In this video, we’re going to look at all of the melee weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda as well as the augments that go in them. Even if you’re a player who never melees, there is a build for you that will increase your weapon or power damage in the background by up to 25%. Without further delay, let’s get into the video <title: BEST MELEE WEAPONS WITH AUGMENTS IN MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA> Melee weapons are separate not in just weapon type, but they’re different in how they work to normal projectile based armaments, This may seem obvious, but if you think about it, the only stat they show us is the damage, but that’s not all that matters. The damage per hit is only part of it, we need one more statistic to make an informed decision on which weapon to go with by seeing what the DPS is or Damage Per Second.

To work this out, we need to see the speed of each melee weapons animation. This isn’t all, Each melee weapon has its own unique attribute, To find out the weapons animation speed we’re going to use SCIENCE! In reality, i’m just going to do at least 4 consecutive attacks with each weapon and record it at 60 frames per second, I’ll measure from an easy to track point in the first animation to that same point on the second animation and so on, including the cooldown time between each attack, however many frames this is will be the amount we divide the damage per hit by, multiply that by 60 and we have our DPS to no more than a 16.6r millisecond margin of error, provided the key actuation on my keyboard doesn’t differ, which it will a little, but, essentially, it’s a pretty good idea of the DPS The lowest of the results will be the result we use to attempt to negate any latency from both my keyboard and my finger.

For these measurements, I’ll temporarily lower my graphics settings to the lowest to prevent any latency gained from minor throttling. I’ve tested all of these weapons at rank 1, the DPS will increase per rank but their relation to each will remain mostly the same. <title: About An Hour or so later> So, I’ve got all of the results, let’s take a quick look at each weapon for its Damage per hit, DPS and Unique attributes. First up, the Krogan Hammer, This beast hits for a whopping 400 damage at a speed of 100 frames or seconds, this results in a DPS of 240, Its unique ability is pretty much that it’s AOE, which means it hits in an Area of Effect, so multiple targets at once within a given range, Utilised with certain skills on clumps of enemies, this could be seriously lethal. Then there’s the Kett Vakarsh, its damage per hit is actually the highest when you take into account the burn damage, it’s initial hit is 300 but it puts a debuff on the mob that hits for 110 fire damage every second, the combined sustained damage is 410, with a 117 frame animation, or seconds, this is the second longest animation leading to a DPS of 216 which is kind of at the midpoint.

Its effect is awesome though as along with the DoT it places, that DoT is a fire combo primer which as always will only work on unshielded and unarmoured kett. The Kett Carfalon is a survival melee weapon, it’s damage is a respectable 325, but as it’s animation time is seconds, it’s DPS is only 182, which is on the low side. But it’s unique effect saves its ass… or even yours, by healing you a little with every hit. The Electric Firaan has the lowest damage per hit of all at 175, but its animation speed is the tied quickest at 1 second leading to 175 DPS, Its unique ability stuns its targets which even works on shielded enemies giving it a lot of value, as well as priming for a tech combo. Next is everyone’s favourite, the Asari Sword, with a damage per hit of 400, but the longest animation time of seconds, which is the same whether you teleport or not, gives this weapon a low DPS of 175, But it’s unique ability is very cool, it teleports you toward the target you are currently locked on to before performing its strike, also during that teleport, you are invulnerable, making this a very good weapon for sustained use within an exposed area allowing you to ninja from one enemy to another.

Now it’s time for the Angaran Firaan, it’s damage per hit isn’t huge at 250, but its speed is the tied lowest at 1 second, resulting in the highest DPS of all at 250, On top of that, it has a damage boost on Armoured Enemies as it’s unique ability, which is kind of cool if this was an Ultra-Rare crafted item I’d be all over this. The Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet is a very coooooool one… *crickets* With a damage per hit of 200 and an animation speed of 1.4, it has the lowest DPS at 140, but its unique ability makes up for this, being, in my opinion, the best, for its ability.

It not only freezes the target but primes it for a cryo combo too, this, of course, doesn’t freeze shielded or Armoured foes, however. Then the signature Omni-Blade with a damage of 275 and a speed of seconds it’s DPS is a fairly decent 230, unfortunately, there is no unique ability for this weapon. And lastly, the Biotic Amplifier which has a damage of 275 and a speed of making it’s DPS 230, it’s the same as the Omni-Blade except it actually has an ability, which is to stagger red bar enemies. So if we look at each weapon from a purely DPS stand point this is how they rank, From top to bottom, Angaran Firaan, Krogan Hammer, Biotic Amplifier, Omni-Blade, Kett Vakarsh, Kett Carfalon, Asari Sword, Electric Firaan and the Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet.

But I don’t think just the DPS is the best way to look at these. This moves us onto the builds <title: Melee Weapon Builds with Augments> To start with, the most simple build is for players who almost never use it, These players should still make their own melee weapon and that’s down to the Augments, if you just use weapons, pick any Ultra-Rare Melee weapon and put 4-5 Kinetic Coils in it for a 12-15% increase in weapon damage that is just now there being awesome. Most would say to go for the Asari Sword as it gives you a moment of invulnerability in a bad fight while doing a little damage to and the main plus is that it works at range which if you are weapon heavy user, is most likely where you’ll be. If you are a power user, you can gain an even bigger benefit from this by adding 5% extra per augment in a specific power type or add some recharge, or a number of different things purely through the base stackable augments that you purchase from General Merchants. Special augments cannot be placed on the melee weapons, nor do they have mods.

You’d be insane to miss out on an up to 25% increase to certain abilities. <title: Top Picks> My top picks for Melee weapons are based on the average player who doesn’t use melee as a large part of their balanced diet. But i’ve also got a few of note to specific builds. If you want a super quick weapon that does fantastic damage, then go for the Angaran Firaan, but be aware it only has 2 augment slots by default. If you are after an ‘OH CRAP!’ button then you have 2 great choices, either the Asari Sword, the damage of which isn’t great but it gives you a moment of invulnerability to breath and works at range.

The other is the Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet that does the lowest damage, but primes for a cryo combo and keeps red bar mobs on the ground for like 6 plus seconds which is pretty fantastic. For more specific builds, the Krogan Hammer is amazing for those who utilise AOE pull, by pulling the enemies toward you in a clump, you can melee them all in one strike dealing a lot of damage.

The Kett Carfalon, however, was made with Vangaurd in mind for sure, it’s ability to heal on strike makes this a very attractive weapon for those in the enemies face a lot. <title: Outro> That’s about it for melee weapons, if you think I missed anything or you disagree with anything I’ve said, let me know down below. If you liked this video or it helped you at all, let me know via a comment or a like, feedback is important and I always enjoy reading what you have to say, even when it’s critiquing the way I do things. Thanks for watching, have an awesome day folks..

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