The weapon balancing of Mass Effect Andromeda is a little off if you compare it to real life, but I feel if it was made more realistic, it would be as fun, a big example of this is Sniper Rifles, in real life a sniper rifle is a big beefy gun that takes some serious skill to use, they are super powerful and would beat any shotgun, pistol or assault rifle when it comes to damage. It requires 2 people to be done effectively, you have a spotter and a shooter, Now the second person isn’t required but when you are looking through a scope with that level of zoom it’s difficult without it. and yes I know there’s many different levels of Sniper Rifle, I’m just using this extreme as an example to the in-game extreme.

So, super powerful, hard to use, requires crazy amounts of calibration and knowledge of the current wind state as well as bullet drop. If you compare that to in mass effect, you have the benefits of a sniper rifle being super far away from the danger, the enemy can’t shoot you all that well, but you don’t have to take bullet drop into account for the most part, no wind correction, zoom isn’t even bad at all for finding your targets, To balance this, you have less power, less damage. If you shoot to the other side of the spectrum, there’s Shotguns, super powerful and very low range, The main constant here is the more danger you are in, the more damage you have. I’m talking damage per second here, not per shot as when you’re taking fire, damage per second counts the most as there will be more than one target and time is the primary factor. Now if you move to Pistols, they are also mostly close range, but lower damage than shotguns… mostly, The trade off here is lightweight, they don’t hinder as much, this gives you a lower DPS at close to medium range but low weight, Then finally, Assault Rifles, which are balanced like pistols but have a higher weight with increased range…

Mostly. I say mostly as each weapon type has its outliers, For Pistols, we have the Hornet armed with the Automatic Fire System, This gun is frankly insane, it is the king of enemies without shields or armour and does ok on them in a pinch, Crazy light, big clip, but has no modifiers, so, red bars it rules, but no to the rest. Then there’s the Ushior, the highest per shot Pistol, it’s DPS isn’t terrible and it has no modifiers, but for popping up from cover to take a shot, it’s pretty good, pair it with the Plasma Charge System and it’s per shot skyrockets, I have no numbers for this specific weapon when it comes to plasma charge, but based on modifiers from other charge weapons, it is likely a 2-second charge with a 200% damage increase.

It’s reasonable to assume this, but not definite. For assault rifles the king is the Valkyrie with the Automatic Fire System, this, when compared to the Hornet, is actually a little worse. The damage is lower, and yes I’m taking the extra augment slot, mods skill everything into account. The Accuracy is high but at the level they are from mid to end game, it’s not a problem, the Hornet has a very slighter high clip to rate of fire ratio meaning with a bio you take slightly less damage, the Hornet weight is lower, sure is like 1 lower but that’s 20% lower at rank 8, they both have no modifiers for shields and armour, both have 25% weak point damage, and the Hornet has superior stability.

The only big factor that isn’t really all that big that the Valkyrie has over the hornet is the Force, the Valkyrie has times the amount of force is my example setup, but as this isn’t enough to stagger, it isn’t really worth considering. It comes down to both preference and what skills you have invested if you don’t have both. When it comes to shields and AR’s, the vanilla Thokin and Automatic Fire System Sweeper rule by a good margin due to their 115% damage against shield modifiers. For Shotguns it’s all about the Dhan, Hesh and Piranha, the Dhan is king of Shields, the Piranha is king of Armour and the Hesh is queen of both, about it really. For weirdness, you have the Reegar carbine which is kinda crappy except on shields where it’s almost as good as the thokin. So it’s an option for those who want an Assault Rifle but have their points in shotguns. The scattershot does terrible damage, it’s DPS doesn’t fluctuate much at all with a burst or automatic system added, but it has both shield and armour modifiers, it also pairs well with the plasma charge system and makes for a very fun AOE scatter cannon, With the assumed 2 second charge for 200% of the plasma charge, this could whack out almost 80% of the damage of the piranha, Hesh and Dhan against both shields and armour on large groups, not for single target, just for AOE fun.

For Snipers, we’ll just go simple, Automatically makes the incisor better, other than that fire system augments are crap on snipers, For red bars with no bio-converter, shadow wins, with bio-converter the Isharay edges above, but you’ll die super fast. Awesomely, the Shadow has a shield modifier, this may be to make up for no 70% weak point damage, but either way, against shields the shadow does more than double most other snipers but the Inferno is right behind it. No snipers are any better at armoured targets So, in general, I think there is balance with some anomalies that make these spreadsheets fun to make, If you disagree with me anywhere, I’m happy to discuss in the comments.

<outro> Bit of a more relaxed vid this time casually covering best weapons and weapon balance, Unsure how this will play out so let me know what you think, However casual this may have been, all of the info discussed is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge. So thanks for watching folks, like, share, subscribe and have an awesome day folks!.

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