In this video we will go over the 2 special class pistols, the Talon and the Scorpion as well as the augments and mods you should use in them, The N7 Eagle will also make an appearance here due to an oversight in the SMG video where the N7 is listed in game as a Pistol yet is actually a fully automatic SMG. Without further delay, let’s get right into it. <title: Special Class Pistols> These weapons don’t quite fit the usual Pistol or SMG Standard, So we’re going to test them with everything and see what happens.

The testing will be performed in Normal difficulty on rank 2 weapons, The only active skills are maxed Pistols, Maxed Combat fitness & Max Team Support Points have been spent in biotics to obtain the first rank of Adept but will be of no benefit to these tests. <title: N7 Eagle> Ok, so we’ll start with the N7 Eagle, This is more like an automatic pistol than an SMG in the sense that it’s shots are powerful and while automatic, it’s not super fast.

Its damage is nice for automatic at 80, with a rate of fire on the low side for its class at 450, The clip size and max ammo are a bit disappointing at 25 and 231 & while yes, these increase with the levels and such, I am not comfortable with that little ammo, so that will be addressed, The accuracy isn’t bad for an SMG at 58, and the weight is a nice low 11. We’re going to try 3 different builds, The first will be a Bio-Converter with Double Mod Extension, Electrical Conduits and a Kinetic Coil, The Second Will be a Vintage Heat Sink, Seeking Plasma Charge, Double Mod Extension and a Kinetic Coil, and the Third will be a Bio-Converter, Double Mod Extension, Sticky Grenade and Kinetic Coil. The Mods used will be the same as all previous SMG’s with Barrel for damage, Scope for Accuracy, Magazine for clip size and Receiver for Penetration.

The vanilla version proved to be quite effective, the only drawbacks being accuracy, clip size and maximum ammo, it’s damage per second is on par with a hurricane, with reloading factored in, it’s a little less and then it’s speedy use of your ammo stores makes it a lesser weapon. The first build however with the bio-converter and electrical conduits pretty much entirely fixed that, the tracking from the conduits made it hit a lot easier and the lack of reloading increased it’s DPS largely, It was still a little under the hurricane though.

The second build with the Vintage Heat Sink and Seeking plasma was unusable, the clip emptied so quickly and with the delay from the vintage heat sink, it felt like it was less powerful than the vanilla version, The only upside is the accuracy and range improvement, over the distance the seeking plasma wins, but at the distance, it wins at, I’d prefer to just use a rifle. I could see this being useful however for those not wanting a large rifle, but in that case, i’d suggest an Equaliser, Hornet or Hurricane. The Vintage Heat Sink is completely useless to anybody on this gun except a heavy power user, the heavy power user could use powers while the heat sink recharges, but anyone else will be rendered a battlefield vegetable a good 50% of the time.

The third build with the bio-converter and sticky grenades proved to be quite good, It is less effective on shields than Electrical Conduits but more effective on armoured targets, it’s ability to stun comes into the mix nicely here, with only an occasional stun on a Fiend, however, it still took care of it relatively well, had I not take the hit, my health would have been satisfactory. I should also remind you that while I have the Team support skill maxed here, the main one Life Support is not being used as I am using no tech powers in these tests, with tech powers my health would be full. <title: Talon> The Talon is a very interesting weapon and deserving of a spot in the special category, It is essentially a shotgun pistol with a very very nice damage of 448, low rate of fire of 75, a max clip size of 6 which kinda fits for a shotgun considering the other specs and a fairly low max ammo of 36, the accuracy is just awful at 47 with a weight that is high for a pistol but about right for what it is at 22.

We’ve got 3 slots by default to play around with which is usually ok, as this gun fires multiple projectiles per shot, I want to see how this translates through various behaviour augments, so we’re gonna try them all. As this is pretty much a shotgun, the target will be a Fiend, once we’ve found what works, we’ll try a few on regular Kett. To keep things simple, each gun will have one to 2 of each behaviour augment and a double mod slot, with a kinetic coil to fill if needed. Mods will be the same as usual with Barrel, Mag, Scope and Receiver. The Vanilla version of the Talon really isn’t all that bad, it’s no Dhan or Piranha but it packs some punch and is capable of dealing some damage, the low rate of fire and low ammo makes it a no go in general though. The Beam Emitter build as usual was utterly pointless and should be avoided at all costs. The Electrical Conduit while better than the Beam build was still a bit lacking, on the Fiend it did around the same, maybe a little less damage than the vanilla, which considering the vanilla have no mods means, this should be avoided on this weapon.

The Plasma Charge System was a nice surprise, I’ve not been a fan of this augment in the past at all, it’s let me down countless times, but on this weapon it is very nice, the non-charge shots are very usable being a little more powerful than vanilla, but the charge when you can get them in is quite snazzy.

