on the ground as the Asari moves, drains enemies of health while you knock them down with your weapon or power of choice.

It took me a bit to get used to the time it takes to charge up the Cyclone 2 assault rifle. . But once you get it charged it is quite powerful. I do recommend getting used to attacking an enemy with lance or throw while you’re charging your weapon. The Scattershot 3 shotgun won the prize for me and let me run around putting enemies down left and right with ease. Wanna take this Asari out for a ride? Well, I have some free codes. . I have free recruit pack codes for the Asari Adept and the Turian soldier on ALL systems.

And I still have Krogan Vanguard and Salarian Infiltrator codes codes left for the PS4 and PC. If you wanna grab one leave a comment letting me know what system you’d like your recruit pack on. Thanks for watching guys! If you haven’t seen the Krogan and Salarian vid do me a solid and check that out now. Bye!.

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