So, Patch came out super quickly after that teaser, The file is also 1.77gb, which is friggin huge, the biggest patch to date, Let’s see what’s inside! <title: Patch 1.09> We may as well start with the single player fixes being the smaller of the 2, Various improvements to facial animations and cinematic scenes, so they are still actively working on through animations, I don’t know a whole lot about game design, but wasn’t it proven to be relatively easy to fix the animations quite early after release by an ex-Bioware employee? General game stability has been improved which is good as if anything, since Patch 1.08, my games been more unstable and resource hungry than ever. Fixed a bug with the facial reconstruction suite where some female hair textures could disappear during it’s use.

Another bug where negative AVP was displayed after hitting Nexus level 20, Bugged quests with progression issues have been fixed, I can’t be certain that all have been, but hopefully this means us lot who can’t quite get that 100% will now hopefully be able to get it. So try completing those ones you have left now if anyone still has quests they can’t complete after installing this patch, let us know in the comments, be great if there are no more widespread issues with it. They’ve fixed it where you could get killed in the initial AYA tour even when doing what they say.

You can no longer have a relationship with both Cora and Jaal at the same time. The “Reach the signal Source” objective in Peebee’s loyalty mission had failed to trigger for some folk, this is apparently fixed now, but I feel this is covered under the quest progression fix. There was apparently a bug where you could get stuck in an infinite load screen in the Elaaden vault by going on a ledge, this has been fixed. There are a fair few minor fixes that affect almost nobody, so I’ll skip those from now on, but as always the link to the patch notes will be in the description if something wasn’t addressed that you are waiting for. An awesome fix which took way too long to do, is that the X5 Ghost can now be deconstructed, this was a huge problem for those wanting to use it as it essentially lost the augments you placed into it, but now it can be deconstructed, any augments can be reclaimed! While minor, this one is a mechanic change so I thought it prevalent to mention, as the option to auto fill your squadmates skills will no longer fill the loyalty mission locked skills if you haven’t completed the loyalty missions.

The melee bonus from tactical cloak now also applies to jump melee, so that’s pretty bangin’ Another big fix we’ve been waiting for is that they have finally fixed the Fusion Mod issue, or so they say, I’ll be taking a look at the Fusion Mod of Adrenaline to see if I can finally use it now. On top of those fixes, they’ve added some HDR support for Windows 10 and NVidea’s Ansel now has ‘depth of field’ controls in Mass Effect Andromeda. That’s it for the single player updates, a little disappointing I know, but at least a few sizable problems have been fixed. Now for the fairly substantial multiplayer update notes, it’s pretty huge.

<Patch Multiplayer> Lore wise, the Batarian showing up is a singular, there is no mention of any other Ark, he was a member of a pirate gang back in the Milky Way, got sick of being a douche and gave evidence about his boss with a friend to the Alliance for asylum and safe passage with the Andromeda initiative. They have been quite careful here to make it separate from the single player I see, which if anything, doesn’t answer the main lingering question. I’ll cease from any further talk of the lore as I wish to not ruin any of the story for you, but it looks quite cool. But let’s look at the plus side as well as the other things added to multiplayer. The Batarian Scrapper is a new playable character focused on melee, In an effort to calm the MP fans, they have made the new Batarian Scrapper a rare character as opposed to ultra-rare to give you a better chance of getting it sooner. A new weapon has been added called the Kishock Harpoon that is a Batarian single-shot charge Sniper Rifle that applies a bleed effect on the enemy. Just adding this in during the edit, Thanks to a super helpful modder called Hello_Isaac, we know how the Kishock works, It does 70% of it’s damage on impact with the other 30% dealt over 3 seconds.

You can now level above rank 10, the new cap being 20, with this, the skill points will go into the new skill “Veteran Bonus” This will power up your existing skills and abilities to a maximum of 40% at rank 20. Along with this, they added new weapons, kinda, they’ve added new iterations with new effects to existing weapons. Now, to the best of my understanding, this is how it works, character ranks 1-10 are the same as before, then at 11 you unlock rank 1’s that have the same stats as rank 10 but also have a new effect, I can’t be sure whether rank 2 of the new affected iterations will have higher base stats or not, but from how it looks, the weapons will continue to have the rank 10 stats but with the new effect gaining power. If it turns out that it does not work that way I will put that in a pinned comment on this video as soon as possible so just check there and it should be gravy.

The new effects are, Siphon, Bulwark and Concussive. The siphon steals life when shooting enemies, The Bulwark increase your damage resistance scaling to the amount of nearby allies, and the Concussive will make an enemy explode when you kill it with a weak point shot. These are very cool effects, I like the fact they haven’t just added more stats, they’ve added a new aspect to the fighting.

In case you’re curious, it is possible to have different iterations of the same gun equipped, so you can carry a Siphon Vanquish as well as a Concussive Vanquish at the same time. Concussive sounds by far the most fun, you regularly have opportunities for AOE, so adding extra damage like that could be super powerful. They have done a bunch of balance changes to the weapons but we’ll get into that shortly, To summarise a crap tonne of data, ultra rare weapons have been improved to be more powerful that their lower rarity counterparts. They have of course added platinum difficulty which is just a lot harder than gold.

A new weapon mod has been added called the Targetting system which increases the accuracy without the need to have a scope, which is pretty awesome actually, I want that in SP too! Various changes to objectives have been implemented, Timers and progress bars now scale based on the difficulty level, it doesn’t say how the scaling works so let’s hope it’s balanced and not horrendously difficult on normal for no reason. Devices must now be diffused within 45 seconds of spawning, When uploading, the depletion rate of the upload has been slowed when players on not within the necessary area. Hacks can now be interrupted by enemies, Assassination has been replaced with a boss objective, it’s essentially like a mini raid boss that spawns adds and the like, special, named enemies and the like.

For equipment the revive pack transmitter has been reworked now called the Supply pack transmitter and it duplicates the effects of first aid, revives and ammo packs to teammates within 10 meters. It also increases the radius of the Cobra RPG by 50%. Cobra RPG’s have been reworked a little and no longer do extra damage to weak points, they also have scaling damage to different enemies doing very little or none on bosses. A new major challenge is around also to unlock an Apex Elite Pack that will guarantee you an Ultra-Rare, The challenge is called “Deeper Into The Ruins”, it’s a huge pricey pack so go get yours and see what’s inside. Now, there is a crap tonne of balance changes to both weapons and powers and while I could just read them out to you it would provide no real benefit over just reading them other than getting my video over 10 minutes for them youtube monies.

This feels iffy, so I’ll leave it here on screen as a tiny little slide show that you can just pause and read or pop down to the description where you will find 2 links! 1 goes to the Single Player bug fix page and the other to the multiplayer changes page, the majority of the information is there. <Slideshow> <outro> Talking about youtube money, I’m starting a Patreon, I don’t intend to vocally advertise this almost at all, you will very rarely even hear of it, there will be links to it in some places including the description and channel page, but that’s mostly it. I don’t expect folk to go and use it, but if you want to help support Xaine’s World, a dollar a month is a great way to do that. So if you feel like it, it’s there, there is an interesting tier I’ve added which again I don’t expect folk to participate in but will be interesting to see people’s comments on it.

I’ll officially announce the Patreon in a few weeks with a few other things. You may also have noticed the channel has slightly different artwork, I found the old banner to be a little too thrown together and decided to spend a few hours making something a little more professional that still keeps the general style of Xaine’s World intact. Another great way to support Xaine’s World is through sharing any videos you like and think may help other, whether it be on Facebook or Reddit or Twitter, getting the word out really helps, Thanks for being you and have an awesome day folks..

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