The Seeking Plasma System is a very nice augment on the Talon, taking the Fiend down to half health before he’d even reached me, which was a nice sight, so far the most powerful due to its range. Mixing the Seeking Plasma System and the Plasma Charge System worked somewhat, at range it felt less powerful than just the seeking plasma, I expect this is due to the Plasma Charge System having it’s own damage equation, the ability to charge when up close is cool and provides more bang for buck with ammunition, but personally I think the best so far is still just the seeking plasma system. I then tried the Grenade Launcher Augment and this was just awful, it did minimal damage and should generally be avoided, using my entire ammo stores I could not defeat a single Fiend, wasn’t even close, after I ran out, I shot the last 6 charged seeking charge shots I had, then finished it with Melee and comrades, which was fun! Now for one I expect to be a contender for the Seeking Plasma, the Sticky Grenade Augment, The Sticky grenade was disappointing, it did far less than the seeking plasma overall, but I expect on lesser mobs it may still be more useful with its slight area of effect nature as well as it’s stunning feature.

Sticky Grenade with the Plasma Charge was a bit better, the ability to charge made it more usable leaving me a single shot after killing the fiend, but still not great. I decided to test the top 2 performing builds on regular kett, the Plasma Charge and Sticky Grenade together was very underwhelming on normal kett taking multiple shots for standard folks. The Seeking Plasma this time teamed with a bio-converter to find it’s full potential was also underwhelming, fairing better than the previous but still not generally good enough. <title: Scorpion> The Scorpion is a pocket grenade launcher, a little brother to the Falcon really, A damage count of 395 makes it look like it could do some damage, the rate of fire is an acceptable 80 for its type, the clip size is 6 which is expected but could be higher, the maximum ammunition of 31 is giving me flashbacks of the Talon, but the accuracy is a far more respectable 70 with a low weight also at 15 The clip size & maximum ammo is the primary focus to fix, so that will likely be sorted with a Bio-Converter, but as with the Talon, we’ll try some behaviour augments first.

I think we can weed a few of them out though, so no point checking the Beam Emitter, the Electrical Conduits is also a pointless venture but sod it, we’ll give the conduits a shot, Grenade Launcher, as well as Sticky Grenade augments, cannot be placed on this weapon Mods same as before, Barrel, Mag, Scope and Receiver. The Vanilla version was surprisingly good, it is not only a grenade launcher but also has inherent seeking properties as well as sticky grenade features, this shows potential to just boost like mad, the ammo is a huge negative attribute with the clip emptying fairly quickly but worse is the max ammo just not being enough. The Electrical Conduits Augment was expectedly awful, it took all grenade attributes away and did only impact damage with a little boost from the augments ability making this a definite no go.

The plasma charge system was impressive, doing more than the standard damage and giving the patented light show, but was still not effective enough to warrant it’s use. The seeking was interesting, it took all explosive qualities away and essentially just did the damage as if it was a slow firing plasma ball, like a half power Dhan but didn’t look as cool, or unfortunately shoot as fast. Next not only will the Plasma Charge have a go with Seeking Plasma but also an uberred up Vanilla. The Plasma Charge and Seeking plasma showed improvement on the singular plasma charge but still nothing amazing. The Uberred up vanilla with Bio-Converter, Double mod slot and the kinetic coil was the best out of the lot, retaining its stun, stickiness, and explosive power while being quite accurate especially with the scope attached and travel straight for a rather effective range.

<title: Weapon Test Conlusion> The N7 Eagle is a cool gun, but it is bettered for each use by other guns, if you’re building it for shielded Kett, use an electrical conduit, or better yet, an Equaliser with an electrical Conduit. If for Armour, pop in a sticky Grenade Augment, or better yet, use a Dhan with Bio-Converter, Double Mod Extension and stack with Coils. If it’s your only weapon, and you just have to have the N7 Eagle, then Go for a Bio-Converter, Double Mod Extension, Sticky Grenade & a Kinetic Coil. The Talon is basically a poor man’s shotgun, the only thing this has on other weapons is the weight and really not by much, it isn’t worth going for this gun, it’s slow, it doesn’t hold all that much and its power is kinda mediocre.

You’d be better off with a Dhan or Piranha dependant on playstyle if you want a shotgun or armour stopping device. The Scorpion is also nothing special, it would be far more useful to find a great shotgun like the Piranha or Dhan and put a sticky Grenade Augment on them and get far more power with all of the positive attributes it has. The scorpion has weight on its side, but that’s about it. In closing, these weapons are anything but special, it’s kind of a shame as they appeared to have potential, I can only see these being useful in the first 10-15 levels where you could save some points by getting a shotgun or grenade launcher esque weapon by only putting points into pistols. Which isn’t that much of a thing. <title: Outro> Sorry to end on a negative note but buttering up the results won’t help anyone.

The standard pistol field test and Showcase is next, I did this one first as over the last few days I’ve had to attend to some personal things, giving me little time to get this video out and this one was a bit quicker than doing the other 5 pistols. If this video helped, hitting the like button or telling me in the comments is a great way of letting me know so I can better work out what works and what doesn’t in these videos, feedback and critique is crucial to making anything better.

